Tip nail protect your health and beauty

As women, who want to have smooth hands, nail polish, bright white. Nail thin, weak, soft as a result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet.

Refer to the nail tip protection following slightly.

Tip nail protect your health and beauty
Tip nail protect your health and beauty

Wear gloves

Never nail to pry abuse, open hard objects such as cans, peeling fruit or nuts. You should definitely wear gloves when in contact with chemicals, sand or water. Sandy soil also damage your nails and cold (winter) also caused much damage nails. Many women forget that detergent is easy to make your nails dry, broken or rough, took beautiful.

Drink a lot of water

We all know water is essential for the body and plays an important in human health. The necessity of water for nails not unlike the need of water for your skin and hair.

To protect your nails, have a variety of products for women choose and use. For example, women can apply nutritional oil nail. Nutritional oils containing vitamin E can effectively protect the health of nails and soften the skin around the nails.

Not to hurt nails

regularly cut your nails short. Avoid nail biting nails to help with less risk of harm or infection.

When hurt the nail will cause nail infections, prevent the development of the nail, or causing bruises. See a doctor as soon as possible if nails turned black and blue.

Attention to sleep

more life hurry, sleep becomes a luxury. But its essential role is undeniable. Sleep has a significant role with the beauty of nails. A quality sleep not only makes you stronger, but also the entire body, including the nails, are pretty much over.

Restrict the use of paint, nail remover

liquid nail polish remover is a form of harsh chemicals. In nail polish contains pigment particles harmful to the nail. Therefore, it’s best not to use regular nail polish.

When you want to change the color of your nails, you should use some kind of homemade solution, safe for skin and nail. Avoid abusive nail bleach solution. Absolutely do not use nail polish remover containing acetone there, they cause dryness and damage to the nail.

Trimming nails correctly

After trimming the shape desired, you should use with emery filing table (do not use chairs metal files) to filings from both sides in the middle of the nail. Also, you should avoid filing on the nail surface.

Polish to maintain reliability

A hard coating or paint two coats nursing or medicine ball will be the panacea to maintain reliability for your nails. You should paint one coat and two coats Nursing hard to protect nails. This will help your nails are colored, durable, than usual to make whether you brush, rinse, wipe your hands like in the daily operations.

Nail care when wet

When your nails are wet, they become brittle and fall injuries than normal. If you already know this, you need to do is avoid activities related to hygiene, clean water or cleaners in the early hours polish. Please take the time to nails can dry before putting them in the official daily activities.

Wipe nails

The way that you usually do when cleaning the nail is: Infiltration into the nail bleach solution and then rub the surface until smooth clean nails. That turned out not a good idea, because the friction can enjoy making much nail nails hurt than you think.

You should do by absorbent cleaning solution on cotton pads, apply on your nails for about 1-2 minutes then wipe to clean off sharply once dirty paint left over.

Here are a few tips on beauty tips to help you protect your nails from within the health and beauty. If you neglect to set your nails, you’ll find them, “elderly” and deteriorate a lot. Protect your nails really good for you, especially not let them break.

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