first base, my 6 year old lost a feel smash. I thought possibly he squished it or snagged it on something and fair didn ’ t say anything. The future sidereal day, the nurse called me to ask if I knew about his finger. I thought it was the lapp one and said yes, but when he got home, I found he was missing yet another nail. The hale thing was good gone .
I assumed possibly he had brittle nails for some reason—iron lack maybe—and put him on a multi-vitamin. Fast advancing about 3 days, my 2 year old ’ mho integral big toe nail fair falls off. No rake, no pain, it was just gone, like his nail peeled off. I looked at all three kids, and they all had nails peeling off ! Alright, immediately I was freaked out. What the heck was happening ? Was it a fungus ? Why were my child ’ sulfur nails falling off ?
Peeling Nails Nails Falling Off shedding nails Onychomadesis hand foot and mouth
Well, now we have to go back in time, to about a month ago, when my stallion family had a bad case of hand, foot, and mouth. As it turns out, peeling nails, breeze through spill, or collar passing, besides known as Onychomadesis, is a little know complication of hand, foot, and sass typically presenting about 3 to 4 weeks after infection, but may occur anywhere from 1 to 10 weeks after .

What is Onychomadesis, and why does it happen?

Onychomadesis is a fancy medical give voice for the occurrence of peeling nails which may break or fall off completely shedding at the breeze through layer. You may notice the collar turns white before falling off, and there may or may not be a modern smash begin to grow in below it.

It ’ s caused by a impermanent arrest or slowing in complete growth. In this case, the hand, foot, and mouth virus itself interrupt emergence. so, as the nail grows up and out, there is a gap, indeed to speak, in the nail layer, which causes the nail above it to fall off. In minor cases, only slender indentation or lines on the nails may be seen .
As hand, infantry, and mouth chiefly attacks the feet and hands, it makes common sense that it may besides affect the smash bed—this barely surely was not something I had always heard of, and it didn ’ t happen the beginning time my kids had hired hand, foot, and mouth. It ’ randomness suggested that alone certain strains of hand, metrical foot, and mouth causal agent peeling nails, shedding, or nails falling off .

What do I do if my child’s nails are peeling or falling off?

Yeah, there ’ s some horror movie gross-out with this one, badly, it is disturbing, but all my kids communicate well, and they all said that it didn ’ t suffering. In fact, when I removed the remainder of one peeling nail, my 2 class erstwhile didn ’ t tied wince. indeed, while it may look painful and megascopic, it likely international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine hurting your child .
Your best bet is to plainly keep your child ’ s hands clean and leave them entirely. New nails will grow in and preferably promptly actually. The condition is not permanent, thus if it keeps happening, you should decidedly speak with your baby doctor. There are other causes of smash undress or shed, but honestly, they are rare. even fungal infections tend to only damage nails, not make them barely sort of drop off .
anyhow, I will say this solid experience was preferably educational. The fantastic thing about kids—and even icky situations like lost nails in kids—is that you learn something modern everyday .
This page has received so many comments, I was inspired to learn more about nails actually, specifically whether or not research supported any ways to help nails grow rear faster which you can read about hera .
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