The secret embrace each Lotus pink

Healthy nails, pinky contributes to charm women, it is also the expression of the good health and take care of yourself. With proper nutrition and proper nail care, you no longer worry will stain, brittle, easily broken.

1. the old paint Removal as soon as possible

When exposed to too many chemicals, nails will be very vulnerable and yellowed. So, should not to paint the nails too long. If any do, although nails paint colors for tone is still pretty but you only get from 2-3 days. When clean the nails, use an absorbent cotton water baptism just enough nails because this water can dry the skin and nails.

2. correct hoof trimming techniques

correct hoof trimming techniques


This seems simple, but you have to be careful. Make nail cutting kits hygiene by wiping with a gauze soaked in alcohol or boil them before use. This will ensure sterilization do not spread the disease among family members if a person infected with fungus or other infectious diseases. It is best you should nail trimming Kit shopping for family members.

Do not use nail scissors. When cutting nails, should not cut deeply in the section on side 2 to avoid ingrown nails, stabbing into the skin causing pain, even an infection. You also do not cut nails too short. Protect your nails, if truncated, the skin at the top of your finger very prone to inflammation. You also need to limit pruning excess skin around the nail.

3. nail Balm

nail Balm


The nail and nourishing the skin around the nails, then gently massage helps stimulate blood circulation to that area, to help develop healthy nails, pinky. Choose the type of cream that contains vitamin e. You can soak the nails from 10 -15 minutes in olive oil, then wash with warm water and then wipe dry.

4. Eat to take Lotus pink

Eat to take Lotus pink


Daily diet also helps nails and more beautiful:

-Dry Nails: extra vitamin C, E, B8, B12 … We have many kinds of fish, meat, eggs, milk, tomato, carrot and Red foods.

-Nails are yellow: Please provide iron. By red blood cells will transport o oxygen to body tissues including nails, feet. So, when this deficiency, the nails will turn yellow. Nature has many cassava in jute, vegetables Lotus seed, papaya …

-Nails brittle and easily broken: additional biotin rich foods in the diet such as liver, egg, broccoli, avocado, … helps nails to become healthier and less broken, split nails.

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