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Black is the darkest discolor, associated since the Middle Ages as the emblematic hue of sedateness and assurance. It was one of the beginning colors used in cave paintings and in the fourteenth hundred it was worn by royalty and clergy in much of Europe. Over the pursue centuries it became the color most associated with elegance, secrets, magic trick, witches and even end .
It is the choose color in fashion to portray elegance, followed closely by silver medal, gold and blank. One of the defining moments in the history of blacken, was the invention of the elementary black dress by Coco Chanel. It has since been portrayed in the same light in movies like Breakfast at Tiffany ’ mho, the Devil Wears Prada and so on .
It is not surprise that black and silver medal nails have become a staple of elegance, a favorite of peasant fans and the absolute go to color of most of the populace. They are chosen by royals like Meghan Markle, singers like Miley Cyrus and even designers like the deep Carl Laggerfeld. Black nails are and will forever be one of the most love and chosen colors in nails.

Black and Silver Nail Designs

Queen of the Night Black and Glitter Mix and Match

If you can ’ t decide between black, bootleg flatness and silver nails… You don ’ t have to ! Try this artist ’ s eclectic mix and do them all .

Long Square Nails with Silver and Black Glitter Manicure

Long squarely nails always look perplex and elegant, but this constitution of entire coverage silver glitter, bootleg glitter and glossy black is particularly dapper .

Almond Shaped Goth Nails

Goth dash is the perfect match for black nails, add an almond condition to the mix for that pointy claw attend and you are ready to go !

Bling Rhinestone Design over Long Square Manicure

double down on the bling factor with superintendent glazed rhinestones or Swarosky crystals and pair them with a thinly stripe of flatware hydrofoil for a deluxe effect .

Classic Black Nail Polish with a Dash of Silver Glitter over Almond Nails

The most classical style is undoubtedly the glistening black nail polish. If you want to add a little glow to make your manicure stand out but keep it classy, go for a full silver glitter nail and a dilute band on your little finger finger .

Multi-colored Glitter and Black Matte Nail Polish

A different take on the black and glitter jazz band is to go for a motley glitter and swap your glossy black for a flat breeze through polish .

Vampire Princess Black and Gold Glitter Manicure

For the greatest line, pair black flatness smash polish with bright glitter and rhinestones. Black and silver stiletto nails make for an amazingly cutthroat manicure !

Short Square Black Nails with Glitter

It is easier to go crazy with complex designs when there is more sphere to cover, but short-change nails can besides look amazing. Try this black slick breeze through polish topped with glitter, you will never get tired of it .

B&W Cheetah Print Design

Make your nails stand out with black nail polish, cheetah animal print and a silver medal glitter little finger .

Glitter & Rhinestones Dark Short Round Manicure

Transform your dark smash polish manicure into a odoriferous princess do with a little ash grey glitter and a bantam princess crown made of rhinestones .

Dark Matte Diva Nails

Silver glitter and black flatness nail polish are a identical playful combination, particularly this triangle geometric purpose that is capital for a one nail emphasis manicure .

Artistic Silver Design

Silver foil on black nails creates the arrant contrast effect. You will immediately stand out from the herd with this artistic manicure .

Long Coffin Cosmic Manicure

Be a space princess with glitter on glitter ombre and rhinestones on black breeze through polish in this mix and couple manicure .

Star Glitter Ombre Short Nails

Are you tired of your everyday black smash polish ? mix it up with a silver medal glitter and create this fantastic ombre effect for an moment upgrade !

Gothic Silver Almond Design

Black slick nail polish and eloquent full moon coverage nail glitter are a match made in eden, take this amazing manicure as proofread !

Iridescent Snake Manicure

Take some inspiration from this manicure and go for an iridescent shade on crown of a blacken nail polish. Don ’ t they look like scales to you ?

Harlequin Silver on Black Nails

In this shell, round nails done in eloquent nail polish get a harlequin treatment with slender stripes of black foil. They look ready to rock !

Grey & Black Silver Speckled Design

Grey is a neutral color that goes well with everything. In this manicure, it goes from coy to great with merely a touch of black and silver .

Artsy Black and Silver Manicure

If you are feeling like getting artistic and trying that amazing brush set you merely bought, this is the perfect divine guidance for you. Those twirl look so cool !

Argent Snow on Dark Nails

Black and silver pinpoint art is amazing without adding anything else, we can all agree on that. But this winter take with bantam snowflakes is even better .

Dark Reverse French Manicure

quixotic, dark, aglitter, this french manicure in revoke is the perfect black and silver nail idea you had been waiting for .

Ombre Glitter Over Dark Nails

Tired of full coverage glitter ? possibly it is time for something like this mix transparent glitter in a snow effect. Makes it feel like the nails are in a bamboozle ball .

Stripes and Dots Design

french manicure and a polka scatter design will never, always, be out of style. Those nails give us prettiness clog !

Geometric Silver Design

This manicure might be an ode to a camera or might just be a life line, who knows ? What we do know, it ’ s that it looks amazing !

Glitter, Marble and Rhinestone Manicure

Spice things up with black and silver coffin nails with rhinestones, glitter and a benighted marble effect that make these nails look like jewelry unto themselves .

Cutest White Glitter and Rhinestone Nails

Bring on the glow with these pearly white rhinestones combined with white glitter over black long nails.

Elegant Black Matte & Glitter Manicure

We will never get tired of saying so, black matte nails and silver glitter are the most perfective combination .

Dark Almond Shaped Nails with Glitter Tips

Halloween nails ? Yes, please ! Black long almond shaped nails with glitter dipped tips make for an ideal witchy look .

Dark Winter Design

Let your colored Elsa loose with this dark winter manicure of stiletto nails and snowflakes .

Long Square Multi-colored Glitter Nails

Get you black nail polish shining like crazy with this multi colored glitter ombre effect .

Floral Glamorous Rhinestones Design

A finespun flower with a rhinestone center takes center stage in this rhinestone black nail polish manicure. Cute, daring and unique !

Rudolph and Stars Manicure

Rudolph is one of Christmas ’ most beloved characters. Take him with you these holidays with a black flat manicure with glitter stars .

Harlequin Diamond Glitter Nails

Black and silver designs grace these black and silver acrylic nails full moon of glitter .

Goth Silver Rose Design

The art behind this manicure is incredible. It combines silver ombre, black breeze through polish and white roses in an elegant purpose that is total command .

Shiny Bow Inspired Manicure

This design gives us prettiness overload with iridescent thwart stripes, eloquent glitter and a bantam bow .

Glitter Long Coffin Black Nails

Super long coffin nails in diaphanous jelly, plus a black and silver ombre design make this manicure super flashy and super peasant .

Silver Fire Tipped Square Short Nails

Turn your black nails on fire with silver glitter !

Shiny Bow Dark Nails Design

We could not get enough of this manicure, so a fully video was absolutely necessity !

B&W Silver Cheetah Manicure

This benighted take on a cheetah manicure combines super glistening rhinestones and a dark gray glitter nail down here and there for a balance and super packed design .

Short Square Black Matte Nails

Elegant, classy and bubbling. Black felt nails with just a touch of glitter look so well !

Snow Capped Round Short Design

We collected every type of coke capped nails we could find. This one looks particularly strike for the winter holidays .

Shiny Dark Almond Shaped Nails

This is the arrant black and eloquent glitter manicure to bring out your inner peasant princess to life .

Long Round Glitter Manicure

Black nail polish can besides look effective with glitter on peak. Pair it with ash grey glitter with a lineage of black rhinestones for some add hex .

Short Round Glitter Nails

Another contract on the snow capped tips : rather of doing all the nails, decide on a few and voila !

Detailed Artistic Design in Silver

A twirl of silver decals decorate these black nails making the manicure stand out due to the master argent and black breeze through designs .

Long Coffin Nails with Black and Glitter Manicure

long coffin nails with glitter on the sides add a distribute of shine to this manicure .

Elegant Black Glossy Nails with Silver Stripe

The most arrant manicure always, this squarely short complete manicure combines black glossy nail polish with a thinly line of silver hydrofoil to create the perfective balance of elegance and notoriety .

Mix and Match Black and Silver Design

Go crazy with your designs and combine your black and silver nails any way you want .

Floral Black and Grey Nails

Another drive on the floral design, this white decal over an ombre egg white on blacken nail looks wholly sandbag .

Space Silver Marble Manicure

last but not least, this superintendent glazed manicure creates a marble effect with silver and black breeze through polish and combines silver nail polish with bantam black rhinestones for a focal effect .
After all these amaze inspirational pictures there is no doubt, if there always was, that black and argent nails are some of the easiest nail polish colors to pull off. There is literally no way that you can go wrong with them. They combine beautifully with any hide color, with any constitution and with any ensemble you might decide to wear. Have fun trying fresh styles !

Which black and silver smash design is your front-runner ? Tell us in the comments !
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