What to look for in the best toenail clippers

It would be easy for me to just say Product X is the best toe pinpoint clippers and you should barely go buy that. The reality is that there are a bunch of different things to consider that will determine which brand and model is actually the best for you. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine matter what kind of grooming product we are talking about. Whether it is toe clippers or skin creams, your individual needs will determine which one is the best for you and it could be very unlike than what the best one id for me. With that in judgment, here are the factors that you need to be mindful of to find the best match.

Types of Toe Nail Clippers

Lever This is the classic nail limiter that uses a lever that pushes the blade down to cut the smash. Most fingernail clippers use this ancient technology. The positives is how easy it is to find this type of nail clipper as they are the most common. The downside is that they aren ’ triiodothyronine normally firm enough to cut the pinpoint cleanly. There are types that use a different dash lever which I will talk about in a bite. Nippers What looks like surgical pliers of some sort are the child dash toe clippers. These are probably the type that are the best toe clippers for thick nails. They are easy to use and are capital at preventing ingrowing nails. Scissors You may have been tempted to use some regular scissors on your toenails but I have to dissuade you from doing that. These special toe nail clippers type scissors have a very acute and special blade to cut correct through the breeze through like buttah. And the curl of the sword helps you keep the form of your toenails. Grinder very much like a Dremel grinder and buff tool is the mill type of toe nail clippers. normally reserved for pets, the bomber is one of the best ways to trim down your nails without going excessively far or ending up with an ingrowing toenail. They are a bite messy, but do a good caper. They can besides buff out your nails making them courteous and smooth .

Must Have Features of the Best Toenail Clippers

Whichever kind of toe clippers you end up looking into, they should have a few features that you in truth don ’ metric ton want to skip. Anything that is worth buying should be peak notch, evening if it is ampere mundane as a hardened of toe complete clippers .

Large Cutting Surface

Since your toenails are much wider than your fingernails and besides a lot compact, you very need a cutting surface. To cut cleanly through the breeze through it has to have some beefiness to it and a thinly and narrow blade won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the job done. If you are used to getting cracked toenails then it credibly means your complete clippers were not potent enough .


If we are talking about the pry, nipper or scissor manner toe smash clippers then it is very significant that it be stainless steel. Stainless steel is potent, durable and will resist corrosion. When dealing with grooming in an area that is prone to carry bacteria and fungus, you don ’ triiodothyronine want to be using a material that could end up rusting or getting dull .


It may come across as sounding absurd to suggest that something a innocent as cutting your nails could be dangerous, but you do need to watch out. When you ’ re dealing with a abrupt legal document, particularly the scissor type of toe collar clippers, then you need to have a full grip. Look for an ergonomic design. A long cover or wide lever will help you keep your grip .

Blade Shape

When you are dealing with cutting toenails the shape of the blade matters. For the lever type of clippers, you want the blade to be straight and not besides curved. For nippers and scissors, a curved blade is best. The reason for a straight blade when dealing with toenails is to prevent an ingrowing complete from forming. Though this can happen ascribable to the curved blade of a scissor, you just have to take extra manage to not cut besides deeply into the boundary of the nail to keep it from growing under the skin .

Long Handle Toenail Clippers

Unless you are a contortionist, it makes sense that you need to have retentive treat toe clippers. This manner you don ’ t have to bend into unlike uncomfortable areas to cut your nails. The best ones if you have trouble reaching your toes, for example if you are aged, are the nippers and scissors .

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