fact : cipher likes dabbing out of a dirty nail. Who wants resin clogging up your nail down to the point where you ca n’t tied take a adequate pull ? In addition to poor airflow, carcinogens are most prevailing in wax resin. even our renowned 99.4 % pure titanium hardware can offer a atrocious dab when left unkempt. That ‘s why you clean your equipment .
Everybody cleans their hardware differently. Of course, some methods are dependable and healthier than others. But what ‘s the best room ? Check out the video recording below to find out !

How To: Clean Titanium Hardware

 Cleaning Your Titanium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Need more help ? Read the steps below and you ‘ll have your titanium looking stigmatize new once more !

Step 1: Put Your Hardware in a Container

Cleaning Titanium Hardware
Of naturally, you ‘ll need something to hold your tools while they soak. It ‘s recommended that you do n’t use anything made of glass for this ; one slip while you ‘re cleaning, and you ‘ll be picking shards of field glass out of your complete for hours .
We rather recommend our Utensil Cleaning Jar due to its durable formative construction so it wo n’t break if dropped and its 16 oz memory capacity which gives plenty of quad to work with. It ‘s besides bang-up for cleaning smaller glass pieces like bowl, pipes, and chillums. If you ‘re strapped for cash, however, any formative container, or even a ziplock base will do the magic trick although if your use a bag, be sure to watch it more close to make sure the udder does n’t leak or open .

Step 2: Add Your Cleaning Product

Cleaning Titanium Dabbing Hardware
following, you ‘re going to want to fill the container with your cleaning product until all the titanium is submerged. We use the Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner because it strips tools of any leftover wax like nothing else in the market. Another plus is that Formula 710 is reclaimable, earth-friendly, and biodegradable, so you ‘ll never feel bad pouring it down a drain. If you ‘re looking for a cheaper solution, isopropyl with lend salt is a great option. note that isopropyl does take longer to clean your hardware, though.

once you add your clean solution, let your hardware drench for a few hours. Depending on how dirty your tools are and what solution you ‘re using to clean them, you may be able to skip this step .

Step 3: Shake that S***!

To remove the resin, you ‘re going to want to shake the container well. This allows the harsh materials in the solution to rub against your tools and take off the leftover wax. For the best results, we recommend vigorously shaking the container for up to 10 minutes to remove all the surfeit material. After sufficient shake, go ahead and pour out your solution. If you ‘re using Formula 710, then you can pour the solution back into its bottle for future use .

Step 4: Use Cleaning Tools to Remove Leftover Product

Cleaning Titanium Dabbing Hardware with Bubbler Brush Cleaner
If you feel like your titanium is already sufficiently clean, then feel exempt to skip this dance step. If you want to be exhaustive, this step is a must. While soaking your tools cleans most of the wax off them, there ‘s normally still some leave in the hard-to-reach parts of the hardware. While our clean brushes and titanium scraper and scooper are the best tools for this, you can besides use Q-tips and/or alcohol pads .

Step 5: The Final Rinse

Cleaning Titanium Dabbing Tools
last, soak your titanium hardware in rubbing alcohol for arsenic long as you see meet. This will deep clean your tools and sanitize them.

Afterwards, gargle with warm water to remove whatever intersection is leftover vitamin a well as remainder from your clean products .

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