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Whether you ‘re a mani newcomer just learning how to paint your nails or a season connoisseur, I think you can agree that waiting around for complete polish to dry is the worst. many formulas take up to 15 minutes to dry, and that clock can seem ageless when you have to use your hands for anything else. therefore, quick-dry complete polish is the merely kind we truly quell loyal to. certain, there are things you can do to dry nails fast ( like spritzing them with cooking spray—yes, in truth ), but having a quick-dry formula is then much easier than figuring out a machine politician. That ‘s why we ‘ve rounded up seven of our favorite nail down polishes that will have your tips looking looking all right in no clock time .

Best quick-dry nail polish: Essie

This complete polish color lasts over a week and dries in under one minute —it ‘s why we gave it a Beauty Crush Award. We love that it uses a vegan formula, offers an array of 40 unconventional and classic shades, and has an angled brush that helps create mess-free manis with your non-dominant hand.

Best runner-up quick-dry nail polish: Sally Hansen

quick dry nail polish quick dry nail polish sortie Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color $ 5.59shop it Ulta apart from the fact that it ‘s available in 69 shades, we love that this 3-in-1 convention is made to be a base coating, breeze through polish, and topcoat—minimalism at its best ! It dries in 60 seconds, is highly pigmented, and will give you durable and chip-free fall.

Best quick-dry topcoat: Sêche Vite

quick dry nail polish quick dry nail polish Sêche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat $ 9.95shop it Ulta This cult-classic greatcoat has been around for years and will continue to reign supreme for many to come. Apply it over your darling complete polish and compare how promptly it dries in comparison to your regular greatcoat. Trust us, you ‘ll be out the door deoxyadenosine monophosphate fast as you can say one, two, three !

Best runner-up quick-dry topcoat: Deborah Lippmann

quick dry nail polish quick dry nail polish Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed – quick-drying Nail Top Coat $ 20.00shop it amazon Give your mani a agile greatcoat and a clear up hike with this Sephora-loved product. Reviewers rave about how glistening their nails look with this, about like a gel manicure. For best results, put on barely a sparse greatcoat.

Best quick-dry clean nail polish: Smith & Cult

quick dry nail polish quick dry nail polish Smith & Cult Nail polish $ 18.00shop it amazon If you ‘re a clean beauty fanatic and are looking for high-end results, look no further than Smith & Cult. The mark has an range of super-shiny pinpoint polishes that come in authoritative solids to fun metallics, like this one here. This convention is very long-wear, lasting up to two weeks wholly chip-free, sol while it ‘s a little pricier than some early complete polishes on the market, this one will save you valued fourth dimension by outliving all of them.

Best quick-dry nail polish + treatment: ORLY

Give your nails some TLC with this treatment-color loanblend. It ‘s formulated with moisturizing Argan oil and vitamins C and B3, which help nails become stronger and healthier. It ‘s available in 19 colors and uses a special oxygen engineering that helps it dry promptly and stopping point long.

Best quick-dry vegan nail polish: NAILS, INC.

quick dry nail polish quick dry nail polish NAILS, INC. 45 Second Speedy Gloss

$ 8.99shop it sortie Beauty If you tend to find yourself in massive rushes, like need-to-get-out-before-my-next-breath rushes, your collar BFF will be this NAILS, INC. recipe. One coat dries in less than 45 seconds ( ! ! ), and since the color pay-off is so intense, you in truth only need one layer. Pick from one of seven golden colors .

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