be Shellac Nails Right For You?

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At P & H Salon, our customers love our shellac services. In this article, we go over some of the pros and drawbacks of using shellac on your nails .

What is Shellac?

Beautiful woman's nails with beautiful french manicure Shellac is a agile, effective mousse manicure hybrid that results in smudge-proof, chip-proof, glossy nail color that lasts weeks. Shellac applies as quickly and easily as breeze through polish and requires minimal training advance, making it one of the fastest manicure options available .
Shellac nails are every bit as glossy, gorgeous and stun as the best acrylic nails. In fact, in terms of thickness, timbre and appearance, shellac is basically a painted-on acrylic smash. Shellac treatments leave in beautiful, professional nails that take little time and wreak minimal damage to your nails .
Shellac eliminates much of the wrong influence by traditional manicures by removing the need for sculpting and abrasive tools before application. Customers end up with rich nail color, fiddling price and minimal complete loss .
While shellac offers numerous benefits to many people, the treatment international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate arrant for everyone. There are respective factors, both positive and negative, that you must take into consideration before choosing shellac nails .

The Pros

Nail Friendly

Shellac is a simplified type of gel manicure that removes the want for harsh and damage planning procedures. Application is easy, elementary and safe. Shellac requires no sculpt, shaping or chemical treatments, which results in better smash health in the long and short terms .


Shellac nail manicures are broadly completed within forty-five minutes. Shellac nails apply, set and dry quickly. In fact, shellac is wholly set before you even leave the salon. Because shellac dries so promptly, there ’ s no necessitate to worry about smudging, chipping or differently damaging the finish .

Staying Power

Shellac offers rich people, glistening coloring material that lasts weeks. Because shellac is chip proof, fade-proof and smudge-proof, you benefit from flawless color for weeks. In fact, you only need to touch up the color when newfangled nail increase comes in. This ensures your nail look polished, neat and chic every day.


From the easy readiness and brusque appointment to the permanent color and flawless finish, shellac offers convenience. Shellac makes it fabulously easy to obtain and maintain beautiful nails no matter your clock constraints .


Nail Salon In order to ensure professional results and a flawless appearance, shellac merely sells its proprietary formula to licensed salons and breeze through artists. This ensures that you get beautiful results and rich, politic, flawless color every time .


Shellac ’ s full-bodied hues, smooth stopping point and glistening finish are, quite merely, stunning. The unique, mirror-like color is unbeatable. These quick, dim-witted treatments result in truly flawless nails .

The Drawbacks

You Must Have Healthy Nails

never use shellac on break, thin or brittle nails. While shellac is a healthier alternative compared to other manicure options, the discussion still damages collar, particularly when it ’ mho removed. If your nails aren ’ thymine hard and healthy, you ’ ll experience extra damage and possibly even annoyance .


Shellac manicures entail several UV-hardened layers of polish. thus, removing shellac is unmanageable. The removal work can damage your nails, excessively. For the safest and most effective removal, always visit a professional manicurist .


While shellac doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate chip, scratch or smear, it is susceptible to peeling and lifting, specially at the edges of your nails. Go to a reputable salon for treatments and ensure your manicurist leaves no overlay and applies it correctly along the edges of your nails. Keep in mind, however, that shellac nails much start peeling after a few weeks. This necessitates removal or reapplication .

Potential Damage

due to the UV temper and rugged removal methods, frequent lotion and removal of shellac nails can result in damage. You may suffer broken nails, brittle nails or peeling nails. Be prepared to allow your nail prison term to heal between manicures.

Shellac is an ideal treatment for many people. The smasher, comfort and survive power means you ’ ll have gorgeous nails every time .
even if shellac international relations and security network ’ t the right option, don ’ t give up. We offer a range of services, treatments and options for nails. No count your needs, we ’ ll ensure you get beautiful nails every time. To learn more or even book an appointment, contact us today .

Holiday Package

This month (December) get a regular manicure and pedicure, as well as a wash and blow dry, all for just $100. Package must be used on the same day and nails can be upgraded to shellac polish for just $20.

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