We recommend using Scorch Shellac Style mousse nail polish as it is both easy to apply and simple to remove with NO damage to your nails, but the instructions given below apply to most professional quality shellac nail polish brands.

What you need

Scorch Shellac Nails Colour Polish, Base Coat, Top Coat, UV or LED Nail Lamp .
It ’ s a well mind to have these as well for the professional expect – Alcohol wipes to remove residue, a complete file & epidermis pusher. nowadays you are ready to go…


1. To start with you prepare the nails by filing each pinpoint into the form you want. Make certain there are no boisterous edges. Clean well to remove any remainder debris

2. lightly push back the cuticles on the nails to expose the collar. Be careful not to push besides hard and damage the epidermis
3. Apply a thin Layer of Scorch Shellac Base Coat to each breeze through, starting at the carapace and paint to the tip in even strokes. Make sure that you coat the tip off of the nail all the direction to the tiptoe of the nail. Continue until all the nails have an even free-base coat. Do not go right to the very edge of the breeze through. Leave a 1-2mm break between the boundary of the base coat and the skin. This is important to create a sealed edge later on .
4. Following the instructions for your apparatus, cure each hand for 2 minutes by putting it under the UV or LED Nail Lamp for approximately 30 seconds. ( *always follow the manufacturers instructions ). At this charge the nails will have a sticky residue. Leave this alone until the final step as it helps the next layer adhering properly .
5. now you are cook for the color. Apply your first layer of Shellac Nail Polish in broad, tied strokes from merely inside the basecoat at epidermis end of the nail to fair inside the tiptoe of the pinpoint, so that there is 1 millimeter of basecoat distillery left uncovered at point, at the the carapace end and the sides of the complete. Do not use a compact covering of color, keep it as thin and even as potential while still covering the surface completely. It is authoritative that you do not go beyond the edge of the basecoat. Keep the edge of the tinge 1-2mm inside the border of the basecoat layer to allow the color to be sealed in at the final examination stage.

6. After all the nails have been painted put each hand under the UV or LED lighter for the distribute clock .
7. Apply the second layer of shellac breeze through polish in the same way, about to the lean of the nail but inside the basecoat boundary .
8. Put the hands under the UV or LED light up again for to cure the gelatin polish

9. last, apply Scorch Shellac Nails Top Coat over each nail, this time going to the boundary of the basecoat, covering the basecoat and color layers wholly, but still keeping off the skin and epidermis. This operation creates a “ sandwich ” the seals the color inside the basecoat and greatcoat. If any of the layers are in contact with the skin, the sealing wax does not last as well, and the nail polish is more likely to chip .
10. For the last time, put your hands under the UV or LED light to cure the nails to let the top coat set by rights
11. Wipe each complete gently with an alcohol rub to remove any awkward residue that remains on your fingers. Ta Da !

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