Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Columbus, Ohio

Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Columbus, Ohio – Best Columbus’s Nail Salons The standards of beauty, especially female beauty, have changed over many different eras: from gentle and shy beauty to healthy, active and open beauty. In modern times, there are countless beauty contests that have been held basedContinue Reading

9 nail care being damaged

[:en]Are women, who also want to have a nice, smooth hands and nails also played the role that soft beauty. 9 ways to help you prevent and recover the damaged by nails.[:]

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HOW DO YOUR CLIENTS TYPICALLY MAKE THEIR APPOINTMENTS? 39% : Regular appointments (clients who schedule their appointments one by one) 25% : Standing appointments (clients who come in every other Tuesday at 9, for example) 25% : Walk-ins 11% : Other   Education What is the highest level of school you have completed? Some highContinue Reading

The information in these two pages comes from a survey of 3,000 Vietnamese nail professionals (with 791 responses), conducted in September 2008. This year we expanded our questionnaire to include computer use (you may be surprised to see how Internetsavvy this group is) and primary training resources.

Although there are so many factors we look at to gauge industry health, service prices serve as a constant pulse. Due to salon over-saturation, intense competition at the lowend, and the commoditization of nail services, service prices have been making very little movement over the years. This year, however, prices at least keptContinue Reading

How tech-savvy are nail salons?

Nail technicians (along with just about every other profession on the planet) have become more computerliterate and web-savvy than ever. Each year, we see dramatic increases in Internet use for business functions, including product ordering, peer networking, technical trouble-shooting, and, of course, e-mailing. Just six years ago a puny 3.1% of nail professionals said that ordering productsContinue Reading