Principles of winter nail care

Like fingernails, nails are sensitive to changes in winter weather. Therefore, you need to have a special care regime so that they do not break, peel, … lose aesthetics.
In the winter, your nails may experience problems such as brittle, brittle, broken nails … In fact, the cause of the phenomenon is due to moisture deficiency. Healthy nails contain an average of 18% water, but in the winter, this water is lost. Plus the constant change in temperature from hot in the house to the cold dry when you go outside makes the drying process takes place quickly. Besides, all our daily activities such as bathing with hot water or using acetone nail remover regularly also make nail damage become serious.

Principles of winter nail care

Therefore, the best way to restore nail strength is to use a natural moisturizer to slow down hydration. Simply put, apply olive oil evenly to the nails and hands, gently massage before going to bed. This helps to warm the hands, accelerate blood circulation and moisturize the hands and nails. You should also do the same to pedicure in the winter.

In addition, a balanced diet is also important for soft hands. Beauty experts recommend regular addition of high-protein and calcium-rich foods to your daily menu.

The third advice is do not forget to use special products to harden the nails. It is recommended to apply nail polish in the winter and limit changes in the color of the nail polish continuously. The paint now acts as a jacket to protect the nails from the intense destruction of the cold.

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