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Its Lit!

Its Lit is my fav color of the bunch. On my 2nd bottle. A sincerely holographic polish that changes to wax rainbow spectrum with movement.. With proper application using industry standard products- this polish- like most mid-high end polishes will last about two weeks. I use : orly gluey base coating ( orange ), 2 coats color- lease dry in between, either CND or Essie topcoat- 1 coat. Lasts at least 2 weeks w/0 chip. Went through Disneyland for a week wearing the same polish- came home & did my norm act for another week- not 1 nick. I only re-did them cuz my nails grew out.. This is great polish !

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Color not as shown – buyer beware

I primitively ordered “ It ‘s Lit ” and it is a beautiful light-ish purple. Went back for the pink “ Holo Lover ” and it is decidedly NOT the right pink. It is a light BRICK RED color which appears to be a MT holo shade called “ Glow All Out ”. Too bad as I would have loved a sincerely pink version. Order if you want a brick loss holo. Returning …

Reviewed by 33 customers

Love the color & the prismatic effect

5 Marlene H from Los Angeles CA Beautiful color & effect. Nothing adverse to say about this polish .

great polish

5 Maureen from USA I have to agree with the other reviews about Morgan Taylor having great longevity. This is my front-runner beauty shop brand of polish, it takes a while to chip and while the holographic is n’t ILNP level, it is a full holo and merely as smooth of a rule as ILNP .

perfect polish!

5 snow bunting from maryland I have all four of these colors, and I love them ! ! I wish they had more shades. They all go on beautiful, and for all the sparkle and glitter they dry smooth unlike most polishes that sparkle. I ‘ve get alot of compliments when I wear these ! !

It’s Lit Lilac is real holo

5 jenny from Boston, MA This is a very reasonably linear holo. I use two coats ( plus base and top coat ). If I plan to add a secondary topper ( a scattered holo, glitter, whatever ) I sometimes skip the second coat bc it is n’t wholly opaque but it is very smooth on the complete without any mottle. It is identical light. In dim lighting I can not quite tell if it is silver, lavender, or pink. I have no theme why it slants silver medal. This is my first Morgan Taylor polish, and I will decidedly buy more .


5 Muscles from Holly, nautical mile so exploiter friendly. Makes it simpleton to polish my own nails !

Pandemic Perfection

5 Beckala from USA very glad so far with my Morgan Taylor bail polish purchase. Ordered the pink color during lockdown, hoping the ingredients used to create the holographic shine would besides provide staying exponent. I was right ! This polish goes on very easily & neatly ( extra points ) and lasts about a week. ( It would credibly survive even longer without all the soap & hand sanitizer. ) Will purchase extra colors from this post .

Color not as shown – buyer beware

3 Hobbitmom from Minnesota I originally ordered “ It ‘s Lit ” and it is a beautiful light-ish imperial. Went back for the tap “ Holo Lover ” and it is decidedly NOT the correct pink. It is a lighter BRICK RED color which appears to be a MT holo shade called “ Glow All Out ”. Too bad as I would have loved a truly pinko adaptation. Order if you want a brick crimson holo. Returning …


4 Suzannah from Maryland The discolor is what I expected, but the holo is scantily visible. It gets points for being actual holo and not iridescent though. It ‘s good polish, I just wish the brush was narrower. I can do my pinkies in one pilfer which makes avoiding the carapace difficult .

Would buy again

4 dame Phoenix from IA Beautiful color and excellent brush

Beautiful color

5 Bern from Colden, NY Saw the display while waiting for my haircut. Purchased the purple platinum. Liked it sol much came back for the pink. very lovely colors, give you just adequate glitter .

I love this product I would buy it again

5 No from Trenton, MI This was the best product always

Nail polish

5 jenny from Foley Alabama Great color

Nail polish

5 jenny from Foley Alabama Great color

Nail polish

5 jennet from Foley aluminum Great color


5 terri from Madison, WI I love this line and so far my Ulta is never stocked well on collar polish. Went this weekend and out of the six colors they lone had one in stock. I have Holo Lover and Fairytale and love them both so much that I wanted to buy all the early colors. Madison shop is crippled .

This polish is a fairytale come true!

5 AmyS from Pittsburgh This polish lasts and is my favored color by Morgan Taylor. When the light hits it you see all of the colors ( like the sparkle in a diamond ). You have to try it to understand what I describing to you. absolutely Stunning !

Becoming my new fav brand

4 elf from Raleigh, north carolina This color is even prettier one. Love the color, brush, and now I can say the post. normally an OPI customer but decided to try something new so got a couple of colors. This discolor did chip a copulate days after lotion but I blame myself bc I did n’t top coat it and went to lake so I know they took a beating .

Beautiful long lasting color

5 Young.m2008 from Missouri The coloring material is gorgeous ! Stayed on well without chipping .

Positively Beautiful!

5 Meredith from MD positively love the holographic finish to the Platinum collection ! Was able to snag one on sale at the store. Hoping to add other shades to my collection in the future. Impressed by how quickly it dried and how well 2 coats covered .

Just OK

3 trista from Vermont I normally love this sword. It goes on smooth and easy. It normally lasts about 10 days, but this blasphemous color started flaking after 3 days even with base coat, 2 color coats, and a top coat. A 3rd coat would be besides thick and heavy but would be needed for true color .

love love love I have all the colors

5 Angelee from Cleveland The convention is fantastic. Perfect single stroke application and the lavish satiny wide brush is amazing

Very nice

5 Rae from Toledo Ohio I bought the lightly blue and light purple colors and they are both beautiful. in truth very well holographic glitter which I love .

Lasts two weeks and is so unique in color.

5 Peggy from Williamsport PA I get so many compliments when I wear this. I love looking at my nails .

very pretty

5 bicker from las vegas the discolor liquid bling is very beautiful ! ! ! ! looks like a aglitter silver color indoors but in the sunlight it has the rainbow effect. love it ! !

Liquid Bling

1 JayM88 from Los Angeles NOT holographic. It ‘s literally just finely silver glitter .

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