Living in Europe I came across these beautiful traditional Handmade Leather House Slippers For Men and Women called Kapcie in Polish. These fantastic creations are made with time long traditional methods in the mountains of Poland called Zakopane, a very beautiful Scenic place mountains covered with snow and postcard perfect in every way .

There are many types of indoor slippers but the singular thing about kapcie is that they are very light in weight and largely made from natural sheep and pig bed skin which are identical thin, smooth and flexible, perfect leather to make extremist soft, easy to wear house slippers ! If you go to any hebdomadally market in Poland you will find at least two or three shops selling these cover girl Kapcies. You can see Below Photos of Krzepice market call Rynek in Polish.

Besides their beautiful traditional look, the features I love are that the upper depart is made wholly of leather and the insole is created with very thin sheep peel with cushion padding ad you can see in one of our leather house slippers for women television. Wearing them you feel as if your feet are wrapped in a cosy breathable bark, since leather has natural breathing property which basically, they are ! therefore your feet sweat less during winter and constantly warm during cold winter Thats what makes your feet feel indeed relax and comfortable … What we all need after a busy and feverish day !

Most people prefer to wear closed toe Flipflops as they cover the toes while the back and sides of your feet are open, making them very easy to slip into. Those with broader feet may choose to wear the open toe Kapcie. While also easy to slip on, they have a broader upper part so if your feet is broad it allows for this.

Hmm…How can we forget about kapcie for Women!

are joyously colorful and unique in design with a flat or slight heel to suit every ladies choice. Again,

Kapcie does not mean alone Flipflop. Kapcie are besides made in shoe designs with some made of Fleece with wool stuffing for winter and others of Sheep Skin with fur on exceed and the inside made of balmy wool to keep feet warm and comfortable all winter farseeing normally called

Zakopianki kapcie handmade in mountains of Zakopane this women slippers shoes handstitched like moccasin shoes made of easy sheepskin, colorful fake or natural sheepwool fur collar on top, and natural wool inner lining which keep feet warm and cozy. For those who started wearing house slippers all day now due to pendamic reality and work from home polish, these women slippers shoes are durable enough to withstand humble away walk besides .
mocassin women slippers shoes
Basically all Polish Kapcie slippers and shoes have one thing in common – Ultra light soles, superb comfort and snuggly warmth!
Most people prefer to wear conclude toe Flipflops as they cover the toes while the back and sides of your feet are open, making them identical easy to slip into. Those with broader feet may choose to wear the open toe Kapcie. While besides easy to slip on, they have a broader upper berth part so if your feet is broad it allows for this. Womens kapcie are gleefully colored and singular in design with a bland or slight list to suit every ladies choice. Again, womens slippers are offered in close up or open toe. Close toe is by and large preferred by women who are under age of 40 to 60 with a two-dimensional cad as these slippers offer a firmer bag for the feet. Soft heeled open toe Slippers can be worn beyond the house.Basically all polish Kapcie slippers and shoes have one thing in park – Ultra ignite soles, brilliant comfort and snuggly affectionateness ! Leather house slippers benefits :
1)Sweaty feet: Lets face it when we get tense or anxious our decoration and feet start sweating not entirely this if we wear improper footwear made of synthetic material can besides be independent reason why you feet sweat because abject quality framework made or plastic slippers does not breathe and tend to increase body inflame which leads to sweaty feet and since sweat does not get absorb or evaporate your feet start fetid and increase risk of contracting athlete ’ south animal foot .
Genuine leather Mens and women sign of the zodiac slippers can be alternate to solve this trouble because leather is natural fabric which is porous is nature and besides have absorbing property, thus if your feet sweat leather slippers will absorb perspiration and finally it will get evaporated due to natural breathing properly of suede and sheepskin leather, your feet will besides be dry and odorless .
2)Proper Fit: Home indoor slippers should be comfortable and ideal paroxysm to your feet. Plastic low quality fit taut and habit expand after little tire. framework slippers can expand however it will loose its form and will look surly after few wear. Leather slippers for men and women will take shape of your feet after two or three time faux pas into it as leather tends to expand and will hug your feet like a quick assuasive blanket .
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