In the year 2019 a draw of oeuvre has been put into my Revlon nail polish collection, sol much so that I have an official collection at this point. Almost all of my bottles have been purchased at Dollar Tree for $ 1 a piece, with the exception of a few from dismiss stores like Tuesday Morning and Ross. If you have a beloved for color, you will surely enjoy this collection ! It is a dishonor that Revlon seems to be discontinuing many shades. Their polishes are comparable to early drugstore brands and work quite well. I have swatches of everything, and I will update this post as more roll on into my life .

Revlon Nail Polish Collection

revlon nail polish collection revlon nail polish collection
revlon nail polish collection revlon nail polish collection

shade names from left to right

Revlon Nail Enamel

Provocative : crimson orange
Molten Magic : metallic silver medal with touch of pink shift
Dreamer : periwinkle
Impulsive : Dark purple
Girly : jelly pink with with fine and chunky assorted purple glitters
Silver Base Coat : metallic silver
Fearless : crimson
Sheer Petal : gelatin white nude
Fairy Dust : Metallic sky blue with silver shimmer
Brazilian Beach : Pink jelly with chunky and very well gold glitter
Plum Seduction : fuchsia
Hologasm : metallic silver with argent shimmer
Sheer Pink : jelly pink nude
Confident : Red jelly with chunky and fine red glitter
Tempting : metallic inner light aureate
Vivacious : Hot bubble gum pink
Gold Glaze : clear with all right gold glitter
Charming : pastel lavender
Vixen : wine
Gray Suede : nude with flimsy pink shimmer
Electric : Hot fuchsia pink with metallic purple switch
Holographic Pearls : clear with holographic flatware glitter
Enchanting : lavender
Adventurous : salmon
Creme Brulee : metallic nude gold
Raven Red : Dark berry red
Posh : Shamrock green

Gilded Goddess : Metallic rose aureate
Amethyst Smoke : imperial and bluish green couple chrome

Revlon Color Stay Gel Envy

I want to take a moment here and say that there is no way a regular complete polish can have the lasting exponent of a real gelatin. That is true of the Gel Envy agate line. however, I love the glow and the spotlight on pigmentation .
Blackjack : Super dark black metallic amobarbital sodium
Up the Ante : imperial fuchsia
Cha-ching : pale mint
Sky’s the Limit : Metallic sky blue
Full House : Vibrant sky blue
Double Down : Metallic bronze
Roulette Rush : red with metallic purple chemise
Smoke and Mirrors : metallic gunmetal with ash grey glitter
Queen of Hearts : Dark red with metallic purple transfer
Showtime : metallic purple
Cardshark : Pale pink
Winning Streak : lavender with metallic blue switch
Long Shot : Pumpkin coral
What Happens in Vegas : metallic fuchsia
All On Red : crimson
Top Coat : clear peak coat
High Roller : plum with metallic blue shift
Lucky Us : metallic silver with little argent glitter
Berry Treasure : Hot fuchsia tap
Ace of Spades : Dark grey
All or Nothing : gelatin white nude
Heartbreaker : abstruse wine

Revlon Nail Art

Expressionist Nail Enamel in Vincent Van Gold

As part of my Revlon complete polish solicitation I besides have some nail art duet. The empurpled side is a metallic imperial empurpled with a standard breeze through polish brush. The aureate side is a metallic gold with a nail down art striped bass brush .

Shiny Matte Nail Enamel in Tortoise-Shell

The matte side features a pure felt burgundy ghost with a standard nail polish brush. The other side is a easy metallic amber with a nail art striped bass brush .

Moon Candy Nail Enamel in Orbit

The end duet in my Revlon nail polish collection is my favorite. orb features a super dark midnight empurpled tad on one end, and a gelatin imperial on the other with iridescent purple flakes. Both have standard breeze through polish brushes. The gelatin color looks amazing over top of the blue empurpled, specially if you stamp the polish on with the aide of a leech.


My Revlon collar polish collection is one of my favorites because you can never go improper with their rule. I will not sit here and tell you that the Gel Envy collar polishes work just like gel, because they do not. Nor will I tell you that these are high-end quality. however, these are great for $ 1 and completely comparable to other amazing drugstore smash polishes. They shine so nicely, and if you follow my nail down care routine you can make your manicure survive with these polishes. I highly recommend scooping these up if you find them, particularly at a $ 1 price indicate ! Until future clock time, continue to let your true beauty shine .
Which of these Revlon nail polish shades are your favorites ?

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