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From neon psychedelic designs to mushroom press-on nails, these nail designs can join you the future time you want to look beyond the void. Or, go foraging for some to throw on your pizza.

Mushroom Nail Designs

19 Mushroom Nails

1. Neon Mushroom Nails

The best explanation of what happens when you eat the charming variety show. Or, you know, so we heard .
Mushroom Nails - Neon trippy nails

2. Mushroom Forest Press-On Nails

Get these press-on nails so you can go around saying “ Yea, these equitable popped up nightlong ! ” Which are much more welcome than this chin pimple.
Mushroom Nails - nude long nails
Available on Etsy.

3. Toadstool Mushroom Nails

Why did no matchless tell us that this is what goes on in the woods ?
Mushroom Nails - toads with mushroom tops

4. Realistic Mushroom Nails

This pinpoint artist decided to create a ocular directory of mushrooms starting with their nails. entirely another 10,000 to go if anyone has any fingers to donate .
Mushroom Nails - drawn on realistic mushrooms

5. Magical Mushroom Nails

If you like want mushrooms to make you think about quantum physics, these spaced-out press-on nails are for you.
Mushroom Nails - neon on black
Available on Etsy.

6. Cottagecore Dark Green Mushroom Forest Hand-painted Press-on Nails

The spore the gay, we always say ! And these press-ons deliver. They ’ ve got five stars on DoorDash.
Mushroom Nails - quirky press on set
Available on Etsy.

7. Amanita Mushroom Nails

If you haven ’ thyroxine seen mushrooms since the last time you played Super Mario, this is what they look like. More or less. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate eat them .
Mushroom Nails - red polka dot mushrooms

8. Groovy Mushroom Nails

These are inspired by those vintage kitchen jars that you bought off Facebook market. Both in terms of design and that eldritch green remainder .
Mushroom Nails - striped green and orange

9. Pink Mushroom Press-On Nails

We thought pink was more of a carnation kind of color, but it actually makes the Amanita mushroom ’ s eyes pop. And man, are they good at staring contests.

Mushroom Nails - pink with red mushrooms press on set

10. Black and White Mushroom Nail Art

This black and whiten pinpoint art looks bare, but it takes some serious concentration and skill. specially if you want to make certain they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect like portuguese man-of-war. still cunning, but different .
Mushroom Nails - light pink long shrooms

11. Daisies and Mushroom Nail Design

We truly love mushrooms and flowers, but person else is going to have to pick them for us. We ’ rhenium not risking messing up these nails for a third gear time .

12. Almond-Shaped Mushroom Nails

Why is nature constantly trying to be sexy ? first peaches, then eggplants, and nowadays mushrooms ! What ’ second following, hot broccoli ?
Mushroom Nails - blue mismatched designs

13. Mushroom Nails with Green Tips

The following time you want to level up your french manicure, just add champignons. Why yes, we did take high school french !

14. Purple and Green Mushroom Nails

If the Joker decided to become a farmer, this would absolutely be his aesthetic. It looks great, but we probably wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trust anything that comes out of his garden .
Mushroom Nails - green mushroom tops

15. Mushroom Accent Nail

“ Can we get a green french tip skittles manicure, comfortable on the mushrooms, please ? ” A sentence we never considered until immediately .

16. Blue Shroom Nails

These nails are dreamier than our dream last night about elephantine cats trying to crochet a marry trim for Brad Pitt. And no, we ’ rhenium not concerned in deconstructing the mean of that, thanks .
Mushroom Nails - blue monochromatic shrooms

17. Out of This World Mushroom Nail Design

These will look effective as we sip our mushroom tea from our mushroom chump. But we draw the line at mushroom chocolate. Some things are inactive sacred .

18. Spring Mushroom Nail Art

If you ’ re idea of a fun Saturday is dressing up like you ’ re in the cast of Midsommar, say hello to your following nail blueprint estimate .
Mushroom Nails - neutral forestcore set

19. Trippy Neon Mushroom Nail Art

This neon pinpoint design will take the lapp amount of time to recreate as figuring out at what point we stopped being afraid of mushrooms and actually started loving them. But, it ’ ll be worth it. probably .

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