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A nurse’s best friend

I am a nanny in a busy hospital. I use hand sanitizer/wash my hands over a hundred times per shift ( I ‘ve counted ) and this is the only top coat out there that will take that kind of beat for about two weeks and actually keep the color on my nails without chipping. I use it with Orly ‘s rubberize base coat. indisputable, there ‘s some wearing around the nail tips after a workweek or two, but it ‘s entirely detectable if you look closely and honestly, I could n’t care less about a little piece of wear because of the general longevity of this peak coat. My hands dry out and wisecrack before this polish does. Nurses can last have bang-up nails, y’all !

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Dries very fast, doesn’t last long

I have been using this top coat for about six months. It is probably the best fast drying top coat out there – within 10 minutes, my nails are dry to the touch, and after 30 minutes, I can comfortably go about my day. When I inaugural started using this top coat, it was about perfect. Sometimes it would leave lines or ball of the peak coat ( since the formula is slurred ), but I was able to overlook it because it was n’t that bad. But over time, it became increasingly more unmanageable to use. The formula seems to have thickened to the item where it ‘s become impossible to have a smooth application. now when I apply the top coat, it drags and leaves an extremely streaked ending, and after a few minutes my polish will shrink. I ‘ve found that the only solution is to just replace it once it gets goopy and ruins your breeze through polish. overall, this acme coat does its job amazingly, but it promptly becomes frustrating to use. It ‘s credibly only good to use for about 2-3 months. I do n’t want to have to replace it every couple of months, particularly when it ‘s nowhere near finished.

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Chipped the next day

1 Kahyleha from Maryland I ‘d heard big things about this, so I gave it a try on and I hated it. It smells like something you should n’t put on your torso, but I used it anyways. I made certain to use it on wet polish and to cap all edges to avoid shoplifting, but within a day it would chip. The pinpoint polish would ‘ve lasted longer without the top coat ! I tried it a few times with the lapp results so I stopped using it. I far prefer the Sally Hanson top coat in the bolshevik bottle .

THIS is the best quick dry top coat

5 chriskeene from Gilbert, AZ I ‘ve used other quick dry circus tent coats but this one beats them all. I found out about this in a magazine review newsletter and was gladiolus UJlta carried it. I ‘m on my second bottle and it decidedly made my manicure end the entire week if not longer. I end up changing polish because I wanted a modern color. It was not even barely chipped except in one corner of one nail .

Effective, but very chemical-smelling

4 SMM3 from Saint Louis, MO This top coat is credibly the best I ‘ve tried ( I ‘m no technical, but I paint my nails at home every couple of weeks ). The beginning minor chips started about three days into the manicure, which is reasonably good in my experience. The only memorize for me is the harsh smell— the back of the bottle reads, “ warning : REPRODUCTIVE HARM, ” so I did a little research ( I ‘m a 31yo concerned in having kids soon ). It seems like if you use this every thus often, you ‘ll be fine, but if you ‘re person who does their nails every other day, this seems like a distribute of fumes to potentially inhale. My first instinct was to put my mask on when I caught the beginning whiff, which may be what I do when I use it .

I love this product!

5 Valorie from Joplin, MO This is a great fast dry top coat. Fully dries in good a few minutes and it gives a glazed top coat. I besides use it when I stamp my nails and the top coat never smears the base coat. I love it !

Best Fast Dry Top Coat

5 Ashley from Colorado I ‘ve used this merchandise for about a decade and highly recommend it to everyone ! There is no other fast dry top coat that works angstrom well, and the fall you get with this is perplex. Word of warning though : it ‘s impossible to use the full moon bottle. At about center used, the consistency thickens excessively a lot, making for a sloppier application, and the eat up WILL shrink subsequently. While I am defeated that I have to toss it after half a bottle, I will ALWAYS use this intersection as this makes my manicures beautiful and easy to finish !


2 erin from ohio not surely if I got a bad one. but this peels off ! it does dry quickly which was amazing. but just a couple hours later it was peeling off. I have tried it a few times immediately precisely to make certain it was n’t a fluke. but nope it has done it every time

Gel-Like Finish

5 joule from CA I love this acme coat ! My manicures last longer, bit less & the fall is then beautiful it always looks like I have a mousse manicure .

The best topcoat

5 Megan M. from Harrisburg, PA This greatcoat makes my nail down looked finished and professionally done. I love how quickly it dries. I normally wait 10 minutes and relax after I apply. honestly, you do n’t need to wait that long .

I buy this all the time

5 Linda from Columbus I love this polish. Keeps my polish from chipping and it dries truly fast

Drys Fast and is Shiny

5 Baylor from Austin, TX It drys actually fast and seems like it helps my complete dry overall. It ‘s not the shiniest but if you add another coat it can get there .

Always my only top coat

5 shuttlecock from Yorkville IL The very best debauched top coat is “ Seche Vite ”. My count in nail preparation 💗

Great product, looks like a salon job.

5 j from Nebraska Applies easily for a beautiful glow

100 stars

5 Sara from Nunya This top coat is LITERALLY the best exceed coat I ‘ve ever used


1 Bizzybee from United States I was looking for a peak coat to give me that nail salon reflect. Heard this was bang-up. merely tried it on my nails. It dries fast, does n’t have much shine. And it PEELED RIGHT OFF. Lol what a barren. It ‘s 10.00 so It will be returned tomorrow for one thing better. Shave your money .

It really works

5 Psych ma from CT I bought this with a give card, but I did n’t in truth expect it to in truth dry/set my polish promptly. Boy was I amiss ! This works therefore well. polish is dry so quickly and it helps polish stay looking good all week. New favorite !


4 Shellbell from Ohio It drys pretty flying. Made my nail down very glistening. Works with ColorSTREET .

Been using it for years

5 Sharon from Dallas, TX Love this stuff. Been using it for years !

Dries fast, true to its word

5 ad from Pittsburgh This dries promptly and forms a decent thickly protective layer. It can cause shrinkage if you do n’t by rights cap your tips. I love that I can apply it on hald dried polish and it will dry both layers, it saves me a distribute of time. I would recommend besides getting a polish thin like the one from OPI bc it does start getting very dense as you use it up and expose it to air

Too much shrinkage

2 KayL from Georgia The glitter from this peak coat is fantastic. It besides helps my manicure last for 5 days with no chip. But … and this is the softwood breaker for me … it causes fantastic shoplifting ! For this reason I give it 2 stars. I wish Ulta would bring back the Whim smash polishes. The Whim clear coat gave excellent fall and did n’t cause any shoplifting .

Seche Vite is Life!

5 GlitterGoddess from Michigan The Seche Vite promptly acme dry is the only brand of Fast Drying Top Coat I use. My natural nails are complete when a coating of Seche Vite goes on. Make certain to get a bottle of the Seche Vite Restore. It Will enable you to use every dismiss of polish in the bottle .

All Time Fav!

5 Sis from Pennsylvania Hands down, by far, my favored greatcoat nail down polish ! I mean seriously, who has time to sit and wait for nails to dry…certainly not this busy ma ! The polish dries super quick and the reflect is ahhhmazing .

Quick dry and worth every penny

5 mollie from Colorado I have been using this product for use and it is a raw material in my nail polish collection. absolutely in love and will probably never switch to anything else .

Lives up to the dry fast claim

4 Bunny from New York, NY Does what it ‘s intended, nails dry super fast compared to early top coats I ‘ve used. I do n’t experience dents when I do my nails as compared to top coats I used in the past. With that being said I do n’t notice my polish last any longer before chip, but I ‘ll keep using since it cuts down my dry meter .

Best top coat

5 patty from Mooresville I have been using this product 10+ years

Great top coat

5 suesfc from Kansas Terrific fast dry clear coat. Does everything it says it will do .

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