Tips for nail care in cold season

Nails are also sensitive in cold weather season. Therefore, you should know how to take care foundation in the winter to prevent dry nails not broken or cracked.

1. Avoid nail exposed to hot or cold temperatures suddenly
Instead, you should stay warm throughout the winter nails, avoid nail soak in water for too long, because this will cause brittle nails. You should wash your hands with warm water in winter, and wipe dry with a towel completely.

Tips for nail care in cold season

2. Use moisturizer for hands

You can use these oils for moisturizing the nail on the market, attention select herbal ingredients such as aloe. Cream gently to combine massage nails. Additionally, you can also kindness of moisturizer nature, such as olive oil, mashed potatoes mixed with milk do mask to moisturize, by applying oil to nail and feet when bathing finished and before bedtime.

3. Food

During winter, nails become brittle and fragile, so please add to the menu of dishes rich in protein and calcium because they are very good for the growth of healthy nails. Foods rich in calcium such as milk, yogurt, cheese and almonds can help prevent brittle nails

4. Scrub

You need to remove dirt and dead skin cells by exfoliating hand. Exfoliating helps to improve blood circulation and keep hands beautiful young.

5. Nail

In winter, you should also nail polish, by coating outside will prevent nails broken and cracked

6. Gloves

If you’re washing dishes or washing clothes, wear gloves. Every time go out, you should also use sunscreen and wear gloves to protect your skin from the sun hand.

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