Purple is trending this year, so here ’ s how to rock it on your nails. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here .Header graphic of a purple glitter manicure and the text The Absolute Cutest Purple Nail Ideas
Over the by few months, we ’ ve been sharing a variety show of breeze through ideas for every semblance in the rainbow. today, we ’ re touching on one of the hottest fashion color trends of the past year, purple .
Purple nails are decidedly trendy this year and it ’ s such a cunning look ! These nails feel fresh, fun, and somehow a little bit futuristic. Purple gives me y2k fashion vibes and I ’ megabyte not brainsick about it.

While I particularly love lavender nails in the spring, you can ’ thyroxine go wrong with purple nails year round off. There are sol many fun ways to wear purple nails, depending on your style .
Need some imperial breeze through inspo ? Read on for 18 gorgeous purple nail ideas to try for your future visit to the salon ( or your following at-home mani ) .

Purple Acrylic Gel Nails

Gradient Purple

Super Pretty Lilac Ombré Acrylic NailsSuper Pretty Lilac Ombré Acrylic Nails
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We ’ rhenium kicking things off with this gorgeous purple ombré nail look, done on acrylic nails. I love how this incorporates a bunch of unlike trends in one, mixing ombré with glitter, marble, and rhinestones. While this nail theme has a lot going on, it doesn ’ thyroxine feel excessively brainsick thanks to the light pastel color scheme .
This look is fun and attention-getting, perfect for a vacation, birthday party, or fun event you might have coming up. I could see this being super cunning for promenade, formals, or weddings as well .

Purple Marble

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This acrylic fiber nail look takes purple marble nails to the next level ! It ’ s a bluff claim on the marble nails vogue, mixing a bunch of different shades of purple with glitter accents and rhinestones for a galaxy find. If you want your mani to look like out space, this is the pinpoint idea for you .
These nails are super bold and in your boldness — decidedly not for the timid ! however, if you want to make a statement, get these nails done ASAP .

Purple Butterfly Nails

DIY French Polygel Nails for BeginnersDIY French Polygel Nails for Beginners
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I could not be more obsess with these purple butterfly nails if I tried ! They ’ re so 2000s and they remind me of the early days of pop princesses like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera .
I love that this breeze through tutorial shows you how to do gel at home. It ’ s decidedly not something I always would have attempted, but the tutorial makes it seem so elementary .
Whether you do these nails at home or at a salon, they ’ re the perfect nude nail with a crop up of fun color — perfect for tons of occasions ! Pair them with all of your 2000s-inspired outfits this season ; they ’ ll search amaze .


Pastel nails are my darling for the spring and I love this bracing take on pastel purple nails, done with acrylics .
I love the ellipse condition they chose, and I particularly love the glitter accents to make this count more interest. The rhinestones adorning each resound finger bring this one over the circus tent !

Purple To Pink Ombre

Pink & Purple Acrylic Nails 🌸💜✨ | Encapsulated Flowers | Acrylic Nails TutorialPink & Purple Acrylic Nails 🌸💜✨ | Encapsulated Flowers | Acrylic Nails Tutorial
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This pink and purple ombré nail look is so much fun ! You could have this done with the ombré impression on all of the nails, or you could make it more interesting by copying the search above, which incorporates two floral glitter dialect nails. ( encapsulate glitter is such a huge swerve in acrylic nails right now. )
No matter how you choose to rock this one, you ’ re certain to have nails that stand out from the rest .
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Glitter Nails


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Glitter nails are constantly so much fun, and this is a stun room to rock purple glitter nails ! When you go to the salon following time, why not try bare nails with encapsulate glitter tips like these ?
This breeze through look incorporates purple glitter and butterflies for a spirit that ’ randomness extremist bubbling and glam. I could wholly see these for a spring conventional or even New Year ’ s Eve !

Purple Nail Art

Floral Purple

I can ’ t stop star at these lilac floral nails. They ’ re so beautiful so far elusive, equitable the way I like my nails. While florals can sometimes look a little besides sweet and cutesy, this is a cool girl take on the floral nail vibration .
alternatively of your distinctive floral nail artwork, these press-on nails alternate lavender egg-shaped nails with clear floral-embellished nails for a look that ’ s superintendent of-the-moment and never bum. The best part is, these nails are more low-cost than a trip to the salon, at $ 25 for the full set .

Purple Base With Rhinestones

here ’ s another glam purple rhinestone nail look that doesn ’ t require a trip to the salon for acrylics !
These purple glitter and rhinestone press-on nails give you the salon front for less. I love how they incorporate a rhinestone accent complete — the form of the rhinestones about makes that nail down look studded ! so cool and arrant if you have an edgy sense of style .
The full set of nails is available on Amazon for a ace low-cost price .

Purple Heart Swirl Nails

As I mentioned in our post on greens nails ideas, swirl nails have been EVERYWHERE this year and the tendency looks extremely playfulness in purple, besides !
This set of nails from Etsy takes the whirl count to the future degree by incorporating a super cunning heart detail and multiple shades of empurpled. I love that the design is limited to the tips of the nails, so the nude color of the smash infrastructure still comes through. I would 100 % rock candy these nails class round ; they ’ re so adorable .

Purple Nails with Tip

This purple and white french manicure is such a chic way to try the purple nail vogue. A white tip off on purple nails is very unexpected, but the jazz band look amazing. I besides love that this look is done on coffin-shaped nails for a trendy feel. These nails look then advanced and cool .
This would decidedly be a attend to get done at the salon, or you could do it the easy way and buy these claim press-on nails on Etsy. I love that they can be reused again and again, excessively .

Purple Cloud Nails

Cloud nails are trending like crazy this year and imperial cloud nails are such a cute idea. They remind me of a sunset on a summer day, and they ’ re thus much playfulness. If I had these, I ’ d be staring at my nails all day farseeing !
once again, these nails are press-ons, available to buy as a wax set on Etsy. You could besides attempt these as a DIY if you have pinpoint artwork skills — the clouds are reasonably absolvitory, then mistake won ’ triiodothyronine be as noticeable .

Elegant Purple

here ’ s an elegant purple nail look that ’ s a variation on the twirl breeze through idea seen earlier in this post. This one is more elusive than the first and includes a imperial glitter eddy purpose on a nude pinpoint base .
I love how this nail down estimate is subtle yet placid fun, the perfect mix if you love glitter but don ’ thymine want crazy, in your confront nails. Just a cool, elegant pinpoint theme to pair with all your inert outfits for a pop of color .

Short Purple Nails

Shimmering Short Purple Nails

I can ’ thyroxine stop gaze at these shimmering, holographic purple nails. They look like something out of a music video in the 2000s ! I think brusque nails are absolutely perfect for rocking fun, about psychedelic finishes like this. On long nails, this metallic spirit would be highly boldface, but on short nails, it good looks aplomb .
The best part is, these are barely $ 6.50 for the full fixed of press-on nails — such an amazing distribute for nails you can re-wear again and again .

Square and Short Light Purple Nails

It doesn ’ thyroxine get simpler than this pretty purple french manicure on short nails. rather of the typical ashen peak, just trade in your darling shade of purple, like this medium lilac hue. This would besides look amazing with a dark, bold purple for an edgy vibration .
You could absolutely DIY these at home, or get them done at any smash salon. alternatively, these short nails are actually press-ons, available on Amazon, if you want something super quick and easy .

Purple Lilac Oval Nails

egg-shaped nails are my favorite form on short nails, and I ’ m obsessed with this pretty lilac shade on short, oval nails.
This polish is by ColourLover Cosmetics on Etsy and it ’ s the perfect lavender creme with a hint of pink. not besides light, not excessively colored, and the perfective shuffle of pink and purple. This one will look effective on fair about everyone .
The best part is, ColourLover ’ s nail down polishes don ’ triiodothyronine contain the 10 most common chemicals found in nail polishes ( Toluene, Formaldehyde, Parabens, etc ). besides, their formulas are completely vegan !

Short Purple Sweater Nails

By now you ’ ve probably seen the sweater nails trend. It ’ sulfur one of the top winter nail trends that has in truth taken off this year. It ’ s basically a three-d nail down effect that makes your breeze through look like they ’ re adorned with a knit design. They ’ re normally done in flatness colors a well .
At first base, I wasn ’ thymine sure about sweater nails, but they ’ ve truly grown on me ! I particularly love them on curtly nails, as seen with the press-ons above. This is another one of those looks that can be very statement-making on long nails, but becomes everyday-wearable on shorter nails. It ’ s then reasonably in purple, excessively .

Short Purple Nails with Glitter

You can never go wrong with any nuance of glitter on your nails, and I absolutely love bold purple glitter nails for the cool seasons. They precisely remind me of fall and winter somehow .
This glitter nails estimate becomes a short more matter to thanks to an ombré effect, mixing purple glitter on the tips into silver glitter on the bottoms of the nails. This would be a super easy look to DIY, or you could just snap up these complete wraps from Etsy !

Metallic Short Purple Nails

To finish off our list of purple nail ideas, we have a classical — a bold purple nail polish with a metallic sheen and some subtle glitter. I honestly love this color on either short or long nails, it ’ s so reasonably and singular. I specially love this for fall or Halloween nail looks !
If you want to cop this cool nail polish shade for yourself, it ’ s from BellaBosio on Etsy and the shade is called Tulip, a “ light purple metallic. ”

Do you rock purple nails? Which idea is your favorite?

Tell me what you think in the comments. Are purple nails underrated ? Which of these ideas would you be most probable to rock ?


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