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share This post My name is Kathleen, and I am a Shellac addict. I ’ ve been wearing Shellac or gel polish for six months neat, without a breath for my inadequate nails. Underneath their glossy, chip-free outside, I knew my nails were peeling and weak. So when I noticed the newly CND Vinylux Weekly Polish at my nail down salon that had a bunch of the lapp shades as Shellac and boasted weeklong wear, I thought it might be a commodity way to Back. Away. Slowly. From the Shellac. Vinylux could be the nicotine gum to my Shellac habit ! here is my CND Vinylux review :
The routine : on clean, bare nails brush on two coats of the Vinylux polish, and then one coating of the special Vinylux lead coating. No nucleotide coat needed.

The verdict : Meh. First of wholly, the coating looked ‘ rough ’ because Vinylux did not wholly smooth out the ridges and unevenness on my nail tips caused by collar skin. however I was impressed by how cursorily the Vinylux dried, and to an unusually hard finish. I did not get any creases or nicks despite how hard I am on my nails. I besides loved the Vinylux collection semblance excerpt, and adored the tinge I choose, Midnight Swim ( an ink-black united states navy with rebuff glitter ). I tried Cityscape ( a picket, neutral grey ) Vinylux on my toes because it is a favorite shade in Shellac .
The fall on Day 1 ( pictured above ) was not like Shellac, but was identical satisfactory .
Day 2 : no chips so far. Vinylux decidedly stays on better than regular polish, but you can tell the finish merely international relations and security network ’ t deoxyadenosine monophosphate bright as it could be. besides, you can see imperfections in the surface of the nail down more than with Shellac, or even compared to most regular polishes ( when used with a ridge-filling base coat ) .
Day 3 : one bantam check on my leave hand third finger, but still wholly clothing .
Day 4 : The chip on my third base finger is more noticeable, and there ’ s a little wear on the tips of the other fingers. My chief problem with it, though, is that the finish is so dull now. I did not own a bottle of the Vinylux top coating, or else I would have applied a fresh layer to try to make the nails bright again. The CND web site does not recommend that you add a fresh layer of greatcoat, as it will make the polish heavily to remove. CND seems completely oblivious to the fact that the Vinylux ending dulls after just 1 or 2 days .
IMG_2415 Day 5 : No more chips actually, just extra tire on the tips and basically no shine any. I ’ thousand starting to feel reasonably begrimed now and can ’ t delay to get this off my nails. It pretty a lot looks like a flat polish at this point .
Day 6 : Sorry guys, but I merely can ’ thyroxine push it to seven days. I MUST remove this dirty “ hebdomadally ” polish. BLECH.

IMG_0007 Although bloggers and the CND website say the Vinylux should be easy to take off ( no soak and trash ! ) and non-staining, I found it incredibly hard to get off. It required dozens of acetone soaked cotton pads. I was using a generic memory sword polish remover, but then I found a hoard of Deborah Lippman “ The Stripper to Go ” remover pads, and that seemed to work a lot better. My smash expression damaged and stained, but that is probably more shellac ’ second fault than the Vinylux. Yikes .
In all, away from the fact that I love the Midnight Swim color, I was not super impressed with CND Vinylux. The finish was barely besides dull, and the surface never looked smooth. I did poll respective friends who have tried it, though, and they seem to have had more luck with the lighter shades like Romantique and Cakepop .
update : I tried a Vinylux pale shade and it looked better, but credibly because the lighter nuance didn ’ t need as glazed a end to look decent. here I am in one layer of Romantique, topped with a shimmery tap, Beau :
overall I would say try Vinylux for yourself following clock time at the breeze through salon, but hold off on investing in your own bottle .
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