It ’ south summer and consequently time to pick up some festival looks for the approaching parties. Every festival-goer wears some kind of flashy, colorful outfit to the valleys and venues, be it colored clothes, or electric neon nails that are out of this universe. And you can ’ triiodothyronine go on a rave without a neon manicure now, wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you ?
Speaking of raves, what type of festival person are you ? Are you preferably ‘ the bloom power girlfriend with the soft but colorful nail polish that prefers relaxing on big festival meadows or ‘ the gloving girl ’ that ’ s always dancing at the front quarrel with hit nail art ? Or do you, rather see yourself dancing at the bays of Ibiza ?
neon is the color of summer and endless parties, but if you ’ re not feeling boldface adequate to inject some color into your wardrobe, inject it into your nails. From orange, pink, green and scandalmongering, to tie-dye, aliens, and rainbows, don ’ thyroxine do your rave manicure without reading this beginning.

1. Neon lightning bolts

As a first idea, we introduce this neon manicure with lightning bolts. This is a very clever way to put neons without looking extraordinary. The reason for that is the nude or diaphanous base coat which leaves room to experiment with different patterns and colors. Electrify the people around you, and have fun on the dancefloor !

2. Accent-neon-green alien

Accent nails with aliens ? Yes, please. Everybody is feeling like an alien on a rave, then why not put one on the nails ? The bare nail polish in combination with the neon k looks so delicate and attention-getting at the lapp time. We would call it, a perfect balance .

3. Melted neon rainbow

not sure what color to put on your nails for the upcoming party ? Why preceptor ’ metric ton you go with all of them ? Create an delusion of a melted rainbow on your nails with a nude base. Express your feelings through your nails. Why not, right field ? after all, it ’ s a well-known fact that everyone is melting to the beats .

4. Third eyes with neon outlines

An dateless line up of your favorite DJs, loud and hard-knocking beats, and dancing till the dawn sun. A mind-opening experience that you wish to last for a life. For the future rave, wake-up your third eyes with this manicure idea. colorful and fun, right ?

5. Neon pink aliens

A hot-pink neon pinpoint polish is an attention-getting, bold option. But you must admit that this estrange design is out of this world ! Wake up your inner extraterrestrial being inside you and create this manicure estimate. The alien eyes are pretty simple to make and everyone can create them, even those without any skills .

6. Neon-green abstraction

The great thing about a nude/transparent base is that leaves room to experiment with multiple shapes and colors. And for this mind, black and neon greens is the choice. Create this trippy design which requires no skills at all. Shine bright with your nails and dance hard under the midnight sky .

7. Ombre neon nails

Why are neon nails such a great outfit companion for festivals and raves ? Because they glow in the dark, of course. Master the ombre design and create a mini-universe onto your nails. Why pick one neon tad when you can use all of them, right ?

8. Chessboard pattern with neon-green flame

Treat your nails like a part of canvas and create this catchy manicure estimate. experiment with patterns and be the glowy ranter quick to dance in the front rows. The design is attention-getting and a capital direction to combine to patterns into one manicure style .
9. Neon cloud and stars

When you are at a festival, even the cloud and stars are looking like they have been soaked into rainbow colors. That ’ s precisely the kind of vibration these nails are giving. Colorful, fun, and cheerful. That nude base color gives enough outer space for those neon colors to pop and accentuate the overall manicure.

10. Neon-green flames

Flaming hot ! Be on the like degree as the music, right ? Spark up the arouse inside you and create this flamy nails. Your hands will look like they ’ ve catch on fire from all that hard dancing. And that ’ s the charge, proper ?

11. Neon tie-dye

Tie-dye everything is trending for summer—on match sweat sets, on accessories, and yup, even on nails. And what is more psychedelic than a tie-dye blueprint ? Be in tune with the colorful lights and decorations and create this design for the following rave .

12. Partial neon tie-dye

Another way to get in on the neon nail swerve while besides embracing nude colors is with this partial tie-dye plan. The nude al-qaeda creates a arrant contrast against the bright tips in a way we can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stop star at. And the tie-dye design is something that not one daughter can resist, good ?

13. Neon stars

It ’ south no secret that we ’ re obsessed with star-print nail looks. Pair the print with ultra-bright neon and get ready for that striking incandescence that everyone will notice, and surely compliment .

14. Retro neon swirls

Graphic yet simple nail art will be your best friend this summer. Give it a ex post facto vibration with a bare free-base, motley twirl that will glow at the adjacent party you attend to. even the most unskilled ones can create this theme, and the leave is extremely cool !

15. Multi-colored neon flames

Can ’ t choose a single neon shade to showcase on your fingers ? With this idea, you can paint your nails in different neons. Decorated with flames in a dark nuance, this manicure is a must-have for the following party. Trendy and colorful, bringing smile every clock you look at them .

16. Minimalistic neons

These neon nails are the contrast we need in our lives. Accompanied by a easy nude, this manicure is minimalistic with a psychedelic allude. indeed, if you are fond of minimalistic designs, but searching for a little bite of semblance, these nails are for you .

17. Happy, neon flowers

These felicitous flowers make our hearts skip a beat. With neon accents and happy smiles, this mani is merely one of a kind. You can ’ t be in a bad climate with these. The nude base creates a hit appearance of the flowers and the neons glowy enough to be noticed from miles .

18. Hippy neons

These neon-hippy nails feature of speech intricate designs that require lots of solitaire to create but, once complete, are bound to earn you endless likes. Of course, creating them will likely require the help oneself of a professional, therefore bookmark this page for inspiration for your nail appointee .

19. Neon leopard pattern

These neon leopard nails are guaranteed to garner likes on-line and compliments in real life. They ’ re not difficult to DIY, either. Start with a nude nucleotide, then use a thin brush or toothpick to create little turquoise circles and blobs across your nails. stopping point with greatcoat and get ready for that rave under the UV lights !

20. Neon polka dots

Neon-green nails with black polka dots ? Sure, why not ! At the end of the day, when doing to a party you need to shine inside and out ! And that includes your manicure excessively. Black always goes capital with neons, since it accentuates the invention in a strike appearance. If you don ’ triiodothyronine know what kind of neon purpose to use, here ’ s a solution !

Are you ready to glow up your manicure and dance under the stars ? If so, which theme would you use ? Feel absolve to leave a comment below and share your thoughts .

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