polish Gift Guide : Best polish Presents You Can Find in the United States The holidays are right around the corner and we have prepared a detail endowment guide for polish presents that you can find in the United States ! Some of the shops carrying these gifts may be located outside of your region so we have made certain that each shop class we recommend has online shopping and ship options .
Key To Poland is dedicated to sustainable travel and tourism. Outside of our business, it is besides something we practice in our daily life. When it comes to buying gifts, this means choosing small locally run businesses. We recommend finding ways to support small businesses and shops in your neighborhood !

The Ultimate Polish Gift Guide!


Bolesławiec Pottery

If you ’ re new to Bolesławiec pottery, prepare to be amazed. I discovered this pottery on my foremost visit to Poland and was taken back by the smasher and design of each musical composition. We lento started collecting items and now our entire dine set is composed of mismatched and colored dish merchandise.

polish pottery.jpg
Bolesławiec pottery has been produced in Poland in the small town of Bolesławiec for centuries and some of the first pieces actually date back to the year 600! Each piece of pottery is carefully hand painted and stamped creating very unique and traditional designs. The pottery has been twice-fired which makes it highly durable, microwave, oven, deep-freeze and dishwasher safe .
There are many minor shops across the United States that spell and sell this pottery. here are two that we recommend checking out .
The Polish Pottery Outlet – Denver, Colorado
The polish Pottery Outlet is located in south Denver and has an excellent categorization of Bolesławiec pottery pieces. They have an on-line shop with ship options across the United States. If you ’ re in Colorado they besides offer in memory shopping adenine well as curbside blame up .
Blue Rose Pottery – Rock Hill, South Carolina
This workshop carries many unique and authentic pieces of Bolesławiec pottery. Their shopfront is presently closed but they have an on-line shop with everything you need cautiously shipped directly to your door !

Polish Baked Goods

polish food is my weakness. every time we visit Poland I ’ meter overwhelmed by the delicious olfactory property steaming out from the piekarnie ( bakeries ) and cukiernie ( confectionaries ). Poland is celebrated for their cakes, cookies and other sweet treats .
Most cities in the United States have a polish market of some sort ( and often smaller towns excessively ! ). These shops are filled with imported foods and products. many even offer their own delicatessen and bakery where they prepare newly dishes daily. Do a quick research to see if there is a denounce nearby where you can pick up a tasty giving .
If there ’ s not a denounce in your sphere, don ’ t fear, we ’ ve just the thing for you !
Chrusciki Bakery – Buffalo, New York
This family-run polish bakery is named after the polish daintiness chruściki ( Angel Wings in English ), which is a delicious bow shaped pastry that is dusted with powder carbohydrate or honey. They besides operate Simply Pierogi, an excellent-reviewed pierogi restaurant, Sto Lat Bar, a polish restaurant and prevention, and they offer cake decorate classes in their event space .
Does driving to New York seem like a farseeing distance to travel to pick up a delicious endow ? Lucky for you, Chrusciki offers shipping across the United States ! Visit their on-line shop class to browse through their polish treats to have sent square to your door !

Polish Cookbooks

Is there person in your life who loves to cook ? Or possibly you want to experiment with some modern polish dishes of your own. There are two talented chefs that we highly recommend who are experts in polish cook .
Polish Your Kitchen, A Book of Memories : Christmas Edition
This incredible cookbook is written by Anna who operates the food web log and YourTube channel Polish Your Kitchen. Her fun videos give you step by pace instructions for making your own polish dishes at home. This cookbook is focused specifically on traditional polish Christmas recipes that you can incorporate into your own holiday dinner ! The cookbook is available for purchase on Amazon .
The polish Housewife Cookbook : traditional Recipes you wish your babcia ( polish grandma ) had written down
Lois is an american cookbook writer and food blogger who spent a number of years living in Poland, perfecting her polish recipes. Her cookbook is filled with inspiring recipes that will take your tastebuds on an external travel ! Visit her web site, The polish Housewife, to find more recipes and to regulate a copy of her cookbook for the arrant Christmas endow .

Polish Books

Is there a pedant in your life that needs a great gift ? Poland has a number of celebrated books that have been translated into English. In 2018, Olga Tokarczuk, won the Nobel respect in literature. In 2018, she besides won the Man Booker International prize for her script Flights, which was recognized as the best work of translate fabrication for the year.

One of my favorite books that I recently read about Poland is called Shortcuts to Poland by Laura Klos Sokol. I specially enjoyed this book as it takes a humorous approach to partake the unique traditions, behaviors and quirks of Poles from an american perspective. As person who has lived in Poland, I found this book extremely insightful and very funny story .
Read our article 5 of the BEST Books to Read Before Traveling to Poland to find more recommendations for books about Poland .
We recommend visiting or contacting your local bookshop to see if they have or can decree any of these books for you. If they don ’ metric ton carry them, we besides recommend shopping on Bookshop or Indie Bound, where you can order books online but a part of your cost will go to the local bookshop of your choose .


It ’ randomness no surprise that Poland is celebrated for its vodka. There are a number of unlike types that you can find in the United States. here are a few brands of polish vodka that you might be able to buy in your nearby workshop .

  • Luksusowa Vodka
  • Sobieski Vodka
  • Zubrowka Vodka
  • Wyborowa Vodka
  • Belvedere Vodka

Check out this playfulness article “ Beginner ‘s Guide to Polish Vodka ” from the polish food web log Polonist .

Polish Candy

Looking for a tasty dulcet to use as a sprout stuffer or a humble give ? polish candy is ideal. You can find many different types of candies at polish markets and european food shops. here are some of our darling candies that we always bring back after a trip to Poland
Krówki – Krowki, which literally translates to mean “ little cows ” in English, are delectable. They are a polish fudge, semi-soft milk brittle sugarcoat. They are difficult on the outside and gooey within .
Mieszanka Krakowska – These delectable candies are perfect to have in a stadium when guests stop by. These candies have a thinly chocolate outside wrapped around a balmy gelatin sugarcoat. Yum !
Ptasie Mleczko – This is a soft chocolate-covered sugarcoat that is filled with a polish meringue. From an american perspective, they taste like a odoriferous cocoa covered marshmallow .
Michałki – This is a soft chocolatey candy that is filled with broken nuts. Simple and delectable !

Polish Art

modern artwork in Poland is colorful, vibrant and fun. On our tours to Poland we constantly make certain to visit belittled locally run boutiques or art markets when you can find extraordinary hand crafted pieces .
polish artwork might be a little prankster to find outside of Poland but we ’ ve found two places that might work for you .
Sylver Rocket Studio – Nowy Targ, Poland
This artist is located in Poland but sells her artwork through Etsy that has shipping available to the United States. The posters are fun, colored and beautifully designed, each one representing a different city in Poland. Take a look !
Midwest Mountain – United States
This artist is located in the United States and creates handmade wooden signs for the home that can be personalized with polish sayings such as “ Smacznego, ” “ Na zdrowie ” or “ Wesołych Świąt. ” Visit her Etsy site to see what you might find .
*Note if you are ordering gifts from Poland, there will be a embark fee and the transport time might take much longer .
Read more about local and handmade souvenirs from Poland.

I hope this list of polish gifts is useful for your vacation ( or anytime of the year ! ) shopping. If you have any questions about other traditional polish gifts or would like information on planning a secret tour to Poland ( the ultimate endowment ! ) contact us .
Key To Poland has not received any monetary benefits or other perks for recommending these businesses .

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