Tip Top Nails is a brand from South Africa that creates vegan and 4-free polishes made from natural ingredients. today I have four polishes from their NailChic channel to show you. I in truth loved all of these polishes, particularly the brush ! The bland brush applies polish perfectly, distributing it evenly with every stroke. The convention in each polish was besides great. More detailed comments to come in the semblance descriptions !
First up is Sitting Pretty, a brilliantly pink gelatin polish. The discolor was a act bright on my nails than I thought it was going to be, but I very like it. With two coats the color was opaque. The one thing I actually did not like about this polish, was that even after wearing it for two days, I woke up to impressions on my nails from my blankets. I can understand that this happens when polish is not wholly dry, but it was strange that it placid occurred forty-eight hours after application. It must merely be the formula. Besides this one emergence, I love Sitting Pretty and can ’ t wait to wear it again !

Traffic Lights is a metallic red polish with a beautiful shimmer. I am not normally a big fan of red polishes, but this one is stunning. I did apply two coats, but you could honestly just use one ! My merely complaint with Traffic Lights is that removal took a snatch more campaign than usual, but other than that I am happy with it. I decidedly plan on using this semblance again during the holidays. It is arrant for Christmas !

adjacent up is Jitterbug Lime, a metallic calcium oxide green. This is besides a shimmer polish, with green and amber undertones. I was very surprise by how pretty this color is. Upon first look, it has a frosted finish, but in the unhorse the color sincerely shines. I used two coats of Jitterbug Lime, and both were necessary to achieve opacity. Brush strokes are visible with this polish, as with about all early metallics that I ’ ve used, so far this does not take away from the polish at all. like to Traffic Lights, removal of this polish was more unmanageable that I would like. Otherwise it is stunning !

The last polish I have to show you is gold Drop Glitter. I assumed that this polish could easily be worn on its own as the bottle read “ Apply 2 coats of semblance ” on the bottle, just as it did with the other three polishes. But a soon as I applied one coat I realized that Gold Drop Glitter is good used as a glitter top coat. I was determined to use this on its own, so I started painting with hopes that I would achieve wax coverage. Four coats later I was satisfied with the spirit. Gold Drop Glitter is a net base with fine gold grains. If you ’ re volition to apply four coats you can wear it on its own. otherwise, it would go great on top of another coloring material. One day I ’ ll use this in another mani to show you what it looks like as a greatcoat .

All in all, I very loved these polishes from Tip Top Nails. I wore each for 2-3 days and only experienced minimal wear along the tips of my nails. I decidedly recommend these polishes. Those in South Africa can purchase Tip Top at their local Clicks store. The rest of us can follow the Tip Top Facebook community HERE and on Twitter HERE. You can besides view all Tip Top products on their web site : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.tiptopnails.co.za .
Have you tried this stigmatize before ? What do you think of these polishes ?
The products in this post were provided to me for review. All opinions are my own .

source : https://nailcenter.us
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