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Convenient and Comfortable

First off I love collar polish arsenic much as I love make up, getting picked to do a Sally Hansen crusade was exciting. Let ‘s break this down. I received two colors Sundown and Quartz and Kisses. I prepped my nails like I always do ; I used acetone to clean my nails of oils, used the lights lacquer elixir and intensity, and the Essie ridge filler on my thumbs to give a smoother canvass. I let them dry between each level. Sundown is a copper orange semblance with pinpoint of crimson, gold, and tap. It gives more property and makes the color reflective. If you love the brushes to be wider, this is for you. The formula was a little chummy, reminded me of a more metallic formula, and did n’t self-level, which means that I would n’t call this a immediate application. It was opaque in 1 layer, but 2 layers made it even. I let it dry for 10 minutes between layers because of the consistency. The greatcoat was thin and had a draw of slip. It felt protective but did not give a draw of color. The color wore for 7 days with very little wear or ski tow ; credibly would have lasted longer. Easy to remove soak my nails and scrubbed right off. Quartz and Kisses, is a medium bubble glue pink with pinpoints of gold, aristocratic, and possibly purple. The convention was flimsy, about jelly like, and needed 3-4 layers to be opaque. It dried faster in between layers possibly closer to 5 minutes needed. Topcoat was like. color wore for 7 days with fiddling wear or lift ; would have lasted longer if I had not removed it. Easy to remove soak in acetone and scrubbed off. final thoughts : formulas are different depending on color ; so I would keep an center out on it. These colors were n’t wholly me ( I did n’t take points off for that ), but I am matter to in trying other colors. I think it is worth the hear ! ! # ittakestwo # complementary # nailsonnails # ilovenailpolish

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Super bummed

I bought this merchandise as a inaugural initiation in to gel nail polish. The tinge side went on well. Went to use the “ step two ” side and the top coat was all dried up. not surely I would buy this again.

Reviewed by 462 customers

Super bummed

1 MishioMom from Maine I bought this merchandise as a first insertion in to gel nail polish. The color side went on well. Went to use the “ step two ” side and the peak coat was all dried up. not certain I would buy this again .

Not Enough

1 deplorable manicurist from undisclosed The formulas are bang-up, but the assign is useless ? I was able to do my nails possibly three times before I was scraping for any drop of polish and finding none. While I love the idea of an on the adam, double sided nail polish intersection, I was incredibly disappointed at how many uses I got from it. specially when I do n’t think I ‘ve ever used up a wholly regular bottle of pinpoint polish before it dried- there has to be a better way to get more polish in the intersection .

Product decent -Design not optimal- user error

2 HJO1 from California I saw this product several months ago and debated whether to get it. I use Miracle Gel in the individual bottles and I like the coverage and lastingness it has. It has been one of the few products that has stayed on for more than a few days. I was going on a tripper and thought that this combination would be perfect for travel. Its belittled and compress and looked like it would do just the job if I needed some touch up. I however be aware that you need to make certain when you open the one you want to use it is in the down position and the other end is TIGHTLY Closed .

Miracle Gel

1 california from FL This was one of the worst products from Sally Hansen. Bottle is excessively small and tips over. Colors are atrocious. application was the worst I ‘ve ever used from this company .

best ever!!

5 Mo Brown from Akron, Ohio I will say that I was loath to buy this merchandise because I have tried so many that do not work. This one lasts then long that I have to cut my nails and remove the polish before it starts chipping. Tested positive for Covid sol was washing my hands numerous times a day, still lasted more than 7 days ! Will purchase over and over ! !

Please tell me how to make it last….

2 FrustratedTwo from New jersey I followed the directions. Within 24 hours I had chipping. I so want this to work ! I bought several colors and three bottles of circus tent coat !

Great nude neutral color

5 Maryam from Pennsylvania ( PA ) Loved this product. I thought the two sided bottle would be awkward to use, but got used to it cursorily. Nice brush for the polish. Looks great for days and the color, once Chiffon a Time, is the perfect nude/neutral for my pale English/Norwegian complexion. Worth it .

Lasts more than a week for me!

5 katidid2 from Arizona I love it ! This lasts 7-8 days on my fingernails ! Better than going to salon for gel because you can get 3 tubes for the price of one manicure. And it ‘s thus easy to apply AND remove yourself. I did my toes over 3 weeks ago and they hush look perfect !

Easy to use beautiful colors

5 Klind from Braham, MN very easy application, beautiful discolor. I used LED light to cure .

Worst Nail Color ever

1 Nathy from Georgia I bought TW, took constantly to dry off, finally when one thought It was dried and applied the top coated … Nail color dissappered !

Over very damaged nails. Incredible results.

5 Betsy Bee from Cheyenne I applied my first Miracle Gel, semblance ‘Saturn it Up ‘. One week and absolutely no chips. It was even difficult to file with my Revlon file boards. My nails were destroyed 2 weeks ago when my Gel souse off polish would not come off after soaking my fingers for 15 minutes in acetone. I had to slowly peel them and then soak again to no avail. thus with damaged and newspaper slender nails I tried the miracle. I did 3 coats but they were extremely thick. There was a little distortion under the top make. The crown gel dried big but dance step one was n’t dry all the way. I ‘m going to do the process again even though I do n’t need to. I bought several other colors and have decided to give myself permission to change colors every week ! I am thrilled after trying the gels. My nails can now grow out for several months and have some length and be beautiful. now I barely want to figure out how to do ‘ombre ‘ nails with this product .


4 snakjsj from michigan how long do you leave polish to dry ? ? it does n’t say anything about how long to leave it

Nice concept, terrible execution

1 Pizzalord from Denver Bought this intersection for contact ups while traveling but tried it immediately. Worst purchase I ‘ve made in a while. There was a gluey tar-like substance all over the the rim of the color bottle and I narrowly avoided touching it while applying the color. then I noticed the colored polish was coming extinct of the bottle thick and fibrous. atrocious experience and even with three coats it was very odd. The acme coating was great but I would rather purchase that alone than buy this product again .

Super Easy

5 CherLee from Elmhurst, IL Tried this polish the early sidereal day and I love it ! Two days late no chipping any ! Great excerpt of shades. Love the portability of this merchandise .


5 kanakos from undisclosed The nail polish was very opaque and was very slowly to apply. It did n’t streak and the top coat made the collar polish last long ! I thought the color I received was merely approve but the intersection itself was truly big. It is besides commodious to have a top coat available rather of buying one individually .

small amount for the pricr

3 snd0418 from illinois I fair received and love the concept but the total of polish is very small for the price of these .

not a fan

2 dipalp from undisclosed I love changing my nail polish every week or so and this would have made it easier to reapply over chip polish on the go. however, I was very disappoint in the product. The color payoff was fair atrocious even after applying 2-3 coats. I will not be repurchasing this intersection .

its ok!

3 arlinee from undisclosed this is a full polish if you ‘re in a bang and need a super flying drying polish but in my opinion it doesnt give a gel polish look !

great on the go

5 carmenyb10c from undisclosed I in truth enjoyed the 2 in 1 gel collar polish. My daughters had a great bonding time giving each early mani pedís. very easy to apply and great to keep in purse .

Good Product

5 tishiac from undisclosed I tried this on my adolescent daughter and we loved it it was very easy to use and the dry time was reasonably fast over all no complaints great value for the price

Didn’t quite nail it

3 injensmind from undisclosed I can see how this product would be great for travelers who want to cut down on the number of items they pack. The colors are pretty. however, it took more than 3 coats to make it less translucent. then using the acme coat besides. That ‘s fair excessively much time and campaign for me. not to mention I do n’t need several acme coats either. I feel like this product just did n’t nail it for me .

Love this nail polish duo from Sally Hansen!

5 fecjas from undisclosed This is an blink of an eye certain hit for me as I love having my nails done ! It ‘s vibrant and instantaneously give my pale looking nails some biography and color ! I love that it comes with a top coat that seals the color and making it survive longer .

So handy!

5 zzaahedi from undisclosed I love this because of the packaging and application. The nail polish does n’t chip well and the clear coat leaves a mousse top ending. It dries promptly so you wo n’t have to worry about keeping ur nails flat for a long time !

Lacking quality

2 themomlife7 from undisclosed It was something off about this polish. It did n’t go on well at all. It seemed to lack quality

Can’t wait to try

5 shereittam from undisclosed I thought this was pretty kool a Gel Polish and the excessively and floor coat in one. decidedly saves the hassle of having to deal with three different bottles. Excited to use .

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