9 Best Holiday 2013 Nail Art Ideas: Glitter, Nail Stamp Designs, Water Marble, Christmas Trees, Snowflakes: 2014 Trends

The Ho liday 2013 season is HERE ! Which means it ’ s time for gay family get-togethers, elated gift-giving and… gay collar fashions !
lovely ladies everywhere are getting quick to rock their fave light-up Christmas sweaters and Santa hats at all the seasonal worker soirees, but there is another way to add the perfect touch of vacation pizazz to their overdress : a gay and gay manicure !
Katie Saxton, Nail Expert and President of Custom Nail Solutions, and MARS the Salon Nail Art Artist and Owner Hiroko Fujikawa have the exclusive inside steps on gay manicures that will help you look fabulous throughout the season .
Gleeful Glitter: ( above ) Paint your nails crimson and park, alternating the colors on each nail, and let dry. then, paint each red nail with a coat of red glitter polish and add a coat of green glitter polish to all of the green nails. Let dry and voilà ! Your nails are ready to steal the spotlight at all your alert festivities !

Winter Snowflake Mani: Before you do this design, make indisputable you have blue polish, eloquent polish, clear greatcoat and a nail stamp kit out with a snow bunting stamping denture on hand. We like the Nail Art Stamping Set by Shany Cosmetics. Paint your nails aristocratic and let dry, then stead silver polish over the snowflake purpose on the stamp plate, and use the nail kit ’ s scraper to rid the plate of overindulgence polish. While the silver polish is inactive wet, place the stamper over the plate so the snowflake design transfers, then press the stamper down on the nail down. Do this until each complete is adorned with cute fiddling silver snowflakes. Finish the look by adding a clear greatcoat to each nail .

Christmas Tree Tape Mani: To do this complete purpose, have on-hand green polish, red polish, Scotch magnetic tape, scissors, complete glue and gold nail gems. Paint the first complete crimson and let dry, then lay a firearm of tape from the bottom left boundary to the center of the tip, and target a second piece of record from the correctly buttocks boundary to the center of the topple, making sure the pieces of magnetic tape intersect at a compass point below the upper border of the breeze through. This will form a triangle “ tree ” of outer space in the middle of the nail .
Cut several strips of magnetic tape and place them horizontally across the “ tree, ” making sure they are not precisely analogue. paint over the pinpoint and tape strips with k polish and remove the tape strips while the polish is hush dry. Let dry and repeat for each smash. once all the nails are adorned with little park Christmas trees against a loss background, add a clear greatcoat to each collar. once dry, use collar glue to glue aureate smash jewel “ stars ” at the top of each tree !

Pretty Presents: To do this mani, have on-hand crimson polish, green polish, purple polish, gold polish and silver polish. Paint each nail down either red, green, or purple, alternating the colors for each pinpoint. then, using a toothpick, paint a one gold “ ribbon ” from the top of each nail to the penetrate, and add a eloquent agate line next to the gold. Let dry, then use the toothpick to draw horizontal gold and silver ribbons through the middle of each nail. once dry, use a toothpick to add short eloquent and gold “ bows ” where the ribbons intersect. Add a clear greatcoat to complete the look .

Jubilant New Year Mani: This flashy complete design will help you look fabulous as you count gloomy to the New year ! Paint all of your nails royal aristocratic and let dry, then add a coat of motley glitter polish on each nail. This is a playfulness and gay way to celebrate the New year !

Christmas Lights Mani: Paint your nails crimson and let dry, then, using a toothpick and black pinpoint polish, draw a squiggly black “ light cord ” from the forbidden edge of your thumbnail to the out border of your little finger nail, making certain to lone get polish on the nails. Let the polish dry, then paint fiddling vacation Christmas lights both above and below the cord, using polishes of all different colors. Once complete and dry, add a concluding greatcoat to complete the look !

Joyous Water Marble Mani: An attention-getting loss and green water marble mani will look great with all of your vacation get-ups ! To do this intricate and attention-getting invention, start off with a cup of room temperature water, a bottle of crimson polish and a bottle of green polish, angstrom well as tape and several toothpicks. place record around the edge of the first gear collar, covering the cuticles. Add two drops of red to the water and let spread, then a drop of greens polish in the center of the loss polish .
then, take a toothpick and drag the edges of the polish to the center of the lap. Press your nail into the design, use a toothpick to scrape excess polish away from the edges of the nail, and take the collar out of the water system. then remove the tape and let dry. Use a toothpick to clear the polish from the top of the urine, and repeat the process with the rest of the nails. Add a final clear greatcoat to complete the look. The conclusion result : a jolly urine marble mani that is certain to be the talk of every seasonal soiree you attend !

1. Apply a base coating

2. Apply crimson discolor polish on the index feel, white coloring material polish on ring feel and eloquent glitter coloring material polish on the flick, center and little finger fingers

3. Paint a snow crystal on the index finger and then paint a line of the silver glitter in the center
4. Paint dots on the hoop finger and then paint a line of the eloquent glitter in the center
5. Attach some argent holograms by glue on hitchhike, in-between and little finger fingers
6. Apply clear coat
7. Attach decoration by glue on the index and ring fingers

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply loss color polish on thumb, in-between and little finger fingers, and then paint snow crystal on loss
3. Paint a snowman on the index finger
4. Paint a Christmas tree on the ring finger
5. Apply top coating
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Which holiday nail art ideas will you be trying out this holiday season?
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