green nail polish can stand out or be more subtle in the full range of shades from pale mints to deep emerald shades .

Which green nail polish is best?

green pinpoint polish can be playful, dramatic, and provide a pop of color that can match or play off accents in your equip. From pale mints to dark forest greens to sparkly, vibrant emerald shades that evoke images of mermaids, the range of greens can be dressed up for shape and day activities or can add fun to your night attend. If you ’ ra looking for a versatile, high-quality green pinpoint polish, Revlon Nail Enamel in 571 Posh is the lead choice .

What to know before you buy a green nail polish

The condition of your nail health

Color international relations and security network ’ t the only consideration when choosing a green collar polish. You ’ ll besides want to consider whether your nails need a small extra TLC. Nails that have experienced a lot of wear and tear or break easily could use a more nourish formula to strengthen and condition them, therefore seek out polishes with vitamins or other strengthening ingredients .

Sparkly vs. solid

A aglitter green polish evokes images of open treasure chests and submarine adventure, making shimmery green tones perfect for beach days and fun nights out. Solid, creamy greens can look bang-up with a gown or a suit and add panache to your front. Pale mattes are perfective with a commercial enterprise suit or a light blazer.

Light vs. dark

few colors can change therefore a lot in tone and temper from light to dark as green can. A pastel batch or sage shade is calming and feminine, whereas a dark, rich emerald makes your manicure a bold stand-out. Play with a range of greens to find out which one best fits your style, personality and temper .

What to look for in a quality green nail polish

Level of pigment

You ’ ll want a slurred, well-pigmented green that will cover your nails with one or, at most, two coats. A polish that needs more than two coats can go on tacky or take excessively long to dry, so look for a breeze through polish with rich color that offers entire coverage .

Fade-resistant color

Green is a identical specific discolor that looks best when it ’ randomness fresh, so it pays to look for a shade that doesn ’ triiodothyronine fade or lose its plangency. additionally, as with any nail polish, a chip-resistant formula helps your manicure last .

A formula that’s good for your nails

attend for nourishing ingredients in your polish to keep nails limber and potent. Seek out natural formulas with plant-based ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals. Ingredients to avoid include toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and dibutyl phthalate .

How much you can expect to spend on a green nail polish

Drugstore brands make great green collar polishes for under $ 4. High-end prestige brands cost between $ 20- $ 30 .

Green nail polish FAQ

How long can I expect my bottle of green nail polish to last?

A. Most nail polishes will last about a year and a one-half to two years if properly stored. You can help your favorite shades last longer by shaking them at least once a calendar month to keep the ingredients from separating. Be sure to keep your polishes out of direct sunlight, which can fade them, and away from hotness sources .

How can I help my green manicure last longer?

A. Highly pigmented colors like green benefit from both a good base coat and a temper clear coating. Base coats help the color to adhere to your nails. A good top coat prevents chipping and crouch, which is particularly winder with pastels .

Does green nail polish work well on all skin tones?

A. With shades that are intended to blend with skin tones, undertone matter. With greens, which are so unlike most skin, it ’ second OK to let it pop. Pale skin may look best with richer, warmer shades, but for the most part, just go with the coloring material that catches your eye and play with the entire image of greens from sage to forest green .

What are the best green nail polishes to buy?

Top green nail polish

Revlon Nail Enamel in 571 Posh
Revlon Nail Enamel in 571 Posh
What you need to know: This rich emerald green goes on smooth, true to Revlon choice. It ’ s a color-saturated, gorgeous color that is certain to get attention .
What you’ll love: Thick and creamy, this toluene- and formaldehyde-free formula goes on bubble-free and legato and gives full coverage that lasts..
What you should consider: While this tad gets high marks, some users report finding the color to be darker than expected, closer to a grassy hue than a Kelly k .
Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top green nail polish for money

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fanta-seas
sortie Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fanta-seas
What you need to know: Inexpensive and capricious, this glitter smash polish sparkles with a range of greens that evoke a clamber good afternoon sea.  
What you’ll love: The high-shine semblance is second to none and will become one of your summer favorites .
What you should consider: The consistency of the glitter formula means this shade takes longer than average to dry. Don ’ thyroxine race it or you ’ ll end up with smudges .
Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

Gucci Vernis À Ongles Nail Polish in 719 Miriam Mint
Gucci Vernis À Ongles Nail Polish in 719 Miriam Mint
What you need to know: This plant-based formula is capital for your nails without sacrificing color steadfastness or its strengthen capacity. The bolshevik alga adds calcium to the rule and the bentonite allows for uniform distribution of the color for a glossy eat up .
What you’ll love: The mint shade is alone and durable, and the vitamin E in this formula will help nails feel healthy and strong. The crimson alga adds calcium to the formula .
What you should consider: This shade is a splurge and can last a sting less than the average polish due to its meek formula .
Where to buy: Sold by Sephora

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