Nail technician income is holding fairly steady (down a few dollars from last year at $619 per week). Combine that with a fairly flat increase in prices and a “look at the bright side” attitude and you can say that despite all the things that went on this year, the nail industry held its own. Nail salon owners tend to by and large still be doing nails
themselves or working as an “owner” because of their booth renter status. Many owners have seen the incentive that can be created by cutting nail techs in on profits from retail (about half of nail techs receive some sort of retail sales incentive).


Average weekly income $604.74

Statistics Nail tech income
Statistics Nail tech income

A. $150 or less 10.8%

B. $151-250 11.1%

C. $251-$350 11.6%

D. $351-$450 10.9%

E. $451-$550 12.6%

F. $551-$650 10.0%

G. $651-$750 6.8%

H. More than $750 26.2%




Average commission by salon type

Average commission by salon type
Average commission by salon type


What commission percentage do you receive on services?

* 55.7%(average)

More than 60% … 8.3%
56%-60% ………… 24.1%
51%-55% ………….. 11.0%
46%-50% …………  37.2%
Less than 45% …… 10.0%
No response ……….. 9.4%

” Supplemental income: 49.5% of nail techs receive a commission or other incentive for selling retail products.” 

Which best describes your compensation system?
Which best describes your compensation system?



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