“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”. This is an idiom that not too many people have heard. So are women. The beauty needs of women are more and more and that gradually becomes an indispensable need of life.

Today will send you the Top 10 best nail salons in Los Angeles. Do you want to have a beautiful nail set on special occasions or events in your life? So, please visit the places that we send to you below!!!

1. Queen Bee Salon & Spa

Queen Bee Salon & Spa
Queen Bee Salon & Spa
Queen Bee Salon & Spa

First on the list of Top 10 best nail salons in Los Angeles is Queen Bee Salon & Spa. Queen Bee Salon & Spa is a world class nail salon. Deals packages come in a variety of affordable prices including massages, pedicures, manicures, scalp treatments, shampoos or facials.

Queen Bee Salon & Spa is an attractive getaway for ladies with the most vibrant, vibrant and new nail colors available today. Excellent customer service with genuine enthusiasm and class from a team of experts. What are you waiting for without coming to Queen Bee right away?

  • Address: 10182½ Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232
  • Address: 1823 Terry Ave Ste 105, Studios 6 & 8 Seattle, WA 98101

2. Pico Nails

Pico Nails

A family owned salon for over 16 years, Pico Nails allows you to immerse yourself in a colorful experience for your nails. At the store, you can get a complete nail look using the most modern equipment and more variations to beautify your nails. Every bead, patch and nail color added to your nails showcases today’s greatest creations.

Not only is the staff the most dedicated, but these inspirational designs are made at an affordable price and just right for you. Rest assured that our pick of the Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Los Angeles will not disappoint.

  • Address: Pico Nails 3164 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles CA 90019

3. Assembly Salon


With Jessica Jekkel as the founder, ASSEMBLY SALON is the nail salon worth visiting in LA. The beauty and nail collection belongs to this very creative store. The team found that every guest who walked inside felt happy and smiled while wearing the best nails around.

The place exuding serenity, relaxation and comfort is the perfect destination for couples. They also have a huge selection of beautiful nail designs to avail at cheap prices at nail salons in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Address: 250 S Robertson Blvd Los Angeles

4. Gloss NailSpa

Gloss NailSpa

The newest nail salon has definitely arrived in town. Gloss NailSpa lets you try different shades and decorations just for nail art. Gloss NailSpa is in fact a customer favorite compared to other nail salons in Los Angeles. The price is extremely affordable. Prices range from as low as $3 to as high as $85. Immerse yourself in a new world of nail art, glosses, colors and all about nails at Gloss NailSpa.

  • Address: 2911 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

5. Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique
Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique

If you want to have a stylish and fashionable nail set with top nail designs, come to Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique now. Complete nail designs are now available at this unique fashion salon for you. Wear the ultimate in fashion with classic colors, millennium shades and a special blend of nail polishes carefully applied by the most talented nail artists at Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique.

Choose from a list of services such as Le Organique, Le Classic, Au Naturel and L’artistique. Try them out now and enjoy great nail deals. Believe me, this is not a bad choice in the Top 10 best nail salons in Los Angeles.

  • Address: 5412 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

6. Mr. Nail Lounge

Mr. Nail Lounge

Founded by Nana and Mason Kuch, do the gentlemen’s manicure at Mr. Nail Lounge. Trendy and fresh, their service comes with unique and elegant nail designs just for men. Your entourage is sure to enjoy! If you dare to be bolder on your wedding day, Mr. Nail Lounge has the perfect set of complementary nails.

As reviews have appreciated, the services of Mr. Nail Lounge is very pocket friendly. Visit them right away and go on another nail-only adventure, today.

  • Address: 9005 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA

7. Nail Services

Nail Services

Add a new nail salon in the Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Los Angeles for everyone. Nail Services knows what’s right for you, applying Japanese 3D gels and abstract paints on demand. Owner Emily Micelli locates her 2 stores in Little Tokyo and Fashion district with the highest quality in organic and herbal spa treatments. More favorite at Nail Services. With the slogan “Close to me!” and sign your name on your best nails.

  • Address: 936 S Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA

8. CHI Nail Bar and Organic Spa

CHI Nail Bar and Organic Spa

Health and beauty is what is brought when you come to CHI Nail Bar and Organic Spa. The #1 organic nail salon in California, cheap and affordable service for all needs. CHI Nail Bar and Organic Spa takes the top spot for the city’s most luxurious and oriental nail designs.

Our team of nail professionals aims to offer salon services something new and very unique. You can even combine them with any theme you like. CHI Nail Bar and Organic Spa offer high-end nail fashion for all ages.

  • Address: 11203 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

9. Bonsoir Nails

Bonsoir Nails

Inside the Paris-inspired salon, find a team of nail artists who work like magic on your nails. Bonsoir Nails uses only top brands and organically inspired ingredients to create modern nail art. Ideal for ladies, this fabulous nail spa welcomes guests who want something cool and fun just for their nails.

From manicures, pedicures, full acrylic nails, full gel nails and fillers get the beauty and manicure of your dreams at the galore only available in Bonsoir.

  • Address: 2835 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

10. Hana Nail

Hana Nail

Last in the list of Top 10 Best Nail Salons in Los Angeles is Hana Nail. With Hana’s top service, you are sure to be truly different and stand out from the rest. One comment said: “I’m pretty specific with nail shape and design requests but Liz was so patient and thorough.” This is enough to show you Hana’s dedication and professionalism. Please visit Hana Nail for the best experience!!

  • Address: 4157 W 5th St Ste 228 Los Angeles, CA 90020

Above is the list of Top 10 best nail salons in Los Angeles that sends to you. We hope that the information we provide will help you have the best experience!!!

---Edited and compiled by XuanThai---

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