Free Character Writing Prompts #26: Royalty

long alive these 10 character writing prompts about kings, queens and other royalty ! One of the reasons that I found european History such an interest topic was because of the wilderness eccentricities of royalty in countries like England, France and Germany. For hundreds of years, these countries were ruled with an iron fist, not precisely by kings, but by earls and duchesses adenine well. The col between the haves and the have-nots was drastic and many members of royalty were able to do whatever it was they pleased. A narrative laid far in the by or one in a antic world could do with a few royals interspersed throughout .
Free Character Writing Prompts #26: Royalty
1. When he was young, he travelled among the commoners a much as he could to learn what would control them. As he ascended toward the throne, he knew that they responded more to religion than they would to anything else. Rule the church, rule the state. He lento but surely tightened his grip around religion, bringing church and country together and giving him ability and wealth no king had known before him. What he could n’t have expected, however, was for another religion to rise. What will he do when the country devolves into civil war because of this new religion ?
2. He had always had everything he wanted handed to him ( literally ) on a silver phonograph record. When his class fell out of party favor, however, and it looked like he would no long be in line for an esteemed side, he had to learn to live with less. At first he whined closely every day about eating less food and having closely no diversions at all. It was only when his parents took him to a nearby village where the residents had about nothing that he got it. He not entirely had to live with less farce but he besides wanted to help the people who were about him to receive more. What will he do to achieve this new doubt and what are some of the things he misses about royal life ?
3. She became queen by appearing to be the arrant candidate. Shy and religious and easily controlled by her uncles and cousins. All of the qualities, of course, were a complete and arrant lie down and the merely thing she rightfully wanted was the baron of ruling a nation. She ruled the country with an iron fist and knew much more about politics and geography than her uncles and cousins ever assumed. Her policies were occasionally in line with theirs, but some of her decisions seemed to make absolutely no sense to them. Within decades, the country began to improve financially and morale-wise. What are some of the things she did and what do her family members think about her hide competence ?
4. She was once a common but there was nothing at all common about her. Her smasher seemed to spring up from the earth itself and it was not retentive before she was noticed by those from outside the village. She was courted by a duke and was wed shortly thereafter. It was difficult for her to adjust to such a royal life style. She wanted thus much to be able to split her portions with the servants, who were once her closest friends. To achieve these ends, she became a bit of an militant, helping to improve the draw of those not a fortunate as her. Her conserve did n’t love these qualities of hers, but could n’t argue with her growing autonomy and confidence. How has she changed since marrying into royalty ?
5. He was in the process of being groomed for the toilet and his forefather could lone dream that he ‘d stop hanging out with such rotter. There were stories of him gambling, drink and spend belated nights with ailing women. The King wondered how his bequest would live on. It turned out that the prince was learning how the country worked from the ground up, while keeping his reputation first gear. If he was able to make himself seem humble, then he believed his rise to power would make him seem even more of a natural king. besides, he particularly enjoyed some of the party. Will his hypothesis be adjust and how would this hypothesis succeed in the modern world of ceaseless media ?
6. A aloof cousin to the throne who was appointed the earl of a small farm sphere, he knew that he was fortunate to be given any imperial stand at all. Despite this position, however, the men and women the he “ govern ” were more probable to make fun of him than listen to him in the slender. He was portly, he had a bumble and he was accident prone. One meter when he gave a manner of speaking to his “ subjects, ” he fell down a rock stairway and was laughed at for weeks. Behind all of this, he was a properly earl, doing his best to secure rights for the people in his town. Why did n’t he attempt to get second at the people who mocked him and how will the rest of his “ reign ” go ?
7. After a roll of the plague swept through the country, she was surprised to find out that her son had an outside title to the throne. She ‘d previously devoted her life to being a good wife, but now she knew that being a conniving plotter of death would be her best function as a mother. Her favored form of murder was poison as she had paid a few of the servants to poison certain cups of tea before going into hiding. slowly but surely, she forced her son to the top of the ladder of royal candidates. Some people at the top expected her, but she acted to kind and ailing for her to be evil, correct ? Will she be successful at her plat and how will her life change if she is ?
8. While she had constantly been a high society womanhood, it was n’t until she caught the center of a young prince that she considered she might become royalty. When he asked for her bridge player in marriage, it finally struck her that she would be one of the most public figures in all of the area as a princess. She accepted the marriage proposal and began preparing for her new life as a beloved calculate. There was only one problem. Despite her best efforts, she was a vilify princess and she incidentally insulted the commoners on many unlike occasions. When a rotation came to pass, she was one of the inaugural sent to prison. Why was she so hated and how will she fare behind bars ?
9. Before his give birth, it was believed that he would be the future king, but after the disfigurement was revealed, he was placed behind lock in doors, rarely allowed to experience the rays of the sun. He spent most of his time reading old text and figuring out a day that he could reclaim what he believed to be his divine right. By wearing custom-made invest, he was able to hide most of his ailment and he started a little rebellion in the midst of his syndicate to get him placed on the toilet. Those who wanted nothing to do with his grotesqueness plotting to kill him. Will he survive these attempts on his animation and what are some of his incontrovertible qualities as a likely king ?
10. She was equitable a normal adolescent female child, going to high school and trying to navigate the perils of popularity. Her life changed when she was told that she might be the concluding descendant in a hanker cable of royalty from a nation she ‘d never even learn of. She travelled to the country and learned everything she could about it and was n’t surely if she could handle such responsibilities. After all, she ‘d only good learned how to drive. She ‘d constantly wondered if she ‘d find Prince Charming, but she might actually be the royalty in the equality. Does she decide to pursue her potentially imperial heritage and why ?

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