May 18, 2020


May 17, 2020

by Jinju Jeon summer is the best time to go absolutely violent with bracing and vibrant colors. Be it your nails, your clothes, or even haircloth ! The summer season may be a piece different this year because of coronavirus pandemic, but don ’ t let that stop you from having fun. You can silent rock a fresh manicure of the DIY variety and experiment will all the different korean breeze through polish colors. Keep read to find out which shades you should decidedly try in the summer of ’ 20.

From classical shades of blue, green to glitter, here are 7 korean nail down polish colors that you should add to your solicitation for summer 2020 .


A vibrant scandalmongering can brighten up your day and possibly your whole summer lookout. Don ’ triiodothyronine be shy to try out the bright of the brightest yellow ! Some yellows can look brassy and cheap, but others can seem like a fancy italian beach vacation in a bottle .korean nail polish NATURE REPUBLIC Color Waltz (#04 Lemon Pop) creates graphic and stylish nail color. It ’ s a durable complete polish, and it applies smoothly. To make it last longer, you can use multiple coats .


The correct shade of blue can add the mighty measure of brightness to any front. It deserves to be on everyone ’ s list of korean complete colors to try. After all, classical aristocratic is the 2020 Pantone Color of the class. There are many different shades of blue that you can try, such as flip blue, navy, or even turquoise. JINsoon Botanical Flower Collection Nail Lacquer, Blue Iris, is a cryptic electric blue that captures the kernel of the gloomy iris flower. The shade is potent, bold, and amazingly brilliant. It is a revolutionary double patented 5-free formula that delivers a permanent manicure with boldface, bright color, smooth application, and the ultimate high polish complete .korean nail polishkorean nail colors summer

Light Green 

Celebrities and influencers have amply embraced the sludge green in holocene months. Neons are basically like neutrals these days ! You can try out the light neon green tendency and enjoy the summer to the fullest .korean nail colors summer Etude House Play Nail #70 is not the neon light up green but leans more towards a soothing green. It however a bright fleeceable that is idle and refreshing pinpoint polish color to try for summer.

Dark Green

If the faint neon green is not your shade and you distillery want to flaunt the green shade, try a black green. It may seem like a fall tinge, but the deep rich imbue is a great contrast color for summer outfits. The dark green color will besides stand out if you happen to get a decent tan during summer. Etude House Play Nail #72 is a intense dark green ghost that leaves a glossy complete. It has an excellent color bribe !korean nail polish


orange is a great discolor and is generally associated with fall. It can add extra warmth to your hands. You can create a two-tone ghost with lighter orange at the penetrate and a dark orange at the top bite of your nails .korean nail polishkorean nail colors summer JINsoon Color Field Collection Nail Lacquer Pop Orange is the quintessential color of energy, eccentricity, and burning hot fire. You can get a smooth and glossy finish with a brilliant color payoff .


If you ’ ve had excessively many bright colors and want something comfort, you can choose pastel color shades. They are still on-trend and will remain as such for a long prison term, according to the Korean makeup artist, Pony Park. ROSALIND Soak Off Gel Polish Set includes six pastel colors in shades of bluing, k, pink, coral, yellow, and purple. It ’ s a durable gel complete polish set without chipping or peeling.

korean nail polish summer


never going out of style is valid for glitter besides no matter what season it is. You can wear it independently, or you can mix it up with solid-color nail down polish. Apply a coat of color smash polish and follow it up with a few layers of glitter. Its extremely childlike to get extremely fun nails with glitter !korean nail polishkorean nail polish JINsoon Fab Nail Polish is the arrant mix of glitter and tinge with its motley dot pop speckles. It ’ s a durable nail polish with a flatness finish. Check out:

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