Revlon is a cosmetics ship’s company founded in 1932. They started their business with a single product – Nail polish and today, it is a ball-shaped coloring material cosmetics and smasher care products company which aims to provide hex, agitation and initiation through high choice products at low-cost prices. here are some of the most gorgeous polishes by Revlon in different finishes and types. You are guaranteed to love these revlon nail down polish shades !

Revlon Nail Polish Colors

Revlon Amethyst Smoke

Revlon Amethyst Smoke has bantam glitters. The anti-fade engineering aids this beautiful color to stay long. This pinpoint polish goes smooth and bubble-free. It is formulated without dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde resin. Teak Rose is a reasonably dusty pink shade with a creme stopping point. The shade looks identical classy and chic and is something that you can well wear to work. Requires three coats. This one is such a unique glitter polish ! Scandalous is a black sheer polish with fine and chunky imperial hexagon glitters in it. It is a refresh change over unconstipated blacks. Requires three coats for broad opacity but you can besides layer it over a regular black polish. I am not a big fan of greens but looking at this one, I am sold. Sassy is a bright grassy green shade with a creme finish. The perfect polish to jazz up the summers but I doubt I would be able to wait until then to wear it ! Requires two coats. [ Read : Nail ]
Grey Suede is a cream – nude polish with a creme eat up. The nuance is pretty and will suit everyone. Perfect for days when you want no color. Requires three coats. I am wholly lusting behind this polish. royal Purple is a dark purple polish with silver medal shimmer and flakes in it. You might want this Revlon nail polish colors even if you don ’ triiodothyronine like purple. Requires two coats.

7. Revlon Minted:

Minted is a gorgeous light mint green polish with a crème eat up. I love this one a lot as it is the arrant mint nuance. Requires three coats. [ Read : Silver Nail Art Tutorial ]

8. Revlon Galaxy:

here is a beauty packed with glitter. Galaxy is a clear polish with ticket silver and dark blasphemous glitters and medium holographic silver glitters. This is one glitter you can pair with any color for some spark and radiance, but it looks best over black. Another polish for the neutral lovers. Smoky Canvas is a taupe polish in a creme ending. Taupes are very unmanageable to find so this should be a nice addition to your collection. Requires two coats. If you want to wear glitters but don ’ triiodothyronine want it to be over the acme, this should be the perfective choice. Starry Pink is a pretty light pink polish with fine and chunky silver glitters in it. The color is so feminine, you will surely love it. Requires three coats. *Subject to Availability

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