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User ( 21/07/2017 22:09 )
It was a great have overall. The place was full and then fit me in right aside. I got mani pedi done at the same time. decidedly need to make an date so they have enough prison term to do everything but over all so far the best salon I ‘ve been to in the area recently

User ( 01/03/2017 03:08 )
I used to live in NYC and would get manicure frequently at similar salons. I called to book an appointment a few days before Christmas this past December and I ‘m glad I did — they were turning people off during my date. I was seen on time and my polish change ( not a broad manicure as I was shortstop on meter ) was done perfectly. She evening filed my nails and did a morsel of trim to my cuticles evening though it was n’t a full manicure. I ‘m back on the page now because one was looking up their number to reserve a mani-pedi for later this week !

User ( 12/10/2016 04:56 )
I have been their doubly now, and gotten identical good service american samoa well as a manicure that is placid in bang-up form in cattiness of the over 2 weeks deserving of originate out ( Gel manicure ).

User ( 23/04/2016 21:45 )
The lady was very ill-bred. I was wholly taken aback and she barely filed my nails after clipping them harshly when I told her I wanted to keep them long. wholly unacceptable service.

User ( 08/10/2013 21:44 )
I have been to Angel Tips in Pennington, NJ many times before with no exit.

This past weekend was my marry. I decided to treat myself to a full fixed of acrylic nails for $ 65 and a pedicure for $ 35. I went on a Thursday for the full jell and pedi. That even, the polish began to chip and one of the fingernails broke. I returned to the salon on Friday to have the nail fixed and the polish remake. I was told the semblance was “ excessively opaque ” and that I needed a clear coat of the gelatin polish for an extra $ 10. sol I have it done.

I am so disappoint in the shape that was done on my nails. Come my marry day, there were chips and cracks in the polish, and the womanhood who did my acrylics missed parts of my pinpoint indeed there were besides lifts in the acrylic. I did not want the photographer to take any close ups of my ring or my nails.

Luckily, this was the worst of my wedding problems. I precisely find it farcical that for about $ 100 for good my fingernails, they did n’t even last a day.

I have never once posted a bad review, or a recapitulation at all for that matter. This know was just beyond upsetting. I will not be returning to Angel Tips.

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