Are you looking for some traditional polish Christmas gifts that you can give to your loved ones ? Christmas in Poland is one of the most authoritative holidays of the unharmed year, and an substantive part of Christmas is giving gifts during Christmas Eve. In this article, we ’ ll give you some ideas for distinctive polish gifts that you can buy on-line .


Polish Christmas Baubles Traditional Polish GiftsPolish Christmas Baubles Traditional Polish Gifts

honestly, we believe that Poland produces the most beautiful Christmas baubles. Every class, hundreds of thousands of Christmas baubles are exported to all countries of the universe. many of them are real works of art, hand-painted by the best craftsmen. We promise that your Christmas tree will look beautiful with balls from Poland. It is besides a capital theme for the original traditional polish Christmas endowment .
You can buy them during fairs and regional events in Poland ( very limited this year though ), keepsake shops or order them online .


polish gingerbreadspolish gingerbreads

gingerbread cookies are very democratic in Poland, but we eat, bake and eat them tied more much during Christmas. We normally bake homemade gingerbread cookies, but besides buy beautiful, large and decorated gingerbread cookies as a endow or as a memento.
You can buy them in the big supermarkets, Christmas markets or ordain them online .


Sweets are a arrant give for any occasion. polish sweets are extremely delightful ! We like to add sweets to gifts under the Christmas tree. We in truth recommend Ptasie Mleczko ( bird ’ south milk ). It is a vanilla-flavored milk froth covered with milk chocolate. If you like toffee, you will decidedly enjoy krówki ( fudges ) !


Polish christmas carols as a giftPolish christmas carols as a gift

Every year, many excellent polish artists release CDs with Christmas carols or Christmas songs. Many of them are a real feed for the ears. Our front-runner is polish Christmas Carols by Mazowsze Choir which brings us childhood memories of Christmas .

POLISH BOOKS (and ebooks)

polish books christmas gift
polish books christmas gift
I am a bibliophile. I love books and in my public opinion this is one of the best gifts I can receive and give to person .
Books are a arrant give for any affair. With a pure heart, we can recommend books published by polish authors, including the Nobel Prize achiever Olga Tokarczuk. You can find several of her books translated to English here. You may besides like the Ryszard Kapuścinski books. For fantasy fans there is nothing better than the Witcher series written by Sapkowski .
If you want to give a special give to person who loves cook, you can consider buying a cookbook with some polish recipes .

Traditional Polish Christmas Gifts – Summary

We hope that we helped you find some interest give ideas from our choice of the traditional polish Christmas gifts. All our recommendations you can find in many shops in Poland equally well as order on-line .

disclosure : Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by us. If you make a leverage using the associate included, we may earn a little commission with no supernumerary cost to you .

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