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Yes, it works,

I change my pinpoint polish every two through three days. chiefly because I like my polish to match my outfit. When I first tried this product, it did leave bantam bubbles in my polish. I was upset about this and thought about returning the product but then decided to give it another attempt. The problem was that I was spraying the product on before my polish had a chance to set. So the next clock time I used it, I waited a minute for my polish to set ( that is after I applied the greatcoat ). I besides sprayed my nails a second prison term with Rapidry, and it worked perfectly ! My nails were completely dry with a beautiful bright finish. You will read some poor reviews but as in my case it is from pervert. Use the spray properly and it will work .

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not certain what this is supposed to actually do … it helped dry my nails but hours after painting they still are prone to smudging ..I am gawky and have to wait an hour or two for them to ACTUALLY be dry. It helps the dry process it seems but does n’t actually dry nail polish … not certain if they changed the formula I saw a different bottle on-line same name.

Reviewed by 100 customers

Not effective

1 TJ from Tuscaloosa, AL This intersection appears to dry only the top coat of your nails. I painted my nails at 4pm and used spray afterwards. I went to bed at 10:00 autopsy and woke up with sheet marks on my nails. A complete mess. I will be returning .

Doesn’t work and irritates your skin

1 Abigail from Charleston SC My nails did n’t dry any faster. It caused my skin to peel. I besides used it on my roommate and her nails were extremely itchy .

It works!

5 Yamy from Atlanta It helps importantly the dry work .

This is a Mainstay Product For Me

5 TXblackbeltshopper from Houston, TX A day or two after my professional manicure, I apply another coat of Essie ‘s Top Coat. I then use RapidDri Spray to dry. It dries cursorily and helps me keep my manicure fresh retentive .

Love this spray! A must for at-home manicures & pedicures!

5 Tiffi1of3 from Raleigh, NC The merchandise is slowly to use and works precisely as described. Nail polish dries in minutes .

Great for Moms

5 Janiceann from TN Helps to dry nails cursorily .

Awesome product!!!

5 Tveade from Plaucheville, LA Does precisely what it says. Dries nails very fast. Love love it. Will decidedly buy again ! !

Game changer

5 Nailed It from Chicago suburb As a ma with a little one at family, this merchandise has been a game changer. I have always been person who has loved doing my nails, doing collar art, and giving myself manicures, but after having a child my nails took a backseat because they took excessively much time ( specifically to dry ). This merchandise has allowed me to do my nails again. I am able to go to bed, do things around the theater, or even change a diaper within about 10 minutes of using the intersection without smudging a smash. Thanks OPI !

Great Product.

5 Jlizzypin from Winter Garden, FL It ‘s identical simple to use. Wait 45 seconds after applying clear coat. Spray that ‘s it .


1 ruthenium from Vineland NJ I read the reviews and since I ‘ve been growing it my nails I figured I would give it a try. The bottle does n’t come with much instructions good has the label on it that says to spray on nails after 45 seconds of last coating. I sprayed my nails and even waited two minutes and my nails were silent wet .

I would buy this again!

5 Spence from PA Love it. Do n’t know why it took therefore long to think to buy it. No sheet marks or champagne nails since I started using it .

Works well!

5 G’ma from Ridgefield, WA My nails are dry & brittle, for several reasons, & I need to use a effective hardener. The OPI nail dry helps counteract my carelessness while drying the hardener. Been having much better results all round !

Best Nail polish Dryer Ever

5 Ilovebooks from Maryland I absolutely love this product my nails are Dry in minutes it ‘s perplex ! ! ! !

Work like a Pro

5 Tlovesulta from Maryland I absolutely love this product my nail dry so fast ! Thank You OPI

wow! just shocked

5 Isa from Dinuba, ca giving it a 5 ace rate because if I can give it more then 5 I decidedly would. it instantaneously dried my nails after 45 seconds of applying my top coating. I never flush give reviews on any products but I thought this item was soooo worth it. and its low-cost

Not that great

3 Amy from Texas I ‘ve had this atomizer for about a calendar month immediately. I personally do n’t care for it, and do n’t think it works vitamin a good as it claims to. It still takes a while for my nails to dry. It has been 1 and a half hours since I sprayed it after applying my top coat. My nails are still just a tad tacky. I ‘m dying to go to bed, but do n’t want a sail imprint on my nails. SPRAY I do n’t like this type of moisture spray. It over sprays, and I feel like it pumps out a batch of liquid. I much prefer the aresol rapid dry spray and it decidedly works promptly. I ‘m barely sad I ca n’t find any at Ulta .

A must need! Actually works.

5 Ker from WI Wow, this truly does work. I can no long do my nails without this spray because I love how immediate I can get back to doing normal things without worrying they will smudge .

Worked remarkably well

5 penn from Tx I saw a YouTube Video of person using this intersection and she was raving about it. however, YouTuber and actual life people … not normally the same consequence. anyhow, it worked ! I was impressed at how well in fact ! I do n’t know that I would have immediately dug threw a box of thrust but it decidedly dried it adequate to do average day by day life things immediately. shock !

This product is very well scented not to strong and works

4 Kiersten P from Wichita, Kansas The quality is 4 and .5 just because I guess but works very welll

Not Quite Dry

3 whitney from Louisiana This spray does speed up the dry process but it gives you substandard results than letting the nails dry naturally. This spray takes away that smooth, hard/solid feeling of the polish when dry. It stays a shred brassy feeling even though it ‘s dry. And it ‘s not ace glistening when compared to when I dry my nails without. so, yes, it does make. But it does n’t live up to what everything it claims .

Must have

5 Old hotty from Topeka k Says what it does. Does what it says. If I ‘m out, no point in doing my nails. Without it, I always mess them up before they are dry .

Super Fast

5 Niki MaNails from Corpus Christi, TX This spray dries the nail polish amazingly firm. The downside is the atomizer is wide and so a set of the product goes places other than the nails and is wasted .

Best quick dry ever!

5 Nolanat3 from Birmingham, Al After nails are painted, wait about a hour and spray .

ultimate time saver

5 PCNE from NE As person who would rather by on-line than deal with the hassle of an actual building, I rely on on-line reviews. I absolutely LOVE this product ! It truly works ! I always do 2 coats and then a peak coat. In possibly 30 minutes my nails are done. Plus they help the color concluding over a workweek, which never happens to me.

This is the only quick dry I use.

5 Charli from Illinois It ‘s my front-runner promptly dry .

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