Minimalist nail artwork is all the fury right now. It ’ mho simple, chic, and perfect for any occasion. If you ’ re looking to add a allude of korean expressive style to your spirit, minimalist smash artwork is the manner to go. sometimes you want something simple and understated. They ’ re perfect for days when you want your nails to look clean and polished without any bustle. Plus, they ’ ra ace trendy right now !
I ’ ve tried to cover a wide range of collar designs and not just the normally expected ones. I very like how relatively easily this style is to apply and how absolutely fantastic the results can be .
korean minimalist nail design ideasNude and black French tips. Starting with a classic design that you’ve likely seen before but I don’t see this style going anywhere. Understated but classy I love this simple look.
korean minimalist nail polish designWhere nails become an object of art ✨ I’m biased here because I love asymmetry on nails and simple matte white lines are a bonus.
korean minimalist nail design ideasBut if you want to look at things a little differently – take that asymmetry even further. One hand of solid black while the other has these sleek metallic silver lines.
korean minimalist nail art“I’m just a girl standing in front of a nail salon, asking for the impossible.”
korean minimalist nailsAgain, I love the matte white background and the simple thin lines on alternating fingers? To die for.
korean minimalist nail designsThis design is so minimalist I think you’d need a second look to really see how amazing the design is. From a few simple french tips, we then start to mix things up and that middle finger with the slightest hint of an outline is just the best.
If you like these designs – you might want to check our top minimalist line nail art designs list too!

korean minimalist nail designI need these minimalist press-on set in my life. I love the matte white background with these minimalist blue swirly lines for good measure.
korean minimalist nailsThese are super cute! I have a theory that minimalists start by just doing this to one nail and then when they see how good it looks they do the rest. It’s a global conspiracy.
korean minimalist nail artAlright, I know this photo is a little small but I really wanted to include this done. We’ve covered smiley face nail designs recently and some of them can be a pretty minimalist design but damn I can really get behind this style.
korean minimalist nail designSome gorgeous geometric lines and a really unique take on French tips. You could really play with this idea and make it your own in so many ways if you wanted to mix things up.
korean minimalist nail design ideasThis one is so minimal I almost missed how cute it was. The white French tips are cute but the ring finger and nail have a little bit of sparkle on the tips instead. Simple but certainly unique.
korean minimalist nail design ideasFor a darker take, these thicker tips with a hint of black up at the top really stand out. The negative space on the ring finger tip just really sets this apart for me.
korean minimalist nail art
korean minimalist nailsThe gels might be a little bit less minimalist than some of the other designs but with some good polish, you could do a similar style without much work. That thin silver line against the pink just really works for me.
korean minimalist nail designsSimple nail art with a touch of flower 🌼Again, I know this is more than a few simple lines but I’d definitely still count this as minimalist and that little yellow heart and flower are just… I love it. This is my favorite so far.
korean minimalist nailsAlright, back to one of the more-common minimalist Korean nail art designs. Polished nails with a couple of shiny polka-dot stickers.
korean minimalist nail polish designOr how about a touch of golden sparkle added to some simple French tips?
korean minimalist nail polish designOKAY so. Maybe not the most minimal style but HOW CUTE IS THIS? Again, with a few stickers and two bottles of polish you could do something similar and then (even better) you could do it for me too. Yes?
korean minimalist nail design ideasAnother take on minimalist lines over a white background. This time set against some deep red the contrast really makes the white nails pop out. You could, if you wanted, even swap that black line for the same dark red.
korean minimalist nail polish designSome use of the negative space for these funky french tips. I love the colorway and the only thing I’d maybe dream of changing is the ring finger looks close enough to a heart… I’d just give it a little dip at the top to make it extra.
korean minimalist nail designsI love so much about this design. The alternating fingers with no black lines just really set it apart. If the funky shapes didn’t do it already.
korean minimalist nail polish designI only just finished my Disney nails list so I shouldn’t be surprised about seeing these two on the thumbs (super cute!) but even if you skipped them (you shouldn’t) these minimalist but vibrant colorful French tips are fantastic.
korean minimalist nail designDainty little hearts and a little glitter over these cute pink nails. Fab.
korean minimalist nail designThese gels have a really cute colorway and I’m a fan of sticking with two contrasting colors for a minimalist look.
korean minimalist nail artSimilar idea, except rather than the solid color we have these v French tip designs and a pink colorway.
korean minimalist nailsI couldn’t finish the list without some simple solid color. When we think of minimalist nail art we often think of thin lines or simple shapes but some solid vivid colors can give you that fun but minimalist look too. Two contrasting colors like this really work for me and can be an easier way to go if you don’t have the tools for the neat thin lines.
korean minimalist nail designsBlack thin french nails🖤🖤
korean minimalist nail design ideasOkay, if we really don’t want the Disney vibes from the previous set – look how fantastic these look. Simple, fun and so so cute. This has to be the definition of Korean minimalist nail design.
korean minimalist nail artThe lines here are so subtle that you might miss them if you’re just giving it a casual glance. Look a the ring finger. The light is just catching that thin swirly vertical line. Contrasting with the thick cuticle on the middle finger… this is just fantastic.
korean minimalist nail artA different take on cute golden French tips.
korean minimalist nail polish designI’m seeing this as a more popular trend. Some super thin silver French tips and look closely at the ring finger on the left hand.
korean minimalist nail designsI’m surprised we made it this far in the list before finding one of these. A staple of the Korean minimalist nail art style are these cute little flowers. A few simple (but cute!) stickers and some light tips really work.
korean minimalist nail polish designSheer nude full coat with a combination of a flower and a smiley face on two of the nails.
korean minimalist nail design ideasIf you have a thing against French tips, you can also go with the flowery stickers. If you wanted to go a little more subtle you could do the same thing on just one hand or just a few nails.
korean minimalist nail designThese gels are just fantastic. Contrasting but bright colors and clean lines between them.
korean minimalist nail polish designMore french tips should do this! Who needs straight lines right at the tips? These abstract and slightly slanted lines in different colors look great! We need more of this.
korean minimalist nailsIf you want to go a little further than the tips, a little glitter throughout the nail can really set the entire set on fire.
korean minimalist nail designThese neon peach french tips… How have I not seen something like this before? This deserves to be a bigger trend in itself.
korean minimalist nail design ideasSolid olive green polish with some swirly lighter lines.
korean minimalist nailsOr keep the minimalist lines and cut down on the background solid color?
korean minimalist nail polish designI love the shade of the tips here. I don’t know if the rhinestone nails are strictly minimalist but they do work. You could always leave them out and go with the faded tips look.
korean minimalist nail polish designI couldn’t not include these gels. If you like this set, there are a lot more Yin Yang nail designs out there and some of them are a bit more minimalist than this but they just look so good!
korean minimalist nail polish designNeon line nail art. I really like the little triangle on the ring finger.
korean minimalist nailsOr how about a really minimalist smiley face?
korean minimalist nail polish designIt’s very subtle but look at the cuticles of the index and middle finger. I love everything about this set.
korean minimalist nail design ideasSimple and fun. Thick single lines and little dots. Vivid, minimalist and incredibly cute.
korean minimalist nail designLittle heart-shaped tips in a variety of shades of pink. All of the ‘yes please’.
korean minimalist nail designKorean Minimalist Nail designs are a fantastic way to put your own personal touch on manicures. With the right tools, it can be relatively easy to do these nail art styles at home too! So instead of sitting around waiting for someone else to make you look good, take matters into your own hands and start experimenting with different types of minimalist nails today.

I do hope this has given you some ideas for korean minimalist nail art If you give this a go – I want to see it ! Send me a photograph of your minimalist nail designs and we ’ ll feature them hera .
Our divine guidance photos come from exploiter submissions and outdoors sources and we ’ ll always give credit. All of the fantastic styles belong to their respective owners. If we ’ ve got a credit improper or you ’ five hundred preferably we don ’ t feature you – barely drop us an e-mail .

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