We offer smash polish brushes wholesale. easy application and flawless coverage, great for basal & greatcoat. Use our high-performance brushes to provide last results and stunning results for smooth application, ideal for routine use or nail artwork design .

product Detail Features :

Universal Light Nail Polish Brush

Our complete polish brushes have a universal plan that can be easily compatible with different nail polish bottles. Caliber : 11mm, 13mm. There are Round and Flat types to choose from. nail polish bottle brush 2

Reusable Brush

The nail polish brush replacement is made of durable materials, which allows durable brushes to be reused hundreds of times for durable persuasiveness and longevity.

Soft Brush

The bristles are very soft and provide good crevice resistance, so you can apply gelatin polish evenly, good nail polish brush replacement and mousse polish bottles accessory. nail polish bottle brush 1

Other Services

We can do other deep process services, including logo silk screen and hot emboss. We believe that the better nail down polish bottle cap with a brush can make your bottles more attractive. Download & View Brochure.png

factory Info :

We are the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical and complete polish glass box in China, we possess gain fabrication technology and expertness in our playing field. Our product range covers diverse containers used for the memory and use of cosmetics, food & beverage, medicines, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical preparations. We manufacture : 1.Molded injection field glass phial, USP character I, II, III 2.Glass tube 3.Ampoule 4.Tubular phial for injection, USP type I 5.Amber looking glass bottle 6.Infusion bottle 7.Cosmetic bottle ( nail polish bottle, perfume bottle, aroma, essential oil ) 8.Cobalt blue and k bottle 9.Food & Beverage bottle 10.Butyl arctic conversation stopper 11.AL-plastic multi-caps 12.Accessories for dropper bottle 13.Prefilled glass syringe 14.Dental glass cartridge 15.Twist-off ceiling 16.Other Closures

Our Service :

our services Your product deserves more than plain packaging!

We offer an ultimate package of glass packaging solutions! We provide our customers with adept analysis, quality assessment and consulting support for bottles, jars, vials, and other glass containers, so you can get high-quality glass products.
As a trustworthy glass factory with advanced with high-end production equipment, we produce the highest quality products for our customers around the world.
More than good a field glass manufacturer, we set up a professional confer service team providing analytic services for bottling, conditioning, and closures, methamphetamine finish up, and label.



1. We produce in stern accord with the customer ‘s purpose requirements. 2. We rigorously follow the confidentiality agreement. 3. We offer custom-make brand and logo services.


1. We develop and design new field glass container styles to meet specific market needs. 2. We offer custom-make brand and logo services.

Customized Process

1st step : Show your requirements and technical foul draw. second step : Offer the citation according to your requirement 3rd step : send Sample for confirm fourth step : Arrange industry after 30 % deposition received. fifth step : arrange rescue after 30 % down payment 6th mistreat : Finish the counterweight requital by batch of B/L transcript seventh step : Receive the goods. eighth tone : After-sales service

Why Choose uranium

1. As a global glass manufacturer, we have excellent production facilities to ensure that we provide quality glass products and packaging services and strong customers with long-run relationships.
2. We can provide packaging supply solutions and OEM / ODM services. Our business involves different industries, including cosmetics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.
3. Ability, invention is the key to team success. We are gallant that we have an experienced and young product supervision team that has been responsible for foster train and qualifications. Besides, we actively establish and maintain relationships with academics and other inquiry centers to ensure we are always competitive all the time.
4. We are accredited to ISO9001 standards, with professional provision chain, production, and management.

5. We value every customer and feel grateful for those who establish a long-run relationship with us. We will constantly provide you with professional services.

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