Statistics the buying habits of Americans

There have been some major shifts in the way nail techs purchase supplies these days. Perhaps the shifts are due to the consolidation at the dealer level, the inconsistency of available products from manufacturers, the ease of doing shopping online, or the shift of more manufacturers offering products direct-to-salon. What is for certain is nail techs are open to non-traditional buying in order to get the products they’re looking for.

How much do you spend per month on nail supplies?

Less than $100 per month ………. 35.1%
$100-$150 per month …………….. 27.1%
$151-$200 per month ……………… 14.8%
$201-$250 per month ………………. 8.2%
$251-$300 per month ………………. 4.0%
$301-$350 per month ………………. 3.4%
More than $350 per month ……….. 7.4%

How often do you purchase supplies?*


A: Less than once a month 14.5%

B: Once a month 35.7%

C: Twice a month 31.1%

D: Once a week 15.6%

E: More than once a week 3.1%






Where do you shop for nail care supplies?

  • I shop in a professional beauty supply store -(2006) 82.7% –  (2005) 83.8%
  • I order over the phone from my dealer’s catalog or deal sheets -(2006)37.7% – (2005) 37.6%
  • I order online from my dealer’s catalog -(2006)11.5% – (2005)30.2%
  • I buy products at tradeshows – (2006) 10.2%  – (2005)25.4%
  • I order from an online-only distributor-(2006)9.4%  – (2005)20.0%
  • A distributor’s sales consultant comes to the salon and takes my orders -(2006)23.8% – (2005) 23.3%
  • I buy direct from the manufacturer -(2006)8.6%  – (2005)20.2%
  • I shop in an open-to-the-public beauty store -(2006)12.0%  – (2005)17.0%
  • I shop from a mobile or van dealer who comes to my salon (2006)1.7% – (2005)2.4%
  • I shop at the drugstore or other general store – (2006)1.3% -(2005) 4.4%
  • For some items, I buy from non-traditional places that don’t carry traditional professional nail supplies -(2006) 2.9% – (2005)7.4%


Do you purchase your own nail products?

  • Yes, I provide all my own supplies, including tools and equipment. 76%
  • I provide some supplies, the salon provides some supplies. 8%
  • The salon provides all my supplies, except my tools. 11%
  • The salon provides all supplies, including tools and equipment. 5%



Knowing your clients’ salon habits is clue number-one to understanding how to increase your business. If you know who your clients are by their demographics, how often they like to come in, and perhaps most important, why they often do not come in, you hold the key to customizing services and a salon environment that will appeal to the broadest number of potential clients (or, if you know those things, you can also create a narrow niche of the clients you want most to serve). We can give you a little bit of broad data, but most salon owners and nail techs would be smart to survey clients themselves and get a better handle on what they want, when they want it, and what
they’re willing to pay for it!

On average, how often do clients come in for services?*

Weekly ….. 16.5%
Every other week ….. 72.5%
Every three weeks ….. 6.9%
Once a month ….. 3.1%
Every other month ….. 0.3%
Less than every other month ….. 0.7%


Who are your clients?



By age

A: Girls under 12 1.9%

B: Girls 13-20 5.6%

C: Women 21-25 9.9%

D: Women 26-35 19.4%

E: Women 36-45 28.5%

F: Women 46+ 28.6%

G: No response 6.1%


by gender: 6.4% male & 93.6% female

  • 87% of women 18-45 years old say they have gotten their nails done at a salon.
  • 91% say they sometimes do their nails at home.
  • How many clients do you see a week? 30 (average)

What is your busiest day of the week?  – Thursday

Day that salons are most frequently closed? – Sunday


Why do clients NOT patronize a salon? *

  • I prefer to manicure my own nails 36.1%
  • Too expensive 28.2%
  • Too much maintenance/upkeep 14.4%
  • It’s too much of an indulgence 9.7%
  • Other 6.9%
  • I don’t care about how my nails look 4.0%
  • No salon near where I work/live 0.7%


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