*DISCLAIMER: I do not work or have any relation to STRYKER. I am an independent Non Medical Professional conducting my own research* The Stryker Gamma3 Nailing System is treated for a broad range of Femur and Femoral Shaft Fractures. Their are Four variations of the Gamma3 Nailing System

  1. Trochanteric Nail 
  2. Long Nail 
  3. RC Lag Screw
  4. Distal Targeting System.

The G3 Nailing System is the result of 25 years of continuous invention.
Surgeons and medical professionals use the Gamma3 Nailing System over the contest because of its Reliability, Stability and Precision.
The Trochanteric Nail is intended for the use of constancy for diverse types of intertrochanteric ( hip ) and peritrochanteric ( femur ) fractures.
Their are two length options, 170 & 180mm .No alt text provided for this image

The biological form of the pinpoint allows universal indications which involves all treatments of trochanteric fractures ( femur between the cervical region of the shaft ). The breeze through has a guide-wire which allows surgeons easier and more efficient access to do a see insertion. Their are three different neck shot angles ( 120* 125* 130* ) available to accommodate unlike variations of the femoral neck ( upper parcel of the femur ) .No alt text provided for this image

The benefit of this nail is that it provides stability in the medullary canal ( central area of the bone ) that prevents rotation in complex fractures. The Long Nail is intended for arrested development of Femoral Fractures that occur from the femoral neck ( Most park, hep ) to approximately 10cm of the intercondylar ( tibia related ) pass. The nail down besides includes fractures of the basilar neck ( base of the skull of the hep ), intertrochanteric ( between the trochanters ), peritrochanteric ( top of thigh bone ), subtrochanteric ( pelvis related ) and femoral shaft fractures ( femur ). The Long Nail has respective important mechanical features as it ’ randomness unslotted and cannulated ( insert thin tube ) for guide telegram controlled insertion. Which is highly beneficial to surgeons. The Long Nail offers the like three neck spear angles ( 120* 125* 130* ) that have variations in the femoral neck including two distal locking screws that are used to control rotation and telescope. The Long Nail offers four different distal diameters including 10, 11, 13 and 15mm. The nails ranges from 240 – 480mm in 20mm increments. The curvature of the spoke comes in sizes of 1.5 and 2.0m. Watch this youtube video hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=_I62O6R5-Z0 The RC Lag Screw is designed for the use of the Trochanteric and Long Nail. It may be used to treat patients with highly osteoporotic bone problems ( relates to bone weave ). The cheat offers a combination of the standard G3 lag screws and a diffuse U-clip The U-clip provides an extra 2mm of bedspread as it is meant to increase the open area for greater rotational master and resistance cut out. The U-clip arrive inserted into the RC Lag Screw by sliding into the two grooves then fully inserting WITHOUT the use of forceful hammer. The RC Lag Screw showed a 15 % higher resistance migration over the standard lag screw .No alt text provided for this image

Watch this youtube video hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=RLiIVh6J4AE The Distal Targeting System allows guided distal lock for the Gamma3 Long and T2 Recon Nails. The key features are that it can improve OR efficiency and reduce x-ray vulnerability. It is besides compatible with an existing prey cover because of the 30* C-arm alignment that provides extra work space. The Distal Targeting System allows NO freehand techniques or conventional drill methods. This allows surgeons the ability to no long have vulnerability of higher potential for nautical mile bore and x ray adjustments. Their are three methods for the condense lock including Static, Dynamic and a jazz band of both ( Static/Dynamic ). The distance of the smash determines where the adjust device should be attached .No alt text provided for this image

Watch this youtube television hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=jxFjKALxcrw

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