The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

To keep nails and nails strong and clean, let’s refer to the following simple and very effective nail care tips below.
Clean nails and toenails, neatly trimmed, strong shadows, make the hands more gentle is always one of the attention attraction. Besides, the trend of painting and painting nails is very favored by women, making care of the nails more important than ever.

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

However, not everyone owns a glossy, strong nail set for a variety of reasons. The following methods will partly help you have the desired foundation.

Use moisturizers

Like your skin, your nails may also need moisturisation.

The epidermis is the thin layer of skin near the bottom of the nail, where it connects to the finger. The epidermis is often dry, resulting in flaking and peeling. To keep the epidermis healthy, apply thick moisturizer to your epidermis.
Nails are often brittle due to repeated exposure to moist environments. If you are doing activities that involve getting your hands wet, such as swimming or washing dishes, your nails may become brittle.

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

To improve this condition, use creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acid or lanolin, which help build strength. When using lotion, remember to rub a little moisturizer on the surface of each nail.

You can choose a soothing moisturizer that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals or adds fragrance

Keep your nails clean

When washing your hands, gently scrub the surface of your fingernails and scrub your underside with water to remove harmful bacteria that get stuck under your nails.

Keep your nails dry as bacteria can easily grow underneath your nails when they’re wet.

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

Besides, you also need to pay attention to cleaning tools, brush regularly. This can prevent your nails from coming into contact with bacteria.

To avoid unwanted breakages, soak your nails in water before trimming. Toenails can sometimes be thick and difficult to cut, soaking your toenails for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

Do not bite your nails

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

Nail biting is a worse habit that can ruin your overall nail health, damage the tissues around your nails, making it harder for your nails to grow.

To deal with this situation, first you need to identify the factors that cause you to bite your nails, possibly due to stress, boredom, anxiety, … From there, you take measures that are right for you. to avoid nail biting.
Give yourself time to eliminate nail biting habits. Besides, you can use “stronger” measures such as using smelly nail polish or sticking tape on nails, …

Be careful when doing manicure

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

The colorful nails are elaborately drawn by the sisters. However, changing your nail polish color too often, using the nail polish remover process, can weaken your nails.

Choose nail polish and nail remover products with care. You should also give your nails some time to rest after changing their colors.

In particular, make sure salon manicures are cleaned before use.

Pay attention to the condition of the nail

Fingernails and toenails are more likely to get fungal infections. Onychomycosis usually appears as white or yellow spots under the tips of your fingers or toenails. Mild onychomycosis may not need treatment, especially if the conditions do not bother you. However, if the nail is hardened by the fungus and causes pain, you need to have more thorough methods.

Depending on the severity, you should use the right cream or antifungal medication.

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

Besides, you need to watch for signs of melanoma. In rare cases, melanoma can be detected under the nail. As with any cancer, the earlier a malignant tumor is found, the higher your chances of survival. Watch for dark streaks under your fingers or toes that grow in size over time.

The color and texture of your fingernails may indicate potential health problems. See your doctor as soon as you notice an unusual color or a change in color on your nails.
Some signs of disease you can detect through nail condition:

Rough nails with ridged lines, nails with side lines, and nails with white spots or spots may be a sign of kidney disease.

– Early signs of arthritis may be cysts near the epidermis.

– Fissures or pitting on the nails, black, red lines or white patches may be a sign of psoriasis – a skin condition characterized by scaly red patches on the body.

Some other methods of nail protection

The secret to healthy nails and toenails you cannot ignore

– Iron supplementation: Iron deficiency can sometimes be a cause of brittle nails, supplement your body with food or medicine.

– Biotin: is a natural supplement that can help nail health. You can add biotin to your diet.

– Wear gloves when doing heavy work or washing clothes, washing dishes, …

-Choose the right shoes: do not choose shoes too tight, that will cause your toenails to be damaged

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