today, let ‘s take a front at one of our frequently asked questions, “ what ‘s the dispute between a siding nailer and framing nailer ? ” When it comes to applications, such as side or roof, customers frequently do n’t understand why frame guns are n’t the best creature for the job. Do n’t get us incorrectly, framing nailers are extremely versatile in function, and can decidedly pull their weight for more than framing [ framing nail guns are besides great for decking, sheathing, subflooring and more ]. And, in appearance, a coil framing nailer and a siding nailer spirit about identical. But, when it comes to siding initiation, investing in a siding nailer may be worth the expense – and here ‘s why .
Construction Framing
The chief difference between a coil framing nailer and a siding nailer is smash size. Where framing requires much larger nails that penetrate deep and offer greater holding military capability, siding does not require closely equally much support. think of it this way, connecting 2×4 boards to frame a building requires much more holding might versus simply attaching thin planks to a wood basis. typically, you ‘ll see siding nails range anywhere from 1-1/4 ” up to 2-1/2 ” in distance, whereas framing nails can go 3-1/2 ” or more .
PRO TIP: If installing siding for the first time, be certain to research facility tips based on the type of siding you ‘re using. Siding nailers are popular for use with fiber cement and wood siding applications. On the other hand, vinyl side is typically hang rather than nailed, as it needs to expand and sign.

Residential Siding Installation
With some overlap in nail down size, you may wonder whether framing nailers can be used for siding ? The solution is, yes .
Framing nail guns can be used for siding facility, if the complete being used is long enough to attach the siding securely to your outside forest sheathe. While it ‘s recommended to always use a side breeze through accelerator for siding facility, in a pinch, you may be able to use a frame nailer rather. however, the lapp can not be said inversely. Since most applications in framing ask longer nails that are specifically intended to join lumber together, more often than not, siding nails will not be adequate.

siding installation
You may besides find that siding nailers are a few pounds lighter than framing guns. The average siding nailer weighs right around 5 LBS., while coil framing nailers typically run 8-9 LBS. minimal. For those installing siding, this makes the siding gun that much more desirable, as it should be less fatiguing to operate.

american samoa far as cost goes, you ‘re looking at approximately the lapp monetary value range on either tool. On Nail Gun Depot, you ‘ll find an average range of $ 250 to $ 350 for either type of coil nailer. As with anything, build quality, sword preference and product features will all influence each cock ‘s monetary value .

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