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ever since human beings first looked at the nox flip, we have been obsessed with the stars. Ancient societies across continents studied the movements of the stars and planets, culminating in the practices of the Greeks that gave us the mod zodiac symbols .
If you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate familiar with astrology or the zodiac, there are twelve “ signs ” based on constellations. Structured broadly on the kinship between their location in the sky and the sun, a person ’ second gestural is determined by what constellations the sun was “ in ” on the day you were born. Broken down by give birth calendar month, the signs are Aries ( roughly March 21-April 19 ), Taurus ( April 20-May 20 ), Gemini ( May 21-June 20 ), Cancer ( June 21-July 22 ), Leo ( July 23-Aug. 22 ), Virgo ( Aug. 23-Sept. 22 ), Libra ( Sept. 23-Oct. 22 ), Scorpio ( Oct. 23-Nov. 21 ), Sagittarius ( Nov. 22-Dec. 21 ), Capricorn ( Dec. 22-Jan. 19 ), Aquarius ( Jan. 20 to Feb. 18 ) and Pisces ( Feb. 19 to March 20 ) .
zodiac imagination is in many aspects of fashion, including complete artwork. These designs translate nicely onto zodiac nails, as they are simple adequate to work on such a little canvas. There ’ south besides a chance to make your nails profoundly personal to you, involving your bless and early symbols. tied if you aren ’ triiodothyronine into the zodiac, who can deny the gorgeous nature of the stars in the night flip ? With an expansive color pallette and illimitable inspiration, you ’ re going to love your new astrology nails !

Best Astrology Nails Inspiration

Starlight, Starbright

clear holographic glitter is the arrant base for this golden style, letting the headliner shapes take center field stage. Pearls and rhinestones add another decent refer to the count, adenine well as complementing the impersonal base tone. It can be difficult to get that star condition equitable mighty, indeed going for bantam gummed label decals is a good way to finish off your nails .

Off to Dream Land

Bright amobarbital sodium scalloped edges create overcast shapes along the tips, making us think of the last light of day as the stars begin to come out. gold stars set off the blue nicely, the edges besides providing a courteous ocular contrast. This design includes a constellation design, which travels between the three middle nails. A multi-nail element adds coherence through the design, which can make a nail count more effective .

Connect the Dots

A celestial game of connect the dots, constellations are a cunning and cosmic addition to these astrology nails. Fitting with the theme perfectly, the literal constellations are a nice way to change up a traditional astrology style. Going for the opposing color scheme, black on white, makes the constellation designs stand out more clearly .

Sunset and Twilight

As one leads to the other in very life, sol besides do the sunset colors move into the tones of twilight in this nail purpose. The beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows blend perfectly on the cheery slope, with the blues and purples of the rising night complementing nicely. Including stars on both sets of nails brings the front together, arsenic well as emphasizes the change between night and day .

Violet Cosmos

bass violet glitter polish makes a perfect focal target for astrology nails, as it speaks to the unfathomable depths of outer space. Watercolor nail art is a fun contrast to such a dark discolor, and an ideal base for the ashen astrology designs on top. Including a layer of glitter on the watercolor nails besides helps to bring them in concert with the rest of the nails in the look .

Symbolism at its Finest

astrological symbols are lone one separate of this design, bringing a personal touch to an eclectic style. A neutral base makes a good background for these childlike black and white designs, including a lunar month and configuration. The amber flick effect brings another fun element while silent keeping with the elementary coloring material pallette of the overall look .

Half and Half

Stunning flatness dark blue makes an incredible nucleotide for this astrology smash manner, supporting the copper star designs beautifully. Painting only half the nail down creates a modern artwork look, as does keeping the majority of the celestial bodies on the dark blue. A capital way to get such a directly line is to lay tape vertically down the nail ( we suggest breeze through tape or painter ’ sulfur tape ) and apply the polish. Remove the tape while the polish is still wet for a cleaner complete .

Bring the Funk

These astrology nails move aside from the zodiac into a wide-eyed outer space and sky them, but that doesn ’ t make them any less amazing ! Taking inhalation from surrealist artwork, the bright colors and fetid shapes make these designs singular. For such delicate details, you ’ re going to want to paint them in stages, so make indisputable you have plenty of time to dedicate to this intricate look !

Window to the Soul

not entirely are erratic bodies important in astrology, but the eyes are a hold component to many astrological interpretations. It ’ second no wonder then that eyes show up in astrology nail art, featuring prominently correctly alongside the other symbols. here, the wrinkle black lines of the designs are striking against the argent shimmer of the base color .

Matte Scorpio

Resourceful, brave, and a truthful friend…no wonder you would be gallant to be a Scorpio ! The zodiac augury proudly displayed in the middle contrasts nicely with the flatness of the black nails, providing two levels of remainder in the stylus. At the same clock, maintaining the same effect with the moon ties the whole front together .

Ancient Night Sky

Gold designs in this expressive style make us think of ancient artwork and architecture, peculiarly in Egypt. Ancient Egypt was one of the societies that followed the advancement of the stars, charting their movements and using them for predictions of luck. The floral nails on the little finger very speak to this theme, adding a bit of extra flare to the rest of the spirit. Using a trench indigo color brings in the night element .

Into the Galaxy

Galaxy nails are the perfective background for an astrology smash look, not only because of the quad connotations, but besides because of the gorgeous blend of colors. here, the gr east ens and blues in particular stand out, supporting the white zodiac signs on top. Using a shimmer polish to create the galaxies increases the effect, adding depth and fluidity to the design .

Ode to the Stars

true to the claim of the novel, these astrology nails are absolutely an ode to the stars. Using a rippling effect along the tips fits with the rounded nail and is a fun remove on a french design. The royal bluing works perfectly with the amber stars and early designs, at the like time complementing them and letting them shine .

Leo ♥ Aries

According to astrologists, the Leo-Aries combination is a compatible one, albeit with firm emotions and personalities. In matters of the heart, the love they parcel is a creative, warm, passionate and playful kind of love. That shows through in the plan of these nails, from the intricate designs on the nail themselves to the incredible three-dimensional elements that make the whole look alone .

Pointed Pisces

A Pisces is frequently considered to be imaginative, and that is the perfect word to describe these nails ! The swirling fish and trident symbols remind us of the persuasiveness of Neptune, and therefore the lastingness of the ocean. Using a indicate nail down fits with the tips of the trident, while besides making board for the intricate fish designs. A shimmering aureate polish works nicely as a base to the black designs .

What Dream are Made Of

A beautiful line, the gorgeous flat blue stands out against the intricate designs of the nude nails. The drape of beads, stars, and moons reminds us of dream catchers, the perfect element in a night fit. Going for a point collar provides drama, and draws attention to the little details of the count .

Wonders of the Universe

sometimes a bare black and white count is all that is needed. All the white symbols stand out absolutely against the slick bootleg background, giving each one a luck to shine. Adding small elements like the diamonds, and even the alien, bring in other aspects of the population .

Swirling Galaxies

abstruse blue and white galax nails are the star of this astrology collar look, with the zodiac elements adding a cosmetic touch. While in this event, it is the Pisces symbol, but you could just as easily switch it to your own sign. Including glitter in the galaxies brings not only sparkle but another layer of depth to the overall style .

Jelly Nails

A new swerve, jelly nails are fun translucent nails that remind us of hard candies. These dark purple nails are a great base for an astrology nail manner, bright and mysterious. For this specific spirit, the simple addition of the Cancer symbol stands out nicely, but you can use your own sign or other global objects alternatively !

Black and White Dream Catcher

adorable dream catcher designs look amazing on these bare black and white nails. Astrology nails don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always have to connect to space, but can bring in more earthly elements surrounding the field of astrology. elaborately decorate dream catchers fit with native american astrology, and it is easy to see how that could inspire a truly spectacular pinpoint plan !

Spirit in the Sky

Sticking with a simple color palette is much the way to go, particularly with a detailed design. The nude collar is the perfect way to go in ordering to let these different astrological symbols shine ! gold is the right complement to the nude nail, while incorporating the blasphemous into both the al-qaeda coating and designs besides brings coherence to the dash .

To Infinity and Beyond

Using a scallop nail plan, this funky tips are a playfulness base for a look that is out of this earth ! gold is an ideal complement to this shade of amobarbital sodium, as seen by the bantam decals used in this search. Decals are a great option here, as they allow the different elements to remain clear even though they are then little. A refer of glitter replicates far away stars, finishing off the style .

Galaxies and Constellations

Can ’ triiodothyronine decide between two different astrology pinpoint designs ? then don ’ t ! here, two types of astrology nails complement each other through the use of alike colors. On the one set, the bright blues and purples of the galaxies complement the royal blue of the constellations ’ backdrop on the early specify.

Too Surreal

Another black and white search, this surrealist style combines stargazing imagination with other symbols for a fun and funky style. Pick and choose between the artwork, or go all out with an eclectic count such as this. You could besides use a colored ghost of blue or purple rather of the black, and it would make the like consequence .

Stellar Beauty

Go ahead and let the constellations speak for themselves ! These nails very show off the pictures among the stars, tied on such a shortstop complete. Using a shimmery amobarbital sodium in the background gives depth and simulates the sky nicely without overpowering the constellations themselves .

Solar System

It ’ s incredible that such an expansive universe can be represented in such a bantam distance ! The bantam planets are our front-runner separate of this look, particularly the surround planets. Again, adding a level of glitter brings that distant-star attend that makes a space design credible .

Arctic Sunrise

A cool take on an ombré style, the ombré colors move across the nails rather of in the individual nails, these tones make us think of those quiet moments as the sun is beginning to rise. In those final moments before the sun is in full awake, a few stars wink out earlier going to bed themselves. Including only one constellation design fits with that idea, complemented by the gold zigzag purpose .

Chalk Art

Using flat on felt nail polish creates an perplex chalk art consequence, making it appear as though these zodiac and planet designs were drawn by a creative mind on a blackboard. While the blend of these colors decidedly takes time and a steadily hand, we think it is well worth the attempt. We can ’ thyroxine assistant but think of Miss Frizzle when we look at these nails !

Earth and Sky

This astrology collar design brings together all the beautiful aspects of Pisces, with the fabulously detailed swimming fish as the flip side to the literal configuration. In a stroke of flair, this shade of blue sky works as both urine and sky, bringing the unharmed design together .

Killer Constellations

Pointed galax nails provide enough of space for delicate constellation designs, making each one stand out beautifully. Sticking with black and white is a capital idea here, since the constellations are so flimsy. Too many colors and the gorgeous consequence would be lost .

Passion of Taurus and Pisces

A Taurus and Pisces match should be filled with curiosity, sexual love, and magic. Emotionally compatible, the relationship with be filled with sparkle…and sparks ! All of this comes through in the pink ombré nails, showing the emergence of love and attraction. Bringing the glitter shows the mystic element and how the sparks fly .

Glitter Galaxy

A unlike take on galaxy nails, you can sprinkle fleck glitter over the wet nails and seal to create the base. Using multiple colors of glitter helps develop the galaxy effect, but you could use a clear glitter and one other color to get the same spirit. Adding the gold decals on top brings a 3D element a well as emphasizing the astrological theme .

To the Max

You can ’ t get more hideous than an incredible 3D collar ! The zodiac theme comes through, the bright white standing out nicely against the deep violet base. Gemstones fit with the astronomer subject as well. meanwhile, the extreme leo adornment adds a color contrast while connecting to the Leo bless .

Teal Dream

While blacks, blues, and purples are coarse in astrology nails, those don ’ t have to be your alone semblance choices ! This gorgeous bluish green tone works nicely with the ashen and gold accents, creating a cunning expression that goes outside the box. Going for a short nail works particularly well, and is a practical version of an astrology nail down spirit .

Gems of the Galaxy

hanker coffin nails provide an ideal canvas for a detail style, bringing to liveliness faraway galaxies and the worlds in them. Gold jewel accents along the finespun lines of the constellations match the aureate decals of the moon and stars. In contrast, the nude nails avail to simplify the count and provide a neutral base for the constellations .

Free Spirit

Sagittarius personalities are dislodge spirits, loving life sentence and amiable. even though these nails are highly detailed, the gloomy color palette fits with the free nature of a Sagittarius. Adding glitter and gems can show one of the faults of this personality, the inclination to focus on the superficial. however, we like to stick with the positives, and argue that the mind here is the more glitz the better !

What a Pair!

These nails are about as out there as the pair they represent ! When a Gemini and an Aries come together, the playful nature of the Gemini meets with the passion of Aries, creating a active and energetic relationship. While the designs are complex, they closely match between the sets, which is beneficial with so much going on. The unlike colors match with the zodiac signs they represent, tying the composition together .

Fit for a Capricorn

A Capricorn is a sensible person, patient and careful. These characteristics come through in this simpleton nail design, cute and colorful but not besides extravagant. The beautiful revoke ombré comes from the sponge impression, perfective for a brusque nail. Using the lapp color for the Capricorn symbol fits with the virtual nature of the style, equally well as making the whole look cohesive .

Curiouser and Curiouser

The beauty of the astrology nails mashes up against a far-out design. Navy breeze through work nicely with the zodiac symbols, tying together with the liner of the center. Using a nude pinpoint below the eye makes it appear that it is literally looking out from that nail, both an intrigue and slightly concerning prognosis .

Minimal Design, Maximum Impact

Black and gold make this look striking. Using the spot glitter fits with the galaxy attend, while the slender black designs besides make us think of the constellations. The finish affect comes from the big gem, adding a bit of a bang right there at the end .

Keep it Simple

sometimes childlike is the best ! just using black with the bare base keeps from complicating the discolor pallette, yet the expression is still extremely effective. This is besides the perfective opportunity to use a nail emboss to get those details precisely right .

Stellar Travels

Bright ashen is a great root if you want a humble plan to stand out, as with these constellations. Adding a dash of color on a couple of the nails creates a ocular contrast, while the star stickers on the configuration bring a playfulness emphasis note. The sharply feather shape of the nail down besides fits with the angular purpose of the constellations, contributing another note of coherence .

Man in the Moon

Like the sun, the moon is an authoritative separate of astrology. While the sunlight is the outward parts of the personality, the lunar month is the dark, deeper parts of a person not shared with the outside world. This smell of mystery fits with this smash search, with the coal-black al-qaeda and delicate glitter over top. Making the moon the center of attention shows a focus on this dark side, possibly a necessitate to confront it .

Splash of Color

A different type of galaxy pinpoint, this is a prospect to use dip powderize in a creative means. Start by painting your nails black, then let dry center. While the nails are distillery tacky, use a brush to sprinkle or shake the dip powder over the nail. Shake off the access, then seal with clear coat. To make the astrology nails, add the zodiac symbols as seen here, or other space imagination .

Infinite Space

An eclectic style, many elements of astrology collar art come into play. The shimmery aristocratic and bare gray are a nice thwart to one another, while the sharp nature of some of the images contrast with the freshness of the stars. Keeping the colors of the designs elementary helps to prevent the look from being overwhelming .

Nude Ombré

It is unusual to see a nude ombré, but still gorgeous. Making us think of a brumous dawn, the means the ombré drops off at the gratuity of the nail is beautiful. Going for aureate accents fits with the neutral tones while besides bringing an element of shine to the look.

Pink Perfection

Pink and amber are a match made in heaven, perfect to display these heavenly bodies ! Large, flecked, holographic glitter complements the pink coloring material of the nails while adding depth to the count. Delicate gold designs are then beautiful, finishing off this tap look fabulously .
Whether you constantly monitor your horoscope or if you merely admire the stars, we all are mystified by the glamor of the night flip. even if we can ’ triiodothyronine understand its mysteries, we can at least reflect the aura of space in our artwork. For some, that art comes in the phase of our nails !
You don ’ t have to believe in luck tell or the prediction of the stars to know that these looks will be fabulous. Go childlike or go all come out of the closet, you won ’ thymine be disappointed in your astrology nails !

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