Some days I wake up with one think adhere in my mind and there ’ s nothing I can do than to follow it : this time, I found myself wanting to bring Leonardo Da Vinci ’ s Mona Lisa on my nails ( don ’ thyroxine ask me why, I fair wanted a collar art with more “ artwork ” than usual ) 😀
So, thanks to my recently purchased Wulushang WLS083 stamping plate ( obviously from AliExpress ), I took my stamp gorge and some nail polishes to finally have my Mona Lisa nails !
unintentionally I took some snapshots with my call camera during the Mona Lisa universe process, and after realising that I thought that I could put them together and make a small tutorial on how to make turn back stamp. sadly the photograph timbre is lower than common, as I did them with my call and not think of a tutorial, but I hope you will forgive me 🙂
Reverse stamp is a bang-up proficiency if we want to colour the designs that come from our stamping plates : it can be done directly on the stamping machine or on a silicone stamping master of arts in teaching. In both cases the result will be about the lapp, but the image will look mirrorlike if you do the turn back stamping on the silicone entangle, while it will mantain the lapp verse of the denture if you do it directly on the stamping machine. I normally prefer doing rearward stamping on the silicone mat, but this time I needed the design to keep the lapp steering of the plate, as it comes from a identical celebrated paint, so I did it on the stamper .
For this argue my tutorial will show how to make change by reversal stamping directly on the stamping machine : but you can read this article if you want to know how to do reverse stamping on the silicone nail art mat.

As for “ infrastructure ” pigeonhole proficiency, for reverse emboss you will need a stamper and scraper fixed, a stamp plate and stamping polish. then, you will besides need some nail polishes to colour the design, a top coat and a dotter/a brush/a toothpick to fill in the small portions of the design ( I love using toothpicks as I can be very precise ) .
I used the Crystal Clear Stamper and Scraper by MoYou London, the plate Wulushang WLS083 from AliExpress and the black stamping polish by Ya Qin An/Born Pretty Store ( read the review ). Reverse Stamping Tutorial
first, you ’ ll have to capture the design with the “ basis ” stamp proficiency ( do not transfer it on nails ! ). then, start filling the portions of the designs with the colors you want and then let everything dry.
immediately, apply top coat over all the blueprint, wait some time until it is touch dry and then “ peel ” it off the stamping machine with a pair of tweezers. now, turn it on the chastise side ( as you see in the photograph at the bed ) and then place it on your smash. The purpose should stick easily on the nail surface, but if it doesn ’ t, you can use a brush dipped in pinpoint polish remover to gently tap the parts that haven ’ thymine sticked to the nail so far ( be very careful ! ).
At this orient, it will be clean up time ! Cut off the parts that are not on the nail and then do a more accurate clean up with a brush and nail polish remover. last, apply top coating and hera we are : Mona Lisa mission accomplished !
Mona Lisa Nail Art
All the nail polishes I used for this nail artwork are by Kinetics – largely belonging to the Fragile collection ( Autumn 2018 ) : the grey one, named Fragile, for arrow, middle finger and part of the backdrop ; Almost Naked for the small parcel of flip behind Mona Lisa ; So Human for her clamber and Alluring Brown for her hair and trim. Besides these shades, I used Daydreamer from the Love In The Snow solicitation ( Winter 2017 ) : it ’ s those green blue that you see on my little finger and in the backdrop .
Read besides : Kinetics, Fragile collection ( review, swatch ) | Kinetics, Love In The Snow collection ( follow-up, swatch )
last, let me say that this AliExpress plate truly surprised me : assuming that I truly wanted it because it ’ mho inspired to celebrated artworks, I was impressed on how good it worked even with little details. so, if you need artistic stamping plates as I do, hera ’ sulfur where you can purchase it ( remember to select the home plate wls083 ) : – 6*6cm Square wulushang Nail Stamping Plates. I equitable tell you that besides Mona Lisa there are other masterpieces just like the ones by Van Gogh, Picasso and thus on .
I know that this is quite an unusual nail art, but I very hope you liked it and that my little tutorial was useful ! Let me know your thoughts in comments !

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