If person were to ask me what my favored smasher merchandise is I would say nail polish, with lipstick coming in as a conclusion second. I think about nail polish the like way I think about shoes : they can make or break an outfit/look. It doesn ’ t matter how beautifully made-up your face may be—if your nails look terribly it will absolutely ruin the expression. specially if you are a jewelry ( ring ! ) addict like me. In that subject in especial manicured nails are constantly a must .
One of the most-buzzed about items in the new TOM FORD Beauty Collection is the Nail Lacquer. The colors, which cover the fully range of neutrals to brights, are beautifully saturated and high shine. And with names like Bordeaux Lust, Naked and Carnal Red they surely are attention grabbing. There is one finical tinge, however, that seems to be garnering the most attention .
Meet Bitter Bitch :

The perfect Fall discolor, international relations and security network ’ metric ton she ?
At first base glance, Bitter Bitch is a deep, chocolatey-brown nail down lacquer with a bolshevik base. It is a vampy, seductive shade that is already selling out everywhere. instant cult-classic, anyone ?
But Bitter Bitch is complicated. She isn ’ t a Chanel Vamp -wannabe. She is much more than that .
She is a chameleon .
The formula is thus saturate that, at times, Bitter Bitch seems about black :

That is very unlike from how she looks in the bottle, no ?
My photograph on left/Stock photograph on right
But you know what ? In natural light, she looks lighter. Softer. not quite as acerb, possibly ?

The official description of the TOM FORD Beauty Nail Lacquer ’ s reads : “ To Tom Ford every detail counts. This extra-amplified, gloss and glitter nail lacquer, in a wardrobe of shades from alluring brights to chic neutrals, lets you express your temper and complete your look. Its groundbreaking, high-performance recipe with bendable coating delivers high coverage and glitter while staying discolor true throughout wear. ”
here is what I say.

The box is deluxe and decadent, just like the remainder of the product channel .

The brush is well made and designed to cover the nail beautifully .
The formula is highly saturated and slick. I merely used two coats in this manicure… a third was absolutely NOT necessary. The shine is apparent in the photos above as well—I was getting a reflection in my nails whenever I tried to take close-up !

The polish international relations and security network ’ metric ton aglitter and there are no shimmer particles visible but, somehow, it shines. As for wear, I have only had it on one day so I can ’ t assure you that even. But so far sol beneficial !
The bottom line: Light. Dark. Red. Chocolate.  It doesn’t matter—Bitter Bitch is absolutely stunning no matter the hue.
What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Want it?

TOM FORD Beauty Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer ( $ 30 ) is available nowadays at your closest TOM FORD Beauty antagonistic and on-line at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus .

Credits : All images were taken by me except for standard photograph via TOM FORD. Bitter Bitch was purchased by me.

source : https://nailcenter.us
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