transport :
As we believe in providing you with products that are impertinently made, please allow us 7-10 days to get the items to you. Items frequently arrive much sooner, but there can be delays due to bulk, postal holidays or an occasional vacation. We will post vacations so as to give plenty of notice.

If your items are needed in a haste or they are time sensible, please let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangments.

Postal rates are based on averages from Colorado. Shipping includes manner of speaking confirmation. We are not creditworthy for items marked “ delivered ” but are lost, incorrectly or incomplete given addresses, postal wrong ( without addl purchase of indemnity ).

address :
We ship via Paypal. If your Paypal address is different please update it. This is our way of verifying the buyer and assuring it will get to the correct place.

Sending it as a gift ? Buyers shipping to addresses different are welcomed. Please add the understudy address into Paypal. Adding the savoir-faire in your Paypal as understudy is easy, and insures the likelihood it will get to the mean address.

Due to the nature of our product we do not accept exchanges. If there is a problem of any sort please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail or convo. Your satisfation is crucial to us and we want you to love your merchandise !

Wholesale & bulk discounts are available. Please convo with electronic mail address and information regarding your business so we can send the details.

Our products are intended for external habit only. Our products can be considered hypo-allergenic as they are made with natural ingredients ( with the exception of the minimal ( 1 % ) measure of preservative in our lotion ). This simply means it is less likely to irritate and cause allergy in the median person. If pique does occur, please discontinue and consult with your doctor.

We do reserve the right field to independantly refuse military service. For case if we can not verify buyer, the buyer does not agree to terms of sale, or we just can not agree on any helping of the sale, it will be cancelled.

By completing the purchase the buyer is agreeing to terms of sale and update announcements listed on stores front page. These announcements may include information vacations/holidays, ship delays, or brief peiods of time that we may be out of town. We are a home-based, non-corporate, autonomous family occupation without employees and we do have two teenagers who are active basketball, volleyball, football and/or track participants. We try to attend as many of their athletic events as potential. We do try our best to answer all convos and emails in a timely manner throughout these times.

**We try to recycle our shipping materials angstrom much as is reasonably possible. If you recieve a package with “ peanuts ”, you can rest assured they have been recycled.

** While we believe in being informed about the benefits of natural products please consult the advice of your sophisticate.

** Please take your individual allergies into history and function at your own free will. By buying our products you are agreeing that you understand they can cause allergies, equitable as any other intersection. They may smell delightful, but please do not ingest. If consumption, allergy, or annoyance occur please break and contact a doctor.

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