DIY Nail Designs with Sharpie Marker
experiment time ! I love the course of all these collar polish designs, but nail polish is unmanageable to use for details because it pools or runs. I know they now make complete polish in a playpen, but I ’ ve not tried those even. however, I constantly have lots of Sharpie markers on hand ! So I tested it out, and here ’ s what I learned :

  1. You must use a clear top coat to protect your design. Without the top coat, the ink fades and may rub off.
  2. If you make a mistake, use rubbing alcohol to remove the ink without disturbing the nail polish underneath.
  3. If you’re right handed like me, your right hand may end up looking CRAZY! So either, opt for a more simple design on your less-dominant hand (like polka dots or single stripe), have a friend help, or be okay with imperfection 🙂
  4. Use ultra-fine point markers for small details; fine point for polka dots, stripes, and moderate detail; and use a wide-tip marker for minimally-detailed designs like a french tip or large stripes.
  5. When applying your protective top coat, the fewer strokes with the brush, the better. The marker ink will smear a bunch if you’re not careful!


note : If you want your polish to last american samoa long as potential, I highly recommend a clearly infrastructure coat before applying the color. It would be a shame to do some fabulously cool blueprint merely to have it chipping off a day or two late !
once the clear base coat is dry, apply 1-2 reduce layers of breeze through polish in whatever color you like. Allow polish to dry COMPLETELY before using the marker. once your base color is dry, go crazy with your Sharpie marker ! fair be sure to protect it all with a clear acme coating !
chevron polish
Chevron is presently one of my front-runner patterns !
sharpie nails2_racing stripe2
This one wide stripe down the center was extremely easily, even with my leave hand ! It kind of resembles a cat eye. It ’ s hard to tell in this word picture, but I used black Sharpie over lavender. This would be cool to try with a flatware Sharpie or black over a metallic polish !
I love the front of black on beige ! And I besides like the theme of one collar having a different blueprint. What do you think ?
here are some other ideas I saw after trying my own :
rainbow nails
rainbow tie-dye nails from Quixii ’ sulfur Nails
bonnie L
flames : photograph by Bonnie L. at
There are so many designs you could do with a Sharpie and some polish. I hope you try out some of these looks or are inspired to create your own design !
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