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Turn Up Your Nail Game for the Holidays!

Are you looking for ways to add glitter and celebration to your holiday smasher act ? There ‘s no better time to do this than the season that brings gifts and glitter to all. Whether you ‘re going to a glitzy party, a formal Christmas dinner with syndicate and friends, or merely hanging out by the hearth with a field glass of eggnog, keep scrolling to find the perfect gay collar art for you !awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Candy Cane Nails

Candy canes are a very fun count for a work party or even for family gatherings over the Christmas season, and they ‘re the perfect plan if you do n’t have time to decorate each and every nail. even with just a individual nail as an accent, this one-tip wonder is an elegant direction to add some vacation spirit without excessively much investment. Whether you accent your holiday french tap with a playful candy cane invention or have by and large solid-color nails with merely a few stripes thrown in, this spirit will be a achiever ! Pro Tip: You ’ ll need a fine-tipped brush to get the lines absolutely true .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Christmas Trees, Ornaments, and Presents

A eloquent squiggle with a crimson star topology on top makes a capital Christmas tree for your nails, but there are lots of other cute corner designs. A reasonably silver ornament on a solid background is actually one of my favorite looks—so elegant, but placid fun ! simple bow designs can be evenly elusive and gay. I recommend using glitter polish to actually set these gay baubles apart ! You can choose whatever semblance scheme you like, but I find that bluish green complements pink and silver sparkles particularly well .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsSilver glitter and matte red. awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Gorgeous Red and White Christmas Nails

Create a simple and gay pattern using the classical red and white colors. You could do this with every smash or break it up with solid nails and sparkles. This is a extremely simple look but is full of gay edification and stylus !awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsFrosty the Snowman Nail Artawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Snowman Nails

Snowmen are a superintendent fun manner to celebrate the holidays and can be enjoyed by girls of all ages ! These designs might be better done in a nail salon than the DIY route, though. Try choosing a few different colors and textures to add more elements to catch the eye. Cherry colors are perfect for bringing a snatch of warmth to the frigid temper .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Santa Claus Nails

Who can resist having Santa Claus on the end of their fingertips ? Santa hats are a insidious but adorable way to get your nails holiday-ready, but they can besides make a big statement when they take up the full nailbed. You can even add a little jewel to give the invention some spark or try a pink Santa hat for a feminine twist on the common Christmas colors .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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The Grinch Nails

He ‘s a mean one, Mr. Grinch, but he looks ohio then decent as nail artwork ! Try this fun and blue Christmas blueprint if you are n’t feeling the common tree and ornaments .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Snowflakes and Sparkles Nail Art

Winter gelatin nails look amazing with blue glitter and snowflake nail art, but there are tons of early pretty snow-themed designs out there. many beauticians offer diverse different design options, so reach out to different salons and find the best one that can make the search you want. Nail polish with chunky glitter mimics confetti and is a popular choice for the Christmas season. Try this fun and easy look to glam up your nails. And if you have fourth dimension, why not add a snowman ! Pro Tip: An icy gloomy color is a perfect base for a snow-white scene. It ‘s besides great for Frozen-inspired nails if you ‘re having a Disney-themed party this winter.


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Christmas Light Nails

Drawing Christmas lights on your nails is pretty straightforward. You can use a white color for the base and then add a thin black line that winds along the nailbed. Add the lights by using different colored polishes ( or colored rhinestones ! ) and coating everything off with a clear coat of nail down polish .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Plaid and Tartan Nails

This is such a simple blueprint yet will stand out from the herd no matter what Christmas party you ‘re going to ! Black, gold foam, and red tartan design is a classical look that would look great in any cocktail barroom, but if you want a more mortify spirit, grey tartan is very pretty. Pro Tip: If you do n’t have steady hands, ask a friend to assist you with the fine details .awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Reindeer Nails

This pinpoint design is sure to bring smiles to your family ‘s faces. Try planning a nail-painting party and creating this design on each other ‘s nails ! You ‘ll need a nail cast kit to put these cute designs in concert. I think it ‘s decidedly worth the price because you can create many designs with one kit and different smash polish colors !awesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designsawesome-christmas-nail-designs

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Holly Nail Art

This is a in truth sophisticate look that will take a bite of drill to get right, but it would be gorgeous to wear to an office party or on a night out with the girls. This design is an accent-nail variation where the special smash is left plain than the stay. To create the intricate details, you can either apply smash stickers or have your local salon paint them on ! You could always try a gold base to contrast with the holly-red color and anchor the whole spirit by painting one nail the lapp shade as the berries .

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