Fed up with your nails and are looking for a new design to try ? If so, we at Stay Glam have you covered because we have 23 stylish abruptly pointy nails to show you. We have already talked about other collar shapes such as coffin but now it is time for the points. The shorter nails are easier to wear and the pointy shape looks so trendy which means there is a mani that will suit everyone. then, read on and take a search. We have glam art, bright colors and some singular pinpoint designs besides. You will want to try them all !

1. French Ombre Short Pointy Nails

first up we have these chic and short pointy nails. Each nail down is decorated with french ombre art. french ombre is such a trendy and elegant expect. It uses the classic french mani colors but the colors blend beautifully rather of having the strike white point. You can find easy to follow ombre smash tutorials online .
Chic and Short Pointy Nails

2. Nude Nails with Red Tips

Add a start of semblance to your look with a complete blueprint like this one. All of the nails are a light nude shade and each one has dark pinko peak. It is a fun and trendy collar idea and it is a insidious way to wear bright colors. Recreate this or you can try a different vibrant color for the tips .
Nude Nails with Red Tips

3. Pointy Pink Nail Design

This following estimate is thus bubbling and pretty. Most of the nails are abstemious pink and one nail down is tap and aglitter. There is besides a small rhinestone blueprint on one nail. It is a glam look for abruptly nails and it will be perfect for the spring and summer. You can try a similar mani or you can try a shorter breeze through distance.

Pointy Pink Nail Design 

4. Gold Short Pointy Nails

Looking for a simple but boldface smash design ? If so, this could be perfect for you. here we have abruptly nails that are a dark aureate color. It is a trendy and statement make design. Recreate these or you can opt for a different nail tinge .
Gold Short Pointy Nails

5. Watercolor Mani

If you like creative and undimmed smash art, then take a look at this next theme. here we have inadequate and pointy nails. Each nail is painted with unlike boldface colors with a watercolor effect. It is a fun and far-out nail blueprint that will add bold discolor to your outfits. You can find nail tutorials online for watercolour complete art.

Watercolor Mani

6. Tropical Nail Art

next, we have a tropical and summery expression. Some nails are bright orange and some have black and white stripes with tropical green leaves. It is a alone and stylish mani that will be perfective for the form, summer and vacations. You can buy pinpoint tape to help you create neat stripes and you can buy leafy collar stencils besides .
Tropical Nail Art

7. Trendy Chrome Nails

We love this following idea, it is one of our favorites ! Each nail down is painted in a different color with a chrome effect. Right through from total darkness to pink shades. It is a trendy and modern mani that is arrant for those who like to try fresh colors and textures. You can recreate this expect or use five unlike chrome complete colors. A acuate point would look awesome besides.

Trendy Short Chrome Nails

8. Summery Yellow Mani

The following collar theme is another summery one. Each hand is different but the overall art is similar. Some nails are undimmed yellow and some are light and plain or ignite with scandalmongering smash art. It is a fashionable and statement lay down mani. A vibrant yellow like this is a must-have for the leap and summer so a similar polish would be a great addition to your nail collection .
Summery Yellow Mani

9. Elegant Nail Design

At the get down of the post we featured a french ombre look. If you loved that blueprint and like elegant looks, then you need to see this one besides. For this count all nails are bare with french tips. There is besides an dialect nail with aglitter rhinestones. It is a glitzy and elegant nail design that will be perfective for extra occasions like weddings .
Elegant French Tip Nail Design

10. Glam Short Pointy Nails

following, we have another glam nail design for short and pointy nails. One complete is bare with rhinestones, two nails are peachy ombre and one collar is covered in chrome. We love the pinpoint colors and different textures, they are so trendy. The rhinestones add some flashiness and make the colors pop even more. This is a beautiful pinpoint design and it will be bang-up for parties, nights out and more .
Peach Nail Design with Rhinestones

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