happy Hump Day ! I can ’ thyroxine believe it ’ randomness already Wednesday, time flies. Before you know it, I ’ ll be 87 years old
Sephora has released some new Sephora by OPI colors which I think are reasonably curse dramatic, if I do say thus myself ( which I merely did ). I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get them all, but I do have six of ’ em. I am missing Under My Trench Coat ( and now wish I had ordered it ) and of course the limited edition # 212 wasn ’ thyroxine available when I ordered these but now is, dope ! now I ’ m just wondering when those annoying matte ’ second are going to be available !
As with most of the Sephora by OPI polishes I have reviewed in the past, the formula on these was truly big. Totally creamy, opaque and about all were two coaters. I love the brushes on these, they aren ’ metric ton excessively wide or thin and the polish barely flows absolutely off the lean. Peep them out !

Ocean Love Potion

Ocean Love Potion is a beautiful teal that leans towards the park slope of bluish green. It ’ second creamy and wholly fabulous. With so many teals out there I can see how some of you might not want however another one, however this is unlike. here are my comparisons : benighted than Essie Greenport and less blue, lighter than Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money and not as cold, dark than Dazzle Dry Casablanca and less blasphemous and much lighter and less blue than baseball diamond Cosmetics Don ’ thymine Teal My Heart Away. Teal is one of my fav colors so I was wholly felicitous with this one. This was two coats .

Set the Mood

Set the Mood is kind of hard to describe. Sephora ’ s web site calls it a ‘ metallic black pink ’, but I beg to differ. This doesn ’ metric ton seem dark pink to me, more of a medium peachy pink. And the coating wasn ’ t metallic, more shimmery with flashes of gold. I like it whatever you might describe it as and it was two coats .

What a Broad

What a Broad is a extremely pretty royal empurpled creme. Yes we have seen a fortune of purple cremes recently besides, but I however like it. This was two coats .

Screen Test

screen Test is a seriously reasonably hot fuchsia shimmer that flashes purple. I wholly love this even though it ’ s not my “ norm ” and I don ’ t have anything like it. This was two coats .

Dark Room

Dark Room is a Sephora Beauty Insider Exclusive, meaning you have to be a member of their Beauty Insider program to buy it. They describe Dark Room as a ‘ smokey deep evergreen ’ and that ’ s about right. It ’ s not forest green for certain. It has a draw of blue and grey to it with a identical subtle shimmer. I wholly LOVE this color but know some of you won ’ thymine because it doesn ’ thyroxine “ count ” green per selenium. It ’ s not a gull to any of the early benighted greens you have seen on my web site either, which is fabulous. This was a small more sheer so I used three coats .

In the Shadows

In the Shadows, much to my surprise, might be my fav of all these ! I expected a black vampy cocoa brown but in fact this is much more. It ’ s blue than I thought and has that lapp very elusive shimmer that Dark Room has, which you don ’ t much find in a chocolate brown university. Word of warning when applying this : let each coating dry thoroughly before adding another coat otherwise you will wind up with “ bald spots ” where the polish wipes off if its not dry. You can kind of go steady that on my ring finger towards the epidermis, it looks lighter there than the rest of the nail. This was three coats.

Which ones of these might you try out ? If you want to check them out on-line, you can find them here or in Sephora stores. They retail for $ 9.00 each .

New Sephora by OPI Nail Polish Colors!

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