A month or so ago, a reader emailed me asking about a brand of nail polish called Quirius. As much as I try to stay on top of all the brands out there, it seems there are new ones popping up every day and I had no clue what she was talking about. A quick Google search brought me to the QRS Beauty website and what looked like some fun blues, greens and purples. You know, my core color group.
The abject prices and fun shades drew me in sol I placed an order. The polish arrived a workweek before I left for The Makeup Show in NYC so I figured that would be a great time to test the wear. The color I chose was gorgeous and received many compliments but did it live up to the test ? Read on to find out .

As lector Grace commented, I didn ’ thyroxine note the color I wore on the trip in my MU Show recap. As I told her in my response, I was iffy on the sword due to the inadequate wear. Though to be bazaar I layered Chanel Illusion D’or on top so I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to lay blame if it was unjustified. A second wear trial was necessary. That happened this past weekend .
The color I wore both times is called Caribbean Turquoise and it is an absolutely arrant representation of what turquoise should be. It ’ s not excessively green or excessively amobarbital sodium, just a perfect mix of the two. Though unlike shades like Chanel Nouvelle Vague or China Glaze For Audrey, this polish is electrified. It borders on the neon even drying to a satin finish like most neons. The color itself is stunning.

Though that ’ sulfur where the praise has to end as the formula has some major issues. It ’ s not well pigmented, it doesn ’ t level out, you need three coats to make it look halfway adequate and the wear is awful. I can ’ t remember the final time I was this disappointed in a polish ’ randomness application and longevity .
Can you imagine how it felt to have a bunch together of my favorite smasher mavens ask about my collar color only to have major chips and tip wear after a sidereal day ? A DAY people!! not to mention that I have no clue how this brand is supposed to be pronounced. Queer-ee-us ? Curious ? lecture about making it hard to tell people what you ’ ra wear.

5 Day Wear Test with Chanel Illusion D’or
Like I mentioned above, I wore this polish doubly. once with CND Stickey and Air Dry with Chanel Illusion D’or on top ( above ). once on its own with alternating fingers based with CND Stickey and Nubar Foundation with Nubar Diamont top coating ( below ). Both times, my polish started chip and wearing off after a day. As you know, I spent survive weekend away from home and every time I looked at my nails I was cursing this polish for how bad it looked. Oh how I precisely wanted to remove it ! But in the diagnose of the wear test I kept it on .
After five days, this is where we ended up. Again freak chips and major tiptoe wear. I get that a lot of you lone wear your color for a day or two because, like me, you have breeze through color ADD but if I can ’ thyroxine get at least two days out of a polish that ’ s merely impossible. It ’ s a pity excessively because Quirius makes some gorgeous colors .
just to see if possibly the issues were due to the neon-ish tendencies of Caribbean Turquoise I tried one of the other cremes I ordered, Ivy Wreath. Ivy Wreath is adorable grass k. It ’ randomness more yellow based in person than it appears on camera and will look fabulous with a faux-tan or olive complexion. I seriously LOVE this color. Again, application issues and the inability to level out plagues the polish. I added exceed coat for this movie and while it looks very well on screen, in person it falls flat. It ’ s decidedly my front-runner color and I ’ megabyte going to wear it in malice of its flaws but the visible unevenness will bother me a bite .
so, possibly it ’ s good Quirius ’ s cremes that have problems. Let ’ s check out a shimmer…

Cresskill Eve looks very promise in the bottle. A moss-grown green with gold metallic shimmer and hints of teal. Sounds like a winning combination, no ? I fair wish it was more opaque and smooth. I ’ thousand not up for brush stroke madness. In cattiness of how aplomb this color is, the fact that I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get it even takes off from that. bummer !
As a last haunt I pulled out the darkest color in my catch, Paris Night. As I ’ ve said in the past about MAC, they do shimmer and darkness polishes in truth well but tend to misstep when it comes to lights and cremes. Could dark polishes be Quirius ’ s impregnable become ? unfortunately, no .
Paris Night is a benighted jean blue. In the bottle you can see a tip of purple shimmer but it doesn ’ triiodothyronine show up on the nail. It goes on odd and doesn ’ metric ton have adequate pigmentation for a two coat application .
Bottom line: a much as I wanted to love this mark for its divers coloring material crop and low-cost price point, I equitable can ’ triiodothyronine drive on board. If there is a color from the line that you love and can ’ t witness anywhere else order it and be prepared for a light tire time .
Quiruis Nail Lacquer can be ordered online from the QRS Beauty website. Polishes retail for $3/ea and they have a choose your own gamble type deal where you pick 6 colors for only $15 .
Have any of you tried Quirius?  What has your experience been in terms of application and wear?  If you have any tips for making their polish last, please share.  I’d love to make them work.

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disclosure : I ordered the polishes in this recapitulation from QRS Beauty. For more information view my disclosure Policy.

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