I can ’ thymine believe it is time to start talking about the 4th of July already ! last year, I participated in a giant, patriotic blog hop that was SO fun that we are teaming up again to bring you another HUGE web log hop full of fabulous ideas for your Independence Day !
Red White and Blue Food Decor and Craft Ideas
For my bolshevik, white, and blue project I am bringing you these super cunning ( and easy ) retro patriotic nails ! This patriotic smash art is seriously so dang easy and you could get away with sporting it long after the 4th of July because it doesn ’ t inevitably look excessively gay .
Patriotic Retro Nail Art. 4th of July Nail Art on
here is what you will need to create this nail art…
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– Red pinpoint polish
– White smash polish
– Mint breeze through polish
– Blue nail polish
– Nail art creature ( Super low-cost ! )

– Clear top coat polish
– Nail polish corrector pen ( optional )
Patriotic nail art on
first, paint your nails all loss, except for the ring finger. paint that with the mint color. You can paint it with the blue like I have shown above, it will just be antonym of what the finished product is on mine. My blue sky polish I used was not cooperating and I ended up scrapping the blue polish I used after taking this photograph. Sorry for the mix up !
Put a short egg white nail polish on a paper plate and dip the nail art joyride into it and dab little polka dots onto your crimson nails .
now for the hearts !
Easy DIY Heart Nail Art on
Creating heart nail art is actually in truth slowly !
1. Get a little musical composition of magnetic tape, scissors, and a write .
2. Fold the piece of tape over and stick it to itself, but leave a humble patch that isn ’ triiodothyronine sticking to the other side so that you can unfold it again. Draw one-half of a heart along the wrinkle of the videotape. Make this equally adult as you want your center to be. For mine, I wanted a small small heart, but it could be made much bigger if you want your heart to be a bigger focal period .
3. Cut along the shape you just drew .
4. Put the magnetic tape on your complete, after your polish is TOTALLY dry. Paint the color you want your heart to be over the write out out heart .
5. Remove the tape while the polish is calm wet .
viola ! You have your DIY heart breeze through artwork !
4th of July Nails on
Use the nail down polish corrector pen or breeze through polish remover to go along the edges of your nails and clean up any polish that got on the skin. Apply clear top coat polish on all of the nails .
Retro Patriotic Nail Art on
now you have gorgeous, patriotic nails that you can wear long after the 4th of July because of the cunning, retro look they have !
Don ’ t forget to try my 4th of July hair chalking tutorial I shared last year and check out all of the early crimson, white, and aristocratic projects that all of these fabulous bloggers shared !
DIY Hair Chalking for the 4th of July

We besides have a killer whale red, whiten, and blue Pinterest display panel that you can check out for evening MORE 4th of July divine guidance !
Follow The Cards We Drew ’ s board Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue ULTIMATE Round Up of Patriotic Ideas from Top Bloggers ! on Pinterest .

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