Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston, Massachusetts - Boston's Best Nail Salons - The Best 10 Nail Salons in Boston

Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston, Massachusetts – Boston’s Best Nail Salons – The Best 10 Nail Salons in Boston

Confidence can make us more successful in life. Confidence comes from the most basic things, especially confidence because you are beautiful yourself. Therefore, understanding the meaning of beauty is an extremely important factor, not only the outer appearance but also the spiritual value inside, also believes that beauty is like a spice that helps make our life more rich, beautiful, happier!

Today would like to send you the article Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston, Massachusetts. Hope it will be able to help you who are having trouble choosing a nail salon in Boston.

1. Purity Nail Bar

Purity Nail Bar
Purity Nail Bar

First in the Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston is Purity Nail Bar. Purity Nail Bar is a multi-service nail spa that supports every unique style and personality of its customers. Their nail specialists are very professional to deliver. They do custom, anything the customer can imagine their nails like.

They aim to make sure their clients feel polished and provide top quality services in a clean, soothing environment. Their instruments are sterilized using medical grade sterilization. All pedicure services use a single-use liner, full nail file, cushion, pumice stone to tilt after each client.

2. RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails – Best Nail Salons in Boston

RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails
RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails

RelaxSation Massage Therapy & Nails operates as the local leader in massage treatments, nail salons and day spas. They have years of experience combined with a commitment to meeting the needs of their customers and pride themselves on being the authoritative choice for clients who want to realize what the current industry has to offer.

At Relaxsation, they respect the ancient custom of using a special herbal soak for all toenails for both physical and mental health and uphold the Chinese custom that exercise is good, healing with herbs and massage is essential for health.

The effects of herbal foot baths improve one’s skin tone, and better blood flow results in a more youthful appearance and overall good health. This is why they admire this age-old tradition and are happy to give it to their customers.

3. MiniLuxe Seaport

MiniLuxe Seaport

Next on the list of Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston is MiniLuxe. MiniLuxe Seaport strives to provide the best manicure and pedicure services, through products and practices dedicated to cleanliness, reliable appointment times, and warm greetings.

With over 2 million services completed since their inception, they pride themselves on being the industry standard for clean, ultra-hygienic and sustainable practices. Their talent is at the heart of everything they do. More than 95% of their team members are women, the majority of whom are Asian-American and other diverse backgrounds.

  • Address: 81 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210
  • Phone: (617) 963-7591
  • Website:

4. Obsession Nail Spa – One of Best Nail Salons In Boston

Obsession Nail Spa
Obsession Nail Spa

Obsession Nail Spa offers state-of-the-art tools and multi-skilled staff, whose desire is only for each visit to be a soothing respite from real-world life. They provide equipment, tools and power tools that are cleaned continuously to perfection and subject to authorized sterilization and disinfection methods prior to repeats.

All pedicure treatments are performed with a protective liner. Along with normal cleaning procedures, all the products they use in the salon come from the most famous manufacturers. That will create high-quality support for customers.

5. Trephin


Trephin is also a great place that brings to you in the Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston. Trephin is a lounge that welcomes customers with friendliness and delights them with its unusual luxury and comfort. They specialize in hair and nail services for clients.

At Trephin, every stylist and manicurist begins by listening. Because finding customers is impossible unless you put them at the core of an imaginative process. Or they’ve scheduled a simple pruning, a discussion to solve a scary color puzzle, or a new cut for the latest look, each visit is personalized to them. who and what they want, today.

  • Address: 25 Temple Pl 2nd floor, Boston, MA 02111
  • Phone: (857) 233-2363
  • Website:

6. Treasured Hands Nail & Beauty Salon

  • Address: 715 Boylston Street, Suite 2FL, Boston, MA 02116

Treasured Hands Nail & Beauty Salon is a beauty salon in Boston. It provides professional, friendly and award-winning manicure/pedicure services for over 25 years. All their staff are professional and licensed technicians, trained to bring you the most satisfying waxing, manicure and pedicure services. Their tools are sterilized, packaged in sterilized bags and baked in an autoclave before each use, and they only use LED lights.

They strive to provide the most professional, courteous and friendly customer service available in their industry. They offer a full range of manicure and waxing services to leave you relaxed, pampered, and ready to receive rave reviews from everyone you know. This is definitely a great nail salon in the Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston that you should definitely visit.

Best Nail Salons in Boston
Treasured Hands Nail & Beauty Salon

7. Boston’s Nails & Spa – Top 10 Best Nail Salons In Boston

  • Address: 665 Boylston Street 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02116

Boston’s Nails & Spa is located in the heart of Boston’s beautiful Back Bay. The owner, Jennifer has been in the nail care industry for over 20 years. She specializes in nail care and waxing. Their technicians give you a great experience in a relaxing environment.

They use hospital-grade sterilizers and each of their tools is cleaned with Barbicide, packed into sterile bags, and then put in an autoclave. Their experienced staff is dedicated to providing outstanding service in transforming your nails into strong and beautiful nails. If you are having a hard time finding the right nail salon in Boston, then Boston’s Nails & Spa is definitely for you.

Boston’s Nails & Spa

8. The Nail Studio – The Best Nail Salons in Boston

Next in the Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Boston is The Nail Studio. The salon’s mission is to build a team of outstanding professionals who deliver the highest quality of nail care and provide customers with exceptional service. It welcomes you to indulge in the luxury of self-care and nail art.

All tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer visit. To protect ourselves and our community, the salon will require all customers to wash their hands upon entering the premises. All customers and staff must wear their masks at all times.

Best Nail Salons in Boston
The Nail Studio

9. PS Nails & Spa – Best Nail Salons in Boston

PS Nails & Spa has now been completely refurbished. Our dedicated, well-trained and experienced team always deliver the best services in the most relaxing environment. In addition, the Salon has upgraded its premium collection of more than 600 Gel-Regular-matching colors. More than 500 fragrance-free, chemical-free dip colors strengthen nails that last up to 3 weeks or more and much better nail length.

PS Nails and Spa provides complete & professional nail care, design and waxing services. The salon is committed to exceed your expectations in a quiet and relaxing environment. Hygiene and safety assurance using hospital-grade sterilizers, disposable files, cushions, toe separators and flip-flops. Working tools of nail clippers and skin clippers are disinfected after each use. In response to Covid-19 safety precautions, the store requires its employees and customers to wear masks inside the store at all times.

PS Nails & Spa

10. Sway Spa

Away from the stress and hustle of daily life, enjoy the services at Sway Spa – One of the Best Nail Salons in Boston. Sway offers a wide range of services at competitive prices in downtown Boston.

The massage itself was amazing. The professionals are all experts at finding trouble spots, applying the perfect pressure and creating a completely relaxing atmosphere. No mindless chatter or interruptions while they do their craft, which both you and your staff appreciate. The ambience is aromatic (in a good way!), quiet, the temperature is perfect and each room is spacious and not cramped – a feature that’s easy to miss if you haven’t experienced a massage in the air cramped space.

Best Nail Salons in Boston
Sway Spa

Above are the Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Boston that has sent to you. Hope you will have a great experience and worth the money you spent.

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